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Adidas Adizero Boston 10 Review


The Adidas Adizero Boston 10 is a maximally cushioned and very energetic neutral-oriented shoe that’s versatile enough be a high-mileage workhorse, long-interval performance-enhancing speedster or a reliable long-distance racing shoe.

A longtime favorite among marathoners, the Boston been completely overhauled and modernized since its previous edition with new materials and a much higher stack height, resulting in a livelier vibe and more cushioned ride.

Adidas Adizero Boston 10 Review


The Boston 10 now has a thick, two-part midsole comprised of a layer of responsive Lightstrike Pro foam on top of a layer of soft, durable, stable Lightstrike foam. (The previous version had a layer of Lightstrike foam on top of Boost foam.)

Sandwiched between those two layers of foam are a series of curved carbon-infused rods that Adidas debuted in its Adizero Adios Pro models. (It does not have the energetic carbon-fiber plate that the Adizero Adios Pro models have, so it doesn’t quite have the elite-level performance capabilities.)

A thin lightweight, two-layer upper system and revised outsole round out the complete reconfiguration of this popular model.

The new Adizero Boston 10 also features carbon-infused energy rods designed to deliver an anatomically driven transition that limits energy loss. Combined with the lighter, more energetic midsole foams, the rods provide a lively ride that make it ideal for up-tempo training, long training runs or long-distance racing.

A new, lightweight and minimally designed two-layer upper provides a snug, compliant fit that stretches slightly when the foot moves through the gait cycle. The inner engineered mesh combines a gusseted tongue and bootie construction that hugs the foot, while the outer micromesh layer adds subtle support and structure. There is a mild internal heel counter that adds a bit of structure, while suede overlays help reinforce the toe box.

Adidas Adizero Boston 10 Review


The Adizero Boston 10 fits true to size with a medium-narrow volume that translates to a semi-snug athletic fit for runners with medium or wide feet.

The step-in feel is cushy and comfortable, thanks to the interior bootie, padded heel, soft, gusseted tongue and premium footbed.

The first two things you’ll notice when you lace ‘em up are the extremely high midsole stack height and the very soft sensation in the heel.

The ride feels similar to a modern marathon racing shoe with the two compliant foams providing shock-absorbing cushioning and energetic bounce and a real sense of forward propulsion.

It’s not nearly as lively as the Adizero Adios Pro (or forthcoming Adizero Adios Pro 2), but it’s much, much more energetic (and a tad lighter) than the Adizero Boston 9.


Runners who appreciate a lightweight, maximally cushioned shoe with a little jolt of bouncy energy will love the new Adizero Boston 10. It’s soft and cushy enough to run long, but light and peppy enough to run faster workouts like tempo runs and long intervals.

Runners who liked the low-to-the-ground feeling of the Adizero Boston 9 (or, for that matter, any previous version) might be a bit thrown off with the mega-cushioned vibe of this edition. But this version of the Boston represents a much-needed overhaul and appropriately puts it in the category of modern long-distance trainer/racer models.

Adidas Adizero Boston 10 Pros


It’s clear that Adidas is moving away from its iconic Boost midsole foam in its performance-oriented shoes. Although Boost foam has been staple of the Boston midsole for the past several years, it’s a very good change — one that runners will appreciate because the combination of Lightstrike and Lightstrike Pro foam provides a lighter, smoother and more resilient ride.

Some of the agile and electric vibe of the new Boston comes from the narrow overall footprint of the shoe. The outsole has small segments of rubber for durability, grip and stability, with a large, sculpted channel under the midfoot to keep the shoe as light and flexible as possible.

Although the Boston has been entirely revamped, it represents what modern racer/trainer models have come to be. The new Adizero Boston 10 has a similar composition and soft-but-supple feel to that of the Saucony Endorphin Speed and now-defunct Nike Pegasus Turbo 2. It’s lightweight and lively and can inspire quick-cadence stride turnover. The modern configuration returns the Boston to its place as a shoe that can go fast and long in training or on race day.

Adidas Adizero Boston 10 Cons


The vast changes, new materials and upscaled redesign of the new Adizero Boston have changed the price structure of this shoe forever. It used to be a moderately priced shoe ($120), but it’s now appropriately in that top-tier shoes that double as trainers and racers, which is why it’s competitively priced at $180.


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Adidas Adizero Boston 10