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Hoka One One Rincon 3 Review


Light, cushy and fast, the Hoka One One Rincon 3 is a lively and versatile neutral-oriented shoe at a budget-friendly price. It has an exceptional cushion-to-weight ratio and serves up an easy-rolling ride.

The Rincon 3 is a great shoe for long runs, speedier workouts and recovery jogs. It can be an everyday training shoe or your shoe of choice for up-tempo running.

Hoka Rincon 3 Review


Although the updates to the Rincon 3 seem minor, small changes to the midsole, outsole and upper have made a noticeable impact.

The best aspect about those changes is that it’s made the Rincon 3 nearly a half-ounce lighter than the previous version, which is pleasantly surprising given the how light and agile the Rincon 2 felt.

The single-layer compression molded EVA midsole offers excellent shock absorption, ample softness and a touch of responsiveness. While the midsole/outsole geometry is the same as the previous edition, the chassis has been tweaked with some new midsole foam sculpting for more consistent compression and a notch off the back of the heel for lateral decoupling.

The Rincon features a thin, smooth a very lightly padded tongue with an asymmetrical design that allows for optimal fit on each foot. It’s not gusseted but it does promote a snug, comfortable fit over the top of the foot.

The new upper is only slightly different than the previous edition, but its sleeker and provides a more secure fit than that of the Rincon 2 and is similarly ventilated. The biggest change to the upper is the heel pull tab, which is now made from a thin, sturdy cord instead of a wide fabric band.


The Rincon 3 fits true to size and similar to last year’s edition, with a medium volume from heel to toe. There’s a snug and secure feeling in the heel and at the arch/saddle area, but it’s slightly roomier in the forefoot for the toes to wiggle and splay.

The interior is comfortable but not overly padded or plush, just some extra padding in the rear foot and around the heel collar. The first thing you notice when you lace up a pair of Rincon 3 is how well-cushioned they are, but also how impossibly light and nimble they feel.

The midsole is squishy soft, but the ride is very lively and agile. It doesn’t produce a bouncy sensation, but more of a fluid, rolling motion that comes from the rockered geometry of the outsole-midsole undercarriage.

It is exquisitely soft and smooth from heel to toe, with a mildly responsive feeling in every stride.

Hoka Rincon 3 Review


Runners who appreciate featherweight training shoes with a lot of cushioning will love the Rincon 3. It has the rare combination of near-maximal cushioning and a light and zesty vibe that inspires quick-cadence running.

It’s comfortable for long runs and quick and agile enough for any type of faster workout, from tempo runs to short intervals, or even short races.

Hoka Rincon 3 Review


It’s hard to believe a shoe with this much cushioning can be this light. HOKA somehow made this shoe a tad lighter than last year, and that’s great news because lighter is always better. The weight savings came from more aggressive midsole sculpting and cutouts to reduce the amount of material, the new outsole rubber configuration and a more streamlined upper.

HOKA has continued to revise its early-state rocker geometry for quicker heel-toe transitions, giving the Rincon 3 edition a slightly quicker and faster feeling. It doesn’t have the energy return as some of its contemporaries with carbon-fiber plates or advanced foams, but few shoes are as effortlessly smooth as this one.

The outsole of the Rincon 3 actually has a similar amount of durable rubber as the previous editions, but it is spread out over a new zonal pattern for greater durability and more effective traction. Like the previous versions of the shoe, there is a lot of exposed foam under the foot, but it’s not located in high-impact areas so excessive wear shouldn’t impact the ride or performance of the shoe.

At just $115, the Rincon 3 offers a lot of bang for the buck. It’s high on value and long on comfort and performance for a fraction of the price of some of its contemporaries. It doesn’t skimp on quality, but instead benefits from a stripped-down design ethos that eliminates unnecessary materials to ensure the Rincon 3 has a lightweight and lithe demeanor.

Hoka Rincon 3 Review


There aren’t any major drawbacks to the Rincon 3, but it’s important to note that it doesn’t offer much in the way of structure or support, so it’s only recommended for runners with a neutral gait who are light on their feet.

