The Brooks Story

At Brooks, running is all we do. We believe that a run can flat out change a day, a life, the world! Because the run is a giver. It’s like the greatest relationship ever. And all it asks in return is a little sweat.






At Brooks, running is all they do.  They run happy, run with tech, run with innovation, and run to get every runner a better shoe.

They believe (and so do we!) that a run can flat out change a day, a life, the world! Because the run is a giver. It’s like the greatest relationship ever. And all it ever asks for in return is a little sweat equity.

It imparts clarity. Me-time. Euphoria. Smoking glutes. A longer life span. Everything. Problems THIS BIG, turn this big. So even though Brooks is a running company, the most important thing they make isn’t a shoe. The most important thing they make is your run.

Our advice is simple: Live the way you run. Run happy.


Lead by their scientific research, Brooks designs shoes based the way the body naturally runs. Then they help each runner decide how they want to experience their run. It’s a simple yet powerful combo that makes for enjoyable runs every time you lace up. They created four Run Signature categories based on the run experience you want to have – whether you like it soft, springy, flexible, or fast, we have your shoe.

CUSHION Soft and Protective to Cushion your Every Step.
ENERGIZE Responsive and Springy to add Extra Lift to your Stride.
CONNECT Lightweight and Flexible to Naturally Feel your Run.
SPEED Fast and Streamlined to Propel you through your Run.


Brooks are one of the nation’s masters – or should that be mistresses – of the sports bra arena. They know there’s more to a sports bra than high, medium, and low impact – straps makes a difference, adjustability makes a difference, lower bands make a difference. Add on to that design also makes a mental difference to how a woman performs when she’s got the support she needs.

As women runners, we all experience support and comfort differently. With that truth in mind, Brooks are leading the support journey by creating a wide collection of sports bras that offer the best possible range of fit and performance.

Dependent on your primary activity and with a wide range of features of styles, it’s now possible for every woman to find the right support for them, rather than buying and hoping it’ll work, or the dreaded doubling up on bras just to make them work.

No matter your size or activity, there’s a Brooks sports bra for you.




A classic in the Brooks’ running shoe collection the Ghost 10 is a neutral running shoe that can take a beating as you beat the paths and roads to the finish line.  It delivers comfort with a great grip; a solid reason people keep returning time and time again to choose the Ghost. A go-to shoe for so many runners, isn’t it time you tried this phantom menace?

I've been wearing the Ghost since the original.  Always like to slip on other brands every few years to try but I tend to stick with what I know and like.

Gregory M

Shoe has a great fit for me when taking into account my orthotics.  No leg soreness following a run of any length.  Wider toe box and relatively high heel – toe drop helps me also.

Lawrence K


A new neutral running shoe in the Brooks line-up, the Levitate is a daily trainer featuring a new midsole from Brooks (DNA AMP midsole, for those who need to know). The goal of the Levitate is endless energy; and Brooks have delivered.  The ‘springiness; of the show is impactful; read our gear testers review to get the complete scoop on this sharp looking shoe.

Levitate is the ultimate in comfort and performance! When you step into the shoe for the first time you do not want to take it off. The footbed offers soft support and cushion while still giving you energy return. You are comfortable but still feel like you are propelling forward with spring in your step. This is like no there product I have tried. A new ride from a great brand. Also a great option to wear off the run for traveling and walking days. Feels fantastic on your foot.

Kirsten B

The fit-knit upper has a natural feeling stretch that is more forgiving, lighter, and breathable. Very 'runnable!

Carson C


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