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The Brooks Glycerin GTS 19 is the Brooks Transcend reinvented. Brian Metzler puts the new reiteration through its paces.


An update to the shoe formerly known as the Transcend 7, the Brooks Glycerin GTS 19 is a stability-enhancing everyday trainer. It provides provides soft, pillowy cushioning and adaptive support in every stride.

The Brooks Glycerin GTS 19 is essentially a near-exact duplicate of the Glycerin 19. The difference is that it also has the GuideRails stability mechanism to keep the foot from rolling inward or outward.

With the buttery soft ride feels like a neutral shoe with an exquisitely plush interior. The Glycerin GTS serves up softness, stability and a bit of liveliness in every stride.

Brooks Glycerin 19 GTS - What's New


The key this shoe is the updated GuideRails holistic support system. These helps keep the foot moving forward without a firm medial-side post.

It also includes more of Brooks’ soft and responsive top-tier DNA Loft midsole compound. This results in a cozier and more responsive feeling in every stride.

The new engineered mesh upper is soft and stretchy. This allows it to accommodate a wide range of foot shapes with a 3D-printed overlay design for structure.

The new double-jacquard mesh upper offers exceptional breathability that helps keep the feet cool, dry and comfortable in warm conditions. It’s slightly stretchy and more accommodating — but also slightly more secure — than the upper on the Glycerin 18.

The outsole provides reliable traction and connectivity with the ground as it has in previous editions of the Glycerin. The array of flex grooves has been updated to provide better midsole flexibility without compromising the sensation of the cushioning and ride.


The Glycerin GTS 19 fits true to size with a medium-width interior volume and a snug, locked-down feeling from heel to toe. There’s a tiny bit of wiggle room in the forefoot, but the engineered mesh upper also accommodates a range of foot shapes within the same size.

The step-in feeling is soft and comforting with a wrap-like sensation. This is thanks to the seamless interior, fully gusseted tongue and extra cushioning in the heel collar and footbed.

The smooth, secure and resilient ride is highlighted by the inherent lateral stability provided by the GuideRails system. It’s not very fast or agile by design, but you can push it to moderately fast paces for specific workouts or progression runs if necessary.


Runners who appreciate the feeling of plush, soft cushioning in every stride but also need significant support to offset over-pronation or supination, will love the Glycerin GTS 19.

It’s ideal for long runs, recovery runs and mid-length tempo runs.

The Glycerin GTS 19 is not especially adept at high-cadence running. However, if you’re a runner who is looking for a shoe with a smooth, clean ride and the reliable stability to offset over-pronation or supination in your stride, you’ll like this shoe a lot.

Brooks Glycerin 19 GTS - Pros


The magic of the Glycerin GTS comes from the blend of the full-length DNA Loft midsole and the GuideRails stability system. It’s the softest midsole foam in the Brooks toolbox, one that produces a forgiving and resilient sensation in every step and isn’t negatively impact by the GuideRails system that channels the motion of the feet forward.

Whether your gait pattern needs a little support or a lot, the Glycerin GTS midsole chassis will provide it.

A stretchy internal bootie and cushy ankle collar provide a seamless, sock-like fit. This allows the Glycerin GTS to adapt to a wide variety of foot sizes, shapes and volumes with a locked-down fit.

If you’re a runner who needs added support, the Glycerin GTS will bring endless miles of soft, consistent cushioning. It offers adaptive stability to your individual stride details when and where you need it.

Additional inherent stability comes from the structure of the midsole foam and the wider overall footprint. This is enhanced by the slightly flared design of the midsole/outsole chassis.

The biggest updates to the Glycerin GTS 19 (from the Transcend 7) were minor. This GTS is marginally lighter, slightly more flexible, noticeably more comfortable and generally a better shoe for a wider range of runners.

The Glycerin GTS 19 is probably too sturdy for neutral runners or runners who mildly over-pronate. Or those who don’t really need excessive support. Several other Brooks stability shoes utilize the GuideRails system with slightly less structure, including the Launch GTS 8, Bedlam 3 and Adrenaline GTS 20.

Otherwise, the Glycerin 19 is a partner neutral shoe to the GTS version that has a very similar fit, feel and ride, but without the stability-enhancing GuideRails.

Brooks Glycerin 19 GTS - Cons


The only drawback to the Glycerin GTS 19 is that it can feel a bit overbearing. This is given it’s not as light or energetic or fast as some of its contemporaries. 


Brooks Glycerin 19 GTS - Tech Specs


Brooks Glycerin 19 GTS - Men;s
Men’s Glycerin GTS 19
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