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The Saucony Guide 14 is a modern midweight stability trainer for runners who need a touch of medial-side support to help offset mild to moderate overpronation.


The Saucony Guide 14 is a modern mid-weight stability trainer for runners who need a touch of medial-side support to help offset mild to moderate over-pronation. It serves up a soft and resilient ride with the athletic vibe of a neutral shoe, but disguised in that smooth, flowy sensation is plenty of subtle support.

If you need stability for your stride — even if only in the latter miles of a long run or race — the revamped Saucony Guide 14 is a great one to consider.  

Saucony Guide 14 Review


A new PWRRUN+ midsole compound and an updated FORMFit upper design give the Guide 14 a soft feel. The Guide 14 has a lighter weight and a more streamlined look and fit. All of these attributes contribute to smoother, springier transitions from heel-strike to toe-off.

The Saucony Guide 14 is durable and secure enough for high-mileage, but also light and agile enough for tempo and longer intervals.

The Guide 14 derives its stability from a tonal medial TPU guidance frame and 3D-engineered fascia in the upper. Both help deliver 360 degrees of stability while disappearing into the design of the shoe for a clean look and seamless ride. 


The Saucony Guide 14 fits true to size. It has a medium-volume interior with a snug heel and saddle and a slightly wider toe box. (It’s available in two widths for men and women.) The step-in feel is cozy with a noticeably springy vibe the moment you lace them up and start running.

You’ll notice the practical support as you roll from heel to toe. However, there’s no stiff or firm feeling like many stability shoes. Instead, it feels like a neutral shoe even though it is subtly keeping your feet upright and tracking .

The new engineered mesh upper is stretchy, breathable and accommodating, but also provides a little bit of support. This support helps keep the foot aligned as you roll to the toe-off phase of a stride. Featherweight TPU overlays provide additional support over the saddle without adding bulk or inhibiting the natural flex of your feet.

Saucony Guide 14 Review


Runners who need a bit of support to offset mild to moderate overpronation but also like shoes with soft cushioning and an energetic vibe will like this shoe a lot.

The Guide 14 can be a workhorse daily trainer for runners who log a lot of slow to medium-paced miles, runners who want more cushioning and support and those who are known to pronate consistently or tend to endure form fatigue in final miles of a long run.

The Guide 14 has a moderate heel-toe offset (8mm), allowing it to have both generous heel cushioning and a more engaging feel for the road at the forefoot. No matter what shoes you’ve run in previously, there should be no issues transitioning into this model.

Saucony Guide 14 Review


The streamlined design not only makes the Guide 14 look smooth, but the reduced bulk and more energetic midsole also contributes to a better fit, agile feel and faster ride. It’s lighter, smoother and more nimble, allowing it to be more versatile as an everyday training shoe.

You can definitely feel the extra support in every stride — especially if you’re a severe overpronator. The shoe provides a smooth transition from the heel to midfoot to forefoot without the clunkiness of some stability shoes.

Our wear-testers love this shoe because it has a good blend of performance, durability and style. This is what makes the Guide 14 such a good value. The durable midsole foam and the two types of outsole rubber will help you get maximum mileage out of it.

Saucony Guide 14 Review


There are no real drawbacks of the Guide 14. There are other lighter stability shoes and some that provide more support, but overall this is a great update. The Saucony Guide 14 is a reliable stability trainer without any glaring flaws


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Saucony Guide 14 Review
Saucony Guide 14 Review