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The JackRabbit x Saucony Jackalope 2.0 is here! A limited edition collaboration of the Endorphin Speed, Ride, Triumph & Peregrine. Exclusive to JackRabbit.


JackRabbit x Saucony Jackalope 2.0: Endorphin Speed
JackRabbit x Saucony 2.0: Endorphin Speed

Following the roaring success of the debut JackRabbit x Saucony Jackalope Pack in early 2020, we have been beavering hard this strange year.

The goal?

To keep inspiring runners to lace up and celebrate all that is good about running. And so, we proudly announce our second collaboration with Saucony. Yes, running friends, the JackRabbit x Saucony Jackalope 2.0 Pack has arrived!

Saucony Jackalope 2.0 Peregrine
JackRabbit x Saucony Jackalope 2.0 Pack: Peregrine

Inspired by the vibes from the 1980s (bonus points if you remember the 1980s), the Jackalopes 2.0 are ready to showcase your running.

Runners can all agree 2020 needs a little color added back into it’s stride and these do not disappoint. Whether you’re taking to the trails (socially distanced), or pavement (socially distanced), these shoes will shout out, ‘I love running, I love life’.

Running has been a lifeline for our community and a (re)discovered joy for so many this year. The Jackalope 2.0 Pack are ready to celebrate that with you.

With this bold looking new 2.0 collection ready to reinvigorate and inspire your runs, we wonder if it would be feasible to ask for a 2.0 on 2020 to go along with them!

Saucony Jackalope 2.0 Ride
JackRabbit x Saucony Jackalope 2.0: Ride


What is a Jackalope? Gifted with the speed of a jackrabbit and the endurance of an antelope, the Jackalope is every runner’s dream animal. Capable of tackling any distance with ease, the mythical anima should inspire any runner to lace up their shoes and go. 


Again, we had the chance to sit down with Saucony Footwear Designer, Moira Cunningham, the color and trend lead. We asked her about the style and color inspirations for the even more tenacious JackRabbit x Saucony 2.0 pack.

What is the design inspiration behind the second collection of JackRabbit x Saucony Jackalope Pack?

The inspiration for the second iteration of our collaboration is rooted in retro 80s fitness and club styles. I was seeing versions of this theme executed across different media beyond the athletic apparel/equipment industry.

A great example of where I was drawn aesthetically is the most recent season of American Horror Story: 1984. The story was nostalgic and campy, and also had a mysterious “after dark” vibe. This led to the special inclusion of glow-in-the-dark elements to this collection. I looked to some of the aerobics scenes for color and mood inspiration.

The colors are amazing for the second collection! So vibrant and eye-catching, what are the color trends you’ve brought into this new collection? 

The colors chosen for this collection are a great balance between muted and vibrant. I updated the colors from our first iteration to become jewel tones paired with electric pastels. The true magic of Jackalope 2.0 is in the color application. While Plum and Teal form the base of the collection, Yellow, Pink, and ViziRed are strong contrasting elements. This all brings excitement to the color story.

Finally, each model in the AW20 Jackalope collection feature glow-in-the-dark either in print (Peregrine 10) or crystal rubber outsole (Endorphin Speed, Ride 13, Triumph 18).

I love how this brings a childlike joy to this season’s execution that I can’t wait to share with the runner.

JackRabbit x Saucony Jackalope 2.0 Color Inspiration

How did you tie the second collection into the Jackalope theme of the first collaboration with JackRabbit? 

The Jackalope, as a fantastical creature, symbolizes joy and imagination. So, the Jackalope is a broad thematic guide as much as our collaboration mascot.

I wanted to bring simple excitement to the collection, bringing into play fresh contrasting color sets. There’s also the addition of glowing elements on each shoe. The goal was to surprise and delight our runners in as many ways as possible.

This includes an update to the sockliner graphic. Our Jackalope tessellation, recognizable from the first collection, as well as a special glow-in-the-dark box. The allure of elements changing and glowing in the night further pushes this collaborative story of fantasy and magic.

We loved your wisdom in our first chat. You explained how you determine what colors are on trend and how you use color to tell stories. With every shoe comes a new story – one of your own experiences, as well as the design story. What stories are you hoping to inspire with your designs?

I am really hoping to inspire people to be excitable about the small things that make them smile, and to be imaginative.

Having dreams, stretch goals, and fantasies is the first step to achieving great things. Keeping that lightness and glow in the heart of the runner is something I strive for with color, graphic, and material.

I hope that this collection and the story behind it motivates our runner to lace up and get after their most fantastic adventure.

Saucony Jackalope 2.0 Triumph Speed
JackRabbit x Saucony Jackalope 2.0: Triumph


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