Introducing the Saucony Prinkshop Women Running Collection. A bold running shoe and apparel collection to support women running for political office.

Introducing the Saucony X Prinkshop Women Running Collection, a bold initiative to support women from the leading running shoe brand.


⁣⁣55 years ago, Lyndon B. Johnson signed the The Voting Rights Act which  prohibited racial discrimination in voting, granting black women (and men) the right to vote in every state. This landmark day finally allowed all women, regardless of race, the right to have their voices heard. It granted them the chance to make a difference. 

55  years later, women are still vying for a place on the podium. There is still the need for women have more than a seat at the table. Saucony has taken this goal to see more women run one step further.
In support of a new campaign called ‘Women Running’, Saucony and @prinkshop have joined forces to get behind HER in the race. This special collaboration supporting female leadership in politics and sport has the goal to encourage equal representation in both.

Welcome to the Women Running collection from Saucony and Prinkshop.

Saucony x Prinkshop - Kinvara

Each piece in the Saucony X Prinkshop Women Running collection features bold red, white and blue colors symbolizing a non-partisan approach to supporting female candidates running for office. It’s not about party, it’s about participation. 

For each item sold, a 10% donation will be made to She Runs. This is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that supports female leadership in politics. The organization encourages women to run for office, providing them with the tools to get to the starting line.


The collaboration, the concept of ‘Women Running’, came about through a creative exchange between Saucony and Prinkshop.

Saucony commits strongly to their mission: empowering the human spirit, with every stride, on every run, and in every community. With that, Saucony is truly invested in the #RunforGood platform; it’s more than just a slogan. This collaboration with Prinkshop is testament to that.

When Pamela, the creative force behind Prinkshop’s ‘wear what you care about’ concept, spent time doing a brand deep dive. She was drawn to this piece of the Saucony DNA. In Pamela’s own words, “the idea of “Women Running” just came to me.  Prinkshop is very women-centric in terms of the issues we care about. So, the double meaning of Women Running for a running brand like Saucony and in light of the upcoming election, just made sense”.

The Saucony team met with Prinkshop in their NYC studio in November of 2019. Pamela started putting some concepts out there for the crew to react to.

The HERO graphic and idea was one that we all took to immediately. The repeating Venus symbol print was born from the graphic. We use the colors, the bright red and blue, to show we are stronger together. We should be supporting more women as they run – either for sport or for office.

Saucony x Prinkshop - Run for office


Brittney Hoss, VP of Merchandising at JackRabbit was all-in to support the ‘Women Running’ Collection.

‘As a woman working in the running industry, I could not be more excited to support the Saucony x Prinkshop ‘Women Running’ Collection. In addition to embracing women in the sport of running, encouraging women to run politically is such an important piece of the ongoing conversation around where we belong and the equality we are owed. 

I am encouraged to be living in a time where all people are reflecting and changing their perspective on the value of women’s contributions. When we are equal partners in providing access to all facets of society, we create a much more balanced, powerful and complete community. 

Not to mention, the design is a beautiful representation of the movement; I cannot wait to proudly sport these Kinvaras on my next run’

JackRabbit is proud to support the Saucony X Prinkshop collaboration. Now available, while stock lasts, the Saucony HERO collection features the bold Kinvara running shoe, plus an on point t-shirt, hat and tote bag.

Whatever your style, you can wear the HERO whichever way speaks to you. We encourage all of us to speak loudly this year, and ‘run’ for what is meaningful to you.


Saucony x Prinkshop - the collection