The exclusive and limited edition Jackalope Pack is a collection of top styles from Saucony reimagined for JackRabbit, capable of tackling any distance with ease and guaranteed to guide you to victory, no matter what journey you find yourself on.






What is a Jackalope? Gifted with the speed of a jackrabbit and the endurance of an antelope, the Jackalope is every runner’s dream animal. Capable of tackling any distance with ease, the mythical Jackalope should inspire any runner to lace up their shoes and go! 

With that in mind and a design sense of humor in our heart, JackRabbit has collaborated with our pals at Saucony to allow runners to experience of the mythical Jackalope. The exclusive and limited edition Jackalope Pack is a collection of top styles from Saucony reimagined for JackRabbit, capable of tackling any distance with ease and guaranteed to guide you to victory*, no matter what journey you find yourself on.

We had the chance to sit down with Saucony Footwear Designer, Moira Cunningham, the color and trend lead, and ask her about the style and color inpsirations for the JackRabbit x Saucony Jackalope Pack. 

* ok, we cannot guarantee they'll guide you to an actual victory, but they will win you a style victory every time. 

Moria Cunningham - Footwear Designer Saucony


What is the JackRabbit x Saucony Jackalope Pack all about?

Jackalope by JackRabbit and Saucony is a fun union of both brand personalities into a trend-forward color and graphic execution across some of our favorite runnning shoe models: Guide 13, Triumph 17, and Freedom 3.

We are responding specifically to two 2020 trends. The first is what I describe as Haven, an emerging leisurewear trend which elevates lounge- and athletic-wear by incorporating casual and outdoor style influences. The second trend is Fantasy, which has influenced everything from TV (e.g. the mainstream popularity of Game of Thrones) to food and beverage products (such as mythical Polar Seltzer flavors).

To merge Haven with Fantasy, I have created the Jackalope collection to celebrate Saucony’s partnership with JackRabbit..

What was the inspiration behind the Jackalope?

The Jackalope possesses mythical allure and personality traits that tie the JackRabbit and Saucony brands together. Both teams were very attracted to a specific quote that accompanied a Jackalope illustration we came across: “The most important thing is I believe in myself.” This quote breathed life into the mythical Jackalope and also inspired us when considered through the lens of running.

We want to inspire runners to believe in themselves and to have some fun along their fitness journeys. We also like to think that the Jackalope is so fast, you can’t even see it!

How did you choose the colors and design for the collection?

A lot of influences informed the Jackalope color palette. The core of the Haven trend is muted and foundational tones, including tinted neutrals and dusty pastels. The Jackalope traces its roots back to remote areas in Wyoming, inhabiting dry and rocky terrain, so I looked to natural and desert tones.

Finally, I looked to Jackalope interpretations in art, media, and products to find color consistencies. The resulting colors are a mix of Cameo Rose, Henna, and Granite and Rosin greens, reminiscent of desert landscapes. They are calming in a way that defines Haven and outdoorsy to align with the Jackalope theme. Additionally, to add athletic boldness, ViziRed and Black ground the palette across both genders.

The Jackalope tessellation pattern [showcased on the insole and the interior of the boxes] is something I am very excited about. I wanted to create something communicating quickness, community, and excitement, and this repeatable pattern just fits (that’s totally a pun).

I worked with a graphic designer who helped with the math on this special project so that each Jackalope fits like a puzzle piece with those around it. It is a unique and distinctive element to symbolize this exciting collaboration.

JackRabbit x Saucony Jackalope Pack


What is the shoe design process like?

For projects like these, the design process is about considering the partnership first and then interpreting the result through current and/or future trend. For this partnership, JackRabbit x Saucony = Jackalope; the graphics and palette I develop should support this story. Then, I consider seasonal trend: What does the Jackalope story look like for spring 2020? Because Haven is a big seasonal trend story for Saucony in 2020, a tinted neutral palette will be trend-forward and support our broader color approach. Interpreting Haven with a desert and natural color perspective will apply the trend to our Jackalope story for a fresh capsule of product unique to JackRabbit.

How do you determine what is on-trend or off-trend?

Color is interesting in regard to trend, because in a lot of ways it is very subjective. People have strong opinions about color, and sometimes those are unwavering opinions. Without the context of a story, color is left to be interpreted by a viewer in black and white terms. But, when color palettes become the communication element of a story, the story and color become indivisible; the story sells the color and vice versa.

I think that color trend is more about telling relevant stories in relevant ways than it is about very specific color choices. I want a positive response to my color stories, so I try to consider how I can make someone feel good or nostalgic or excited (etc.) by my palette and color pairing choices. One of the best (and simplest) examples I can think of for the marriage of story and color is how a response to color might change just based on the color name (a tiny story in itself). A pink named Bubble Gum will likely elicit a different response than the same pink named Pepto Bismol.  For my Color & Trend Lead role at Saucony, I aim to tell great stories with colors that supplement or enhance.

Which is your favorite design in the pack?

While I think all of the women’s options are great, I am most excited about the all of the men’s options. I think each are unique color and blocking executions that are both bold in blocking and understated in tone. The tension, especially in the tech running space, is really beautiful and unexpected. I look forward to introducing the JackRabbit x Saucony collaboration and sharing our Jackalope story with the world.


The JackRabbit x Saucony Jackalope Pack features three essential styles from Saucony: the Guide 13, Freedom 3 and Triumph 17.

The entire collection will be available from February 29th at JackRabbit stores and online at while stock lasts. 




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