The ultimate purpose and mission of Therabody is to help you move better. Therabody is known for its products that aid athlete recovery. They started with the percussive technologies of their handheld massage tools. In 2020, enter TheraOne, a new hemp-derived CBD topical line to offer more natural solutions to treat your body.

The TheraOne range offers warming, cooling, pain relief, massage and sleep options dependent on the formulation you choose.

Therabody Theraone CBD Products


Due to historical lack of transparency and regulation in the hemp industry, the creators are hyper vigilant in selecting raw materials.

Consequently, their products use hemp grown, produced and packaged in Colorado. The state has the highest quality and most regulated hemp available.

The TheraOne range is 95% certified USDA organic with hemp grown on USDA organic certified land.


Meet the family of topical Theraone products, the processes and how this range of products can fit into a active training lifestyle.

“What do we have to do to find [CBD] that I could feel comfortable giving to my mom and some top level athlete? There wasn’t anything on the market that I felt comfortable with, so we decided to make our own. And that’s where TheraOne grew from; having other alternative natural solutions to treat your body.” – Therabody Founder, Dr. Jason Wersland


Activate Lotion: A pre-activity lotion to incorporate into a morning routine to prepare the body for movement. It includes essential oils alongside hemp-derived CBD: camphor oil, black pepper oil and others.

Theraone Recover Lotion

Recover Lotion: A cooling lotion for post-training or to unwind at the end of the day. Like the Activate Lotion, it also includes essential oils alongside the hemp-derived CBD: arnica, eucalyptus and peppermint.

Revive Body Balm: For acute areas to warm and ease stiff and sore muscles. The strongest product in the CBD range, it targets training soreness to ‘tech neck’. The balm gets right to the problem area. Essential oils included with the hemp-derived CBD are coconut oil, menthol, shea butter