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Where you ‘fit’ in the world is a question most people ask of themselves at some point in their lives. As runners, we are no different. The levity of spirit when you find your true ‘fit’, your homies, your group, your posse is game-changing. The same goes for that moment you find a running shoe that truly fits you.

At JackRabbit we are what our tagline says –  ‘Where FIT Happens’. These three simple words can mean myriad things. 

Firstly, on a fundamental level at JackRabbit, we fit you in running shoes. We take our time in our stores with each customer. We analyze gait on a treadmill, get insight into running goals and training mileage and experience before we make a shoe recommendation.

On a larger level ‘Where FIT Happens’ speaks to our role in the running community. We bring together runners from all backgrounds into group runs and support running initiatives in our communities and nationwide. Our JackRabbit stores donate shoes to help others and we strive every day to make a difference in running communities around us.  

We work in inner cities and the suburb and we aim to help any runner find their fit in the community, just as much as we help fit their running shoes. 

JackRabbit Running Group
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Running brings people together. The simple act of running with a group gives way to so many benefits beyond the fitness and endurance gained. We experience a bigger social connection when we run with others. This connection only increases when we work towards a common goal, a race or a cause. Running can break down barriers, mend fences and inspire global initiatives. It also has the special ability to make us feel that we’re ‘home’. 

Running with a chosen group or friends can motivate us more, add a little extra pep to our steps or shave a few seconds off a run pace.

Running brings people from different vocations, income brackets, backgrounds or cultures together, merely through the simple joy of putting one step in front of another.

A running community can be as simple as your closest friends, or a local running team, or a cultural, gender-specific or lifestyle group. It can be off road, on road or on track. Now, it can even be virtual or an online group with runners you’ve never met in person, but with whom you find solidarity.

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The next few weeks at JackRabbit we’ll be bringing you a range of stories of the ways people ‘fit’ in running. From the most basic to the more impactful.

We will start at the most basic and fundamental level of how you fit into your running shoes; running after all, starts with a pair of shoes no matter who you are.

We’ll show you how to consider what shoes are right for you as well as the different types of shoes for varying running types: 5k runners, marathon runners, trail runners, triathletes. And let’s not forget the champions who stand on their feet all day and need ‘runners’ to support them through the long days. 

We’ll also share stories of how runners have found their ‘fit’ in the running community. We’ll meet online groups from trail or marathon to those that help with mental health, support race discrimination and gender specific communities. Let’s give a shout out to Another Mother Runner for example.

Finally, we’ll talk about the larger impact of running; how it’s helped through a global pandemic and grown a new generation of runners. We – as runners – can do a lot to make sure these new runners are made to feel welcome and included.

JackRabbit Gait Analysis


At JackRabbit, we are in the business of matchmaking and problem solving for your feet. Whether you’ve got high arches, flat feet, bunions, knee pain, shin splints, or anything in between, we’ve got the expertise, knowledge and tools to find the right footwear for you. We’ll find you a pair of running shoes that suits your unique foot shape best and keeps you running and walking injury free.

How do we do this? Via a gait analysis and questions about your running goals and habits. This gait analysis is a free tool we use at JackRabbit to quickly and accurately determine which type and category of footwear will work best for you. It involves one of our in-store gurus recording your lower legs and feet while you run or walk on a treadmill at a comfortable pace for 30 seconds to one minute.

Check out how we do a full gait analysis at our JackRabbit partner stores.

JackRabbit Fit Finder


We know there are times when shopping online is the way to go and the speed you need. We’ve worked with our shoe and running tech gurus to create the online JackRabbit Fit Finder. This is your go-to essential resource for discerning the best choice of running shoes for your type.

This new Fit Finder tool algorithmically takes into account anything from race distance, to weekly mileage, to terrain, to cushioning needed. After answering a few select questions, the robotic JackRabbit genius (as we like to think it is) will select a range of shoes most suited for your needs. 

Check it out for yourself to see which running shoes could be with you on your next adventures.

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We’ll keep sharing our resources and news to help you ‘find your fit’ here. Follow JackRabbit on social media where we’ll share all our Find Your Fit resources over the coming weeks. 

Run on! 

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