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Suncloud Sunglasses – high quality, polarized, lightweight sport and active lifestyle sunglasses now available at JackRabbit.

Suncloud Sunglasses have made it onto the JackRabbit summer shelves this season. Suncloud offers a high quality, lightweight range of sport and active lifestyle sunglasses. Each features a bevy of technology packed into a super lightweight lenses with high-impact resistance.

With fourteen different styles of Suncloud styles to choose, you can mix and match for your sports and active lifestyle needs.

Suncloud Sunglasses Running


While we’ve all had to resort to a cheap pair of sunglasses at some point in our careless lives. However, when you slip on a pair of quality crafted lenses you realize your peepholes deserve so much better.

Polarized lenses make all the difference when it comes to the midday sun (or evening, or morning for that matter.) Each color of Suncould Sunglasses offers a slightly different way of seeing the world and the colors it offers.

Grey: Elimination of glare and the truest transmission of natural colors.

Brown: Elimination of glare and enhanced contrast while maintaining the accuracy of color transmissions.

Blue Mirror on Grey: Change of look, but still offers the same elimination of glare and true transmission of natural colors as the grey lenses

Golden Mirror on Brown: Change of look, but still offers elimination of glare and enhanced contrast while maintaining the accuracy of color transmissions as the brown lenses.

The lenses also feature filters to offer full sun protection and provide 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UVA/B/C rays.


Suncloud: Base Curves & Pouches

Curves are always relative when it comes to Suncloud Sunglasses. Depending on the use of the sun specs, you can opt for different curvature of the lenses: 6 and 8. The former are more flat relative to the face and the latter more curved to enable the frame and the lens to ‘wrap’ more to wearer for more higher impact sports.

Additionally, each pair of Suncloud Sunglasses comes with a microfiber storage bag. This double duties to protect the lenses and as a lenses cleaner. After all, if you’re slipping on some quality polarized lenses, don’t mess them up by leaving your smudges on them.