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Runfulness is mindfulness unlocked by the power of running. It’s the effect of a run that is so freeing, it allows you to forget your feet altogether.


The power of repetitive movement to calm and inspire the mind has been well documented. As runners, we know the tap, tap, tap of a foot fall on the road or the trail is like a metronome allowing our inner dialog to speak louder or quieten down.

Brooks Running calls this concept ‘Runfulness’, the perfect term to pay honor to the power of running to shape our mental as well as physical well-being.

Read on to learn more.

Running mindful - Brooks Glcyerin


Runfulness is mindfulness unlocked by the power of running. It’s the effect of a run that is so good, so freeing, it allows you to forget your feet altogether – taking your mind to places your feet can’t go.

It’s in this state where you find the power to change a day, a life, the world.

What Runfulness means for each of us is different.

Running is processing time. It’s a time when I have no digital interruptions. It allows my mind to not only work through the day as the miles tick by, but also to switch to the ‘dreaming hour’ where I plan and contemplate what’s to come. Being present in the moment allows us the space to dream up the future.” – MELANIE MITCHELL

For me, running is a time of reflection and planning. I’m an active advocate for accessibility to and representation in sport, so the time running allows for unobstructed thoughts and space to dream up big goals and initiatives. Having running be that outlet is empowering and a privilege, and it’s exciting to figure out how to share that with others. “- LAURA CORTEZ


As you lace up your shoes this week, think about adding a little Runfulness as well. There is nothing like a bit of accountability to keep you committed to a week of Runfulness. After all, Rome was not built in a day and you can’t put mental well-being on speed dial. It takes consistency to effect meaningful change.

With this in mind, we’re stepping in as your accountability partner with our downloadable Runfulness Tracker. Download by clicking below, note down your run days and how you will add a little Runfulness to your day alongside your run.

This could be:

  • Adding an extra few minutes to cool down physically and mentally before tackling the rest of the day.
  • Rewarding yourself for reaching a running or life micro-goal
  • Setting aside time for a virtual or distanced coffee/beer/beverage with a friend or loved one.
  • Committing to reducing your inbox for the mental relief (oh, how sweet that is).
  • Writing down what you have achieved in the last month and what you want to achieve this coming month.
  • Use your Runfulness imagination and fill in the gaps.
Runfulness Tracker Download


To celebrate the month of Runfulness and to help you to get into a more Runfulness state of mind, we invite you to also slip into one of the softest shoes from Brooks Running, the Glcyerin 19.

Built specifically with comfort in mind, experience it for yourself by lacing up, heading out and freeing your soul (or would that be sole?!)

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