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The new Brooks Cascadia 15 (coming August 2020) features improvements that make it lighter with an improved fit and traction while offering the same protection it has always been known for.


One of the best-selling trail shoes of all-time, the Brooks Cascadia is a comfortable, super-stable shoe. It serves up superior traction and protection on a variety of surfaces.

Add to that, the Cascadia is extremely versatile; it’s capable of running all types of trails from smooth dirt paths or rugged, rocky routes.

Brooks Cascadia 15 - What's New?


The biggest change to the Cascadia is a new, lightweight upper made from a mono-loop mesh with the Brooks 3D Print system. This gives this version an optimal fit, increased breathability and improved drainage.

Additionally, updates to the lacing eyelets, a thinner, better fitting tongue and updated outsole add to the overall reduction in weight. These also add positive benefits to fit and performance.

The sticky rubber TrailTak outsole and multi-directional lug pattern provides reliable traction on gravel, dirt, wooden steps and wet and dry rocks.


The Cascadia fits true to size but it has a slightly wider heel and a low-volume, snug-fitting toe box. A padded, fully gusseted tongue keep the foot snug and secure and keep it from moving inside the shoe on variable terrain.

The step-in feel of the Cascadia 15 is soft. This comfort remains while out on the trails and through the duration of a run, but the ride is more bulldozer than ballet shoe.

In other words, the Cascadia is built to ramble over rugged trail debris instead of being agile to tip-toe around it.

Our wear-testers rated it as one of the most comfortable, durable and protective shoes available this year.

Brooks Cascadia 15 Review 2020


Runners who demand stability and protection while running on a wide range of trail surfaces will love the Cascadia 15.

It’s an ideal trail running shoe for runners new to off-road running. It nicely meets the needs of runners who run on rugged mountain trail and those who need only one trail shoe in their quiver.

Brooks Cascadia 15 - Pros

Pros: Brooks Cascadia 15

Lighter is better! Brooks shaved a half ounce off of this year’s edition. It’s a noticeable change that helps make this shoe a bit more agile.

The flexible, thermoplastic EVA Ballistic Rockshield provides ample defense against sharp rocks, awkward roots and other trail obstacles. A sturdy toe bumper and lightly reinforced sidewalls add to the protective vibe the Cascadia has always been known for.

The Cascadia has always been known for unwavering stability that comes from its Pivot Post System. With four wedges of firmer foam built into the softer full-length midsole foam, it helps keep a runner’s foot balanced on uneven and technical sections of trail.

Brooks Cascadia 15 - Cons

Cons: Brooks Cascadia 15

Although the Cascadia 15 is extremely sturdy and protective, the tradeoff is that it’s not light and fast.

It has a solid, semi-firm feel on the trails, but lacks the some of the nimbleness and softness of a lot of contemporary trail shoes.


Brooks Cascadia 15 - Tech Specs



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