International women’s day 2018 is March 8th, and we’re honoring the day at JackRabbit chatting about the women who have inspired us.


“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th and is a global day honoring the achievements of women.

This is the one day of the year when we can raise our running shoes high and celebrate our role models and inspirations and give thought to the women of our past and help raise up those who will lead the way after us.

Since we have some pretty amazing women in our team at JackRabbit, and to honor the day within our own world of running, we posed the question, ‘which women athletes have inspired you?’

Come meet the ladies of JackRabbit and the women who have inspired them to lace up and go.

Oh, and because we’re feeling the love today, we’ve put together some deals just for ladies today. Why? Because we’re worth it.


Name: Kina Miller

What type of runner are you?: Trail – I run on dirt!

Which female athlete has inspired you?: In my past, as a high school and college sprinter, I admired and was inspired by the likes of FloJo (Florence Griffith Joyner) USA and JJK (Jackie Joyner Kersee) USA. They were flashy and fascinating and strong and beyond total studs.

Now, more seasoned and through life’s spin cycle, I hold my athlete little sister, Kera, in the highest esteem. She’s my motivation, my inspiration and my role model.

Why have they inspired you?: Kera ran in her past, but only if a basketball was involved. She hated it. Unless a ball or a coaches whistle was involved, she wasn’t going to do it. Fast forward to present day….Kera now lives with MS, has little feeling in her feet, and hits the trails like a woman on a mission.

How have they inspired you?: She’d have every reason to avoid a less predictable environment, but does it anyway, because SHE CAN. She embodies the spirit of ‘yet she persisted’.


Name: Chloe Edwards

What type of runner are you?: When I feel like it runner ☺

Which female athlete has inspired you?: Ice skater, Michelle Kwan, USA

Why has she inspired you>: When I was growing up, I did not have much women celebrities that looked like me, so seeing an Asian American being so successful was so inspiring.

How have they inspired you?: I loved watching a strong, powerful, beautiful woman on TV. I saw that a lot of hard work and dedication can really pay off. It also showed me to find something that would push me that hard.


Name: Melanie Mitchell

What type of runner are you?: A triathlete runner

Which female athlete has inspired you?: Marathon runner, Ann Sandilands, UK

Why she inspired you?: Ann was my best friend’s mum. While me and my best friend were living the dream as 8 year olds, playing from dawn ‘til dusk, cycling, swimming and recording Top 40 countdown hits on our cassette players, Ann was running.

How have they inspired you?: Ann was running half marathons before it was known or common for women to run them! She didn’t have a run club to join, or have a tribe of women to motivate her. She just ran, alone. A long way. She ran to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. The hospital where her son underwent open heart surgery as a baby. Now I’m a mother, I completely understand why she ran. She was way before her time!


Name: Jessica Gilman

What type of runner are you?: 10-15 miles a week/ OrangeTheory/ HIIT runner

Which female athlete has inspired you?: US National Soccer Team player, Michelle Akers

Why she inspired you?: Michelle was fearless on the soccer pitch and played with all her heart in every match.

How have they inspired you?: Michelle made playing hard, winning every header and getting dirty after every tackle. She was not the “poster female” for the team yet she was the engine of that squad and for that reason she inspired me to play fearless and tenacious. I went on to be a division 1 soccer player and play in England and Michelle was the female athlete I aspired to be.


Learn more about International Women’s Day and share with us using #JackRabbitRuns and #InternationalWomensDay on Instagram which women have inspired you.


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