We’re flying high at JackRabbit in the new Hoka One One Fly Collection. Read what our staff thinks of their new kicks.


Hoka One One recently released there new Fly Collection; a lighter, sleeker more performance oriented package. The new collection features the Mach, the Cavu and the Elevon.

The Fly Collection still has the tried and tested Hoka technology and now features a new ‘pro-fly’ midsole with a softer heel and firmer forefoot. Goal? Propulsion!

We took all three new shoes in the Fly Collection out for a ride with the staffers at JackRabbit to test the shoes over land, air and sea – well snow actually.


The Hoka Mach replaces the very popular Hoka Clayton series. The mesh upper has great venting and comfort alongside the ‘pro-fly’ midsole. The Mach is great for the track or long tempo runs.

“I used to run, like a whole life time ago. Now I’m old and out of shape, and it’s sad, very sad ☹….. But don’t despair, as there is still hope! I’m now eating better and beginning to get more exercise and a big part of it is due to my LOVE for Hoka! My Hoka Mach shoes are my second pair of Hokas and I’m happy to say I’m officially hooked!!!” – Michael McCollum, Finance

“My Hoka Mach’s – aside from being a great color – are super lightweight and breathable. Having neuropathy does not always make working out easy, but the cushion in these shoes made it possible for me to not only get my morning workout in, but my afternoon cardio as well.” – Arlene Sonnleitner, Finance

“The Mach is a great shoe if you are looking for a lightweight, cushy, & springy ride. The heel counter hugs the heel to avoid any slipping while the upper is incredibly breathable allowing your feet to breathe. Perfect shoe for my short and long runs as it has enough cushion to protect my body but light enough to not weigh me down. I truly enjoyed running with these and would recommend them to other runners.” – Steven Ledbetter, Operations

“Really liked my new Hoka Mach! The comfort was there from the second I laced them up. Plenty of room in the front of the shoe which is where I usually have my issues with shoes. The mesh was flexible and supportive but also seemed softer to me which is good for my big toes. I also liked the simple straightforward design of the shoe. Lightweight and a simple look and feel is the perfect combination for me. I’m interested in how they keep cool in the heat this summer.” – Russ Johnston, Finance


The Hoka Cavu is the shoe for people who run… but don’t just run. This shoe is as versatile as it is light, and can take you from the run, to the gym, to a studio and back again.

“The Cavu is light and breathable without sacrificing the excellent cushioning that Hoka is known for. The black/white color is perfect for an everyday shoe and provides the perfect amount of support of all athletic activities!” – Kenzi Kaplan, Marketing

“The Cavu is my first pair of HOKA running shoes and this cushion is definitely all it’s cracked up to be! These shoes are super lightweight and I love the simple black and white colorway – perfect addition to my sneaker rotation!” – Emily Walsh, Marketing

“I Love my new HOKA Cavu! They are very comfortable and feel great when I’m running. I may have found my new fav running shoes.” – Dena Phillips, Finance

“First pair of HOKA’s I have ever worn and I loved them. Super comfortable and lightweight. I used them to both run and walk my dog and they were great. The HOKA Cavu is very sleek looking and can be worn casually, which is a plus.” – Reid Grott, Merchandising

“For someone who has never worn Hoka shoes, I am seriously impressed! These are so lightweight and cushioned it makes me want to make these my primary training shoes! The soft landing and comfort is undeniable, I can’t wait to increase my mileage in the Cavu’s.” – Jen Ovington, Marketing

“My Hoka Cavu seed shoe was super lightweight. The lightest shoe I have in my collection.” – Cindy, Finance

“I love my Cavu! I’ve never had a Hoka shoe before and the cushion is everything I’ve heard about. I run and work out quite a bit, so it’s great to have this soft and light shoe that can do everything I want!” – Eric Hubbard, Marketing

“I did a little running around the office and was surprised how good the Hoka Cavu felt. I also did a 7-mile run and they were GREAT! Not only did they feel good during the run, but my usual post long-run stiffness and soreness was almost non-existent. I’ve been running in them ever since and have only good things to say. I’m coaching a half-marathon class and have been recommending the Hoka Cavu to everyone who asks about them. Even though I’m loving the Cavu’s, I am now curious to try one of the elevated Hoka FLY styles (Mach or Elevon) to see how they feel.” – Doug Oldiges, Training Coach – NYC


The Hoka Elevon replaces the previous Hoka Vanquish – an award winning shoe. The premise behind the Hoka Elevon is its softer heel and firmer forefoot with the brand new ‘pro-fly- midsole, all with goal of more propulsion.

“As a complete Hoka One One aficionado, I was already excited to try out a brand-new shoe from the fly masters. The new Elevon is a treat!. Comparable to the Hoka Vanquish, this feels super light; and that works for me! If you’re a woman and a Hoka One One fan, I would recommend downsizing by half a size in the Elevon. It is marginally longer than usual and half a size down made it fit just right.” – Melanie Mitchell, Marketing

“Immediately recognize the super comfy step in feel. The HOKA Elevon is so lightweight, I checked for actual springs in the midsole. The upper is totally seamless, a really nice feature for multi-use in daily training.” – Kina Miller, Merchandising



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