Parkrun and JackRabbit


Are you one of the 17 million people who completed a road race last year? Or are you one of the ever-growing population that is looking forward to completing your first couch-to-5k? Whether you are brand new to the sport, or a professional runner preparing for an upcoming race, most of us love spending at least a portion of our training with others who share our passion. parkrun US has made that easier than ever before by offering free, weekly 5ks, springing up in communities across the nation. Now you no longer need to go through the hassle of finding the right running group, paying fees, and trying to keep track of your progress… parkrun US does all that for you!


parkrun was founded in 2004 by our buddies across the atlantic, in a park in London. The inaugural run included 13 runners, 3 volunteers, a stopwatch, and a piece of paper. Over the past 13 years parkrun has grown into an international phenomenon, currently providing community runs for over 2 million runners, running in 1,202 parks, spread across 5 continents.

Their data-keeping methods have advanced as well, coming a long way from pen and paper. Once a runner completes a one-time registration on the parkrun website, they are provided a scannable barcode which is used to track all their park runs moving forward.

So the process works like this: Find the parkrun nearest you, register online, and then show up at the scheduled meeting time. It really is that easy. The entire process (except the part where you actually run) can be accomplished on their website in just a few clicks.

Once you show up at the designated park – typically on Saturday mornings – you’ll be greeted by other smiling faces preparing for the day’s 5k. Some are there for a weekend fun run, some will be looking to set a personal record. You choose your own pace and intensity. Afterwards, all your results will be recorded, uploaded to the parkrun website, and accessible via your barcode. All of this is made free and possible due to volunteers and sponsors, such as JackRabbit.


Aligning with the parkrun spirit of simplicity and community, we wanted to build a partnership that mirrored its ease and togetherness.

For those registered and participating in parkrun US, they will receive a percentage discount in-store at JackRabbit. The percentage off depends on how many park runs you have completed – run more, save more. In addition, runners will be eligible for special gift certificates, periodically awarded based on participation.

The partnership will initially be launched in JackRabbit’s Richmond, VA, New York City, and Colorado markets, with intention of expanding nationwide from the pilot regions.

Like parkrun itself, the process really is that simple. If you’re going to run, might as well do it with friends. If you’re going to run with friends, might as well save money in the process. Think of your feet as your own cashback card. Invest in your health and then get a discount on new shoes for your hardworking feet. All you have to do is run!

parkrun will continue to add event locations throughout the United States. Click here, to discover if there is a parkrun in your area, then register at the link below.