Rogue Running by JackRabbit

Howdy and Welcome to the Family!

We’re very glad to have you, as we believe Rogue Running and JackRabbit really are the perfect pairing. Your attitude of doing “next level sh*t” resonates deeply with us as we strive to transform movement into adventure.

So now that we’re family, what does this relationship mean? Well, we understand you’re a training facility first and foremost. That won’t be changing. The kickass coaches and community of athletes you have come to deeply love will still remain intact. JackRabbit, meanwhile, will be setting up shop in the retail portion of Rogue Running. The thing that has made Rogue Running your favorite running retailer is the same thing that has led to JackRabbit’s growth: We are passionate running experts, with the single-minded goal of helping you get better at what you do.

With JackRabbit at the helm of retail operations, this will ensure you have access to carefully-selected brands and gear, that we know will enhance your running experience. Whether you’re running the Town Lake loop, doing some sprint work at Zilker, or trail running the Greenbelt, we’re focused on providing the solutions that will allow you to lead the pack. We have a point of view on what we choose to sell; this is not the same old running gear you can buy at any sporting goods store.

In addition to great in-store service and product selection, you can now sign up for the JackRabbit Run Rewards Program. As a Run Rewards member, you’ll receive 3 key benefits:

  • Earn $20 for every $200 you spend in-store or on
  • Early Access to special events
  • Exclusive deals and first access to our biggest sales!



Rogue Running has something for just about everyone. Click here to find a program by race/event type, by start date, by location, or by difficulty level.