The Saucony Story

Founded just two years after the first Olympic marathon and one year after the first Boston marathon, Saucony’s got running in their blood. Read all about one of our most beloved running brands’ history, technology, and iconic footwear.




It's a pair of shoes, and everything else is up to you.

You decide to get up, how hard to push, and when you've had enough. No one makes you do it, and no one cares if you don't. But you get up and go for it anyway! That's how it is with running, that's how it is in life. You decide to try something, to be something, to make the world just a little bit closer to how you want it to be. It's your call. But either way, you're getting up tomorrow. The good news? What you're getting up for is entirely up to you.






In 2015 Saucony introduced EVERUN continuous cushioning into their footwear line. A breakthrough in footwear design, Saucony used a topsole construction to place the cushioning closer to the foot than ever before. This allows runners to reap more benefits from the cushioning, such as more energy return and to reduce pressure on the body through the runner’s stride. EVERUN adapts to your foot in motion. More comfort, less stress- allowing you to run stronger, longer.



Liberty ISO




Experience the ultimate in lively cushioning with the Liberty ISO. Featuring full-length EVERUNTM, your run starts amazing and stays amazing, while ISO-Fit lacing offers a custom feel. The Liberty performs just like our award winning Freedom ISO, but with added medial support for runners who need just a little more stability.



Guide ISO




The all-new Guide ISO with EVERUN, made so you can always keep going.

The award-winning Guie has been setting the pace for stability shoes over the past decade. Now, the Guide ISO raises the bar again with ISO-Fit, offering a sleeker design and more custom feel. Medial support effortlessly guides your foot through every stride, while EVERUN provides plush landings and springy take-offs.



Triumph ISO 4




The Triumph ISO 4 with EVERUN offers the pinnacle in running comfot. Once you lace it up, you may never notice it again.

The Triumph ISO 4 is a truly luxurious running experience. An EVERUN topsole and EVERUN midsole combine for incredibly cush landings, reducing friction and pressure points, while still providing springy take-offs. Redesigned ISO-Fit with more stretch allows you to dial in the fit, and an engineered mesh upper wraps the foot. Try it on and you’ll say WHOA.