Also, if it’s used as a daily trainer, the long-term durability will likely be shortened as is common with most lightweight shoes.


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hoka one one Reviews


Brian Metzler reviews the HOKA Rincon 2, the breakout from HOKA launched last year. Is the second edition of the style snappier? Read on to learn more.


Featherweight and fancy free, the speedy HOKA Rincon 2 continues to the defy reality with being such an impossibly light maximally cushioned trainer.

It’s light and fast enough to be an energetic performance trainer, but it has enough cushion to be a long-run shoe or even an everyday trainer.

Hoka Rincon 2 - what's new?


HOKA revised its early-state rocker geometry for quicker heel-toe transitions, giving the second edition an even snappier, faster feel.

The engineered sandwich mesh upper provides more security along the mid-foot and better breathability across the forefoot.

There is an accentuated heel pull tab behind the heel for easier entry. The slim tongue design helps keep the weight down and allows for a streamlined fit.

The wide outsole remains unchanged, with a mix of exposed foam and carbon rubber segments at key places to align with common foot strike patterns. The wide foot print allows for maximal ground contact and a touch of inherent stability. Meanwhile, the small carbon rubber sections provide enhanced durability and traction in high wear areas.

Hoka Rincon 2 running speed


The HOKA Rincon 2 fits true to size and similar to the original version, with a medium volume from heel to toe. Runners with narrow feet will really have to torque down the laces to get an optimally snug fit.

The step-in feel is plush and comfortable, but it’s the rockered geometry that you feel right after you lace up this shoe. That convex curvature of the outsole-midsole chassis produces a significant rolling effect. This helps smooth the ride from foot strike to toe-off and promote forward propulsion.

The ride is buttery soft but extremely agile and lively. It doesn’t produce a bouncy sensation, but more of a snappy, fluid motion.

The HOKA Rincon 2 inspires quick-cadence running and a slightly faster pace than you might expect, even on long runs and recovery runs.

All in all, this new edition puts a distinct burst of energy in every stride, especially at faster paces.


Runners who appreciate a lightweight, energetic training shoe will absolutely love the HOKA Rincon 2. It promotes fast, efficient leg turnover in every type of workout, no matter what speed you’re running.

It can be a do-everything training shoe for runners who prefer neutral shoes without much structure or support. The Rincon 2 is capable of inspiring long runs and faster efforts like tempo runs, fartlek runs or even track intervals.

Add to this, this versatile style is also a great race day shoe for distance from 5K up to marathon distance.

Hoka Rincon 2 - pros

Pros: HOKA Rincon 2

The single-layer engineered mesh upper has been updated to create a better lockdown at the midfoot and improve breathability. It gives this version of the Rincon a more performance-oriented fit and adds to the fun, fast feeling.

The Rincon 2 is unfettered and fast, but it still has a lot of cushioning in every stride thanks to the full-compression EVA midsole. It doesn’t feel like a stripped-down racing flat, but the soft, smooth and energetic demeanor allows it to perform like one when you want it to.

The Rincon 2 sits between the super-soft Clifton 7 ($130) and the firm Carbon X ($180) in the Hoka line. All three are great shoes for racing a half marathon or marathon, but the Rincon 2 ($115) a blend of both soft cushion and energetic snap at a value-oriented price.

Hoka Rincon 2 - cons

Cons: HOKA Rincon 2

Like its predecessor, the Rincon 2 doesn’t offer much in the way of support or structure. It’s a decidedly neutral shoe and runners who over-pronate or supinate will have find this shoe a bit unstable at times, especially when running fast and cornering.



Brian Metzler has run races at every distance from 50 meters to 100 miles. He has wear-tested more than 1,500 pairs of shoes, is a three-time Ironman finisher. He occasionally participates in the quirky sport of pack burro racing in Colorado.

He’s the founding editor of Trail Runner magazine, is a former senior editor at Running Times. He was and editor in chief at Competitor Magazine.

As an author, he has penned “Kicksology“, “Running Colorado’s Front Range” and the co-author of “Natural Running: The Simple Path to Stronger Healthier Running” and “Run Like a Champion: An Olympian’s Approach for Every Runner.”

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