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We asked the resident Mother Runners at JackRabbit to share with us what shoes match their individual running vibe.








Mother Runners have taken on a tribal leadership of their own to the point we think they deserve the Upper Case lettering in the two words.  To describe yourself as a Mother Runner is a badge of honor.

You might run with your mother tribe, or take a solo outing when a window of run opportunity presents itself. Whenever you run, there is always a nod of recognition amongst the tribe, an unsaid, 'heck, yes' as we pass another Mother Runner out there conquering the world. 

What all Mother Runners are wise enough to know is running, like life, may ebb and flow but like a good friend, it will always be there.

We asked our resident Mother Runners at JackRabbit to share with us what shoes match their individual running vibe.  



Karen is the sage of mother running, having clocked up decades in her running shoes while raising two kids and generally being an example to all around her. Consistency is her key;  she's BQ'd twice, taking her fave Saucony Guide shoes to the start line and through to the finish line of the famous Boston course. She intends to keep on running, sending a clear message to us all to keep on running too. 

“Running in my sixties, I love my Saucony Guide shoes! I have been running in them for years and the latest update is my favorite pair yet. These shoes have carried me through Boston. #BostonStrong!”


Jennifer is mother to Mason and is on her post-natal comeback! She is learning to embrace the challenge that is running, biking and mothering all as the same one person.  Jen's go-to shoe of choice is the Saucony Ride ISO, supporting her journey as new mother, but same athlete.

“My new Saucony Ride ISO 2’s are the MOST comfortable shoe I’ve ever run in. I am confident these will help me crush my fitness goals!”


Melanie is our resident tri-geek at JackRabbit. Mother to a high-schooler and a tweenager, she is on the road to Ironman #2, an endurance sport she confides is way easier than parenting. Her go-to shoe is her beloved HOKA ONE ONE Clifton.

“Running as a mother is more than running. It’s a reset button, meditation, an inspiration. When you step into a pair of running shoes you are more than a runner, you’re an example far beyond the time on your Garmin. With a child hanging around my leg, to make it out the front door was sometimes a miracle, but running makes me a better version of myself, a version my kids are watching. 

I run in HOKA Clifton’s because they look after me when the ground beneath my feet is cruel. After all, even badass mothers need support along the way.”


Amy is our problem solver at JackRabbit, always ready to sort out problems and take the JackRabbit service to new heights.  As mother of a three year old Breck, she is also mothering to great heights too. Her preferred shoe is the Nike Pegasus, because they make her fly, just like the supermom she is.

“As a mom of a 3 year old, I am constantly running around!  Sometimes that is an actual run and sometimes that is simply running after this wild child of mine! No matter which type of “running” I'm doing, I am always wearing my Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo.  I could live in these shoes!  They are lightweight and durable and have shaved minutes off of my miles. 

These shoes always keep me on my toes – just like my son!”


Kirsten is top-woman at JackRabbit and we look to her to lead the way.  She is also leading the way with three boys, with a set of twins in there!  Being on her toes is a given, so she has floated into the New Balance Fresh Foam More to keep her feet light, even when the going gets tough.

“Running is the most empowering experience. I love traveling and seeing the world on my morning runs. While cities are waking up I make my way around town, seeing incredible monuments up close, weaving through alleys and exploring new sight smells and sounds, the best part is getting lost and finding your way back.

Running has also been my guiding through life experiences: moving to new cities, having kids and working through daily thoughts. My new go-to shoe is New Balance's Fresh Foam More, it gives the right amount of support while still being flexible and responsive. All runs are always viewed through my Goodr's and Huma gel keeps me hydrated naturally.”


Jess is humble.  Describing herself at a 'fit-ish mom', this mother rocked the London marathon with a 3:15 and is still walking to tell the tale.  Jess NEVER stops. We know; we watch her every day.  A good, comfortable running lifestyle shoe is a must for this lady who never sits down.  She goes for the On Cloud every time. 

“My On Clouds have been my go to shoe not only for running but for my active lifestyle as a mom! I can wear these shoes with jeans or with my yoga pants and they always look and feel great.  Add to the list of things I love about the shoes is the fact they are as light as a feather. 

I always gets compliments on the shoes and can confidently say they are great for my “fit-ish” mom lifestyle.”


Brittney is our shoe leader at JackRabbit. If there is a running shoe to be found, she finds it. She is mother to two young boys and balances her running time wearing the New Balance Beacons.  She is making her running comeback this year with a 13.1 (oh, we have a training plan for that!) 

“Running when you're a mom can feel impossible. I stopped consistently running for almost a year after having my second baby, until recently. Now, I am training for my first half and have realized how much I missed the stress relief, energy power-up and reflection time running gives back to me.

I have been training in the New Balance Beacons and I absolutely love them. They are lightweight and cushioned, but still responsive so I don’t feel like I am sinking into them. Plus, they look great. Running in these shoes has given me the confidence to feel like a runner again!”




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