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JackRabbit recommends the top men’s running fashion for 2020… the personality edition! Shop for your fave male runner bff by their personality.

JackRabbit sums up our top men’s running fashion for 2020.

No two runners are the same, and that’s especially true for their personalities. While some runners like to show off the flashy colors of their crisp, fresh out-of-the-box shoes, others enjoy an all-black, muted aesthetic. 

While some enjoy the fresh crisp air at 5am every morning, others barely struggle to make it out the door. 

Here are the JackRabbit top men’s running fashion recommendations … the personality edition.

The Minimalist

What’s more minimalist than the all-black look? You keep it simple. You don’t want to stand out,  but people DO notice you because you rock the look so well. Like a vintage wine, you will never go out of style. 

Minimalist Runner


Vuori Outdoor Trainer Shell

Men’s Vuori Outdoor Trainer Shell: $112. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your look for your change in activity. That’s why this Vuori trainer shell makes the cut. It’s both lightweight and technical, making an excellent choice for Training, Running, Hiking, Traveling, & Chilling.

Vuori Men's Performance Jogger

Men’s Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger: $89. Vuori is well-known for its unyeielding focus on comfort. These joggers, while still built for performance, make comfort look carefree, perfect for the minimalist.

Hoka Bondi 7 black - Men's

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 7: $150. All black meets all cushion. Comfort doesn’t get much more luxurious than the HOKA BONDI. This stylish neutral trainer will be sure to turn heads (downward)

Ciele Black Men's Hat

Ciele Running Hat: $40. Wear the hat brand EVERYONE is talking about, without flaunting it. You keep things subtle, but you recognize quality when you seen it.

The Weekend Warrior

You’re not trying to PR your next race… Heck, you’re not even into racing that much. You like to run, but if Brunch is a calling… you are cutting that SATURDAY long run early, buddy. You’re relaxed and comfortable with who you are.

Weekend Warrior Runner


Men’s Running Jacket: $180. Let’s be honest you want that stylish zip jacket more for the comfort than the technical features. Luckily, we have the jackets that deliver both.

Rhone 6 inch men's shorts

Men’s Rhone 6″ Tempo Shorts: $68. Comfort is your number one priority, especially on the weekends. That’s why these Rhone Shorts are a no-brainer, made with lux Italian fabric to surpass the rest of the class.

Hydroflask Black

Hydroflask Water Bottle: $50. Hydrate or die-drate. You are smart enough to recognize a full weekend of play, with some mild running thrown in there, is going to leave you a little dehydrated. That’s why the hydroflask is the perfect accessory. It looks fancy and will act as a constant reminder that you need to drink more water!

Goodr Iced By Yetis: $25. They are polarized, which means they are high quality lenses. Yet, they are also casual looking… just your style 😎

The ‘Everyday is Race Day’ Guy

You’re tired of your friends slacking on your group runs together. If you come out to run, you are going to RUN. No dillydallying, no breaks every 5 minutes, absolutely NO stopping to look at the “pretty” views. You don’t want your Strava followers to think you’re slow, now do you?

Race Day Guy Runner


New Balance Men's Fortitech Run Top

New Balance Fortitech Run Top: $65. New Balance really knows their stuff when it comes to technical race gear, while also making you look cool. Since you will ABSOLUTELY NOT sacrifice your performance for the sake of style, it’s a good thing NB is so good at providing both.

New Balance Men's Thermal Running Tights

New Balance Men’s Thermal Tights: $89. Keep warm on winter runs with thermal tights to keep you running whatever the temps.

Garmin Sport Watch: $600. Tracking your workout with your PHONE?! No way. Not for you. You know that GPS watches provide the most accurate tracking for your outdoor (and indoor) activities. You’re trying to PR your next race, so you need the best gear to support your hard-core training as much as possible.

Goodr Sunglasses for men

Goodr Sunglasses: $25. To eliminate eye glare, thus keeping you at maximum performance level. PolarIzed lenses are the only way to go. You cannot let a sun glare affect your pacing on your late afternoon tempo workout.

Brooks Running Trucker Hat for men

Running Hat: $26. To prevent you slowing down by eliminating headwinds in your hair. You need to be as aerodynamic as possible, and your hair gets in the way. You need a hat.

NB 1080 v10 Mens

New Balance Men’s 880 v10: $130. You need a shoe that is lightweight, but also able to withstand the miles of your intense long runs. They neutral 1080 is your go-to.

The Sheik Urbanite

You’re the one your hometown friends always talk about. You’re not a showoff by any means, but you seem to inspire people with both your personality and your impeccable style. You love your life in the city, but mange to keep a pretty chill attitude about it all. 

Sheik Urbanite Runner


Men's On Running Jacket

Men’s On Weather Jacket: $240. You stay in-the-know, so you heard about On Running from your European friends WAY before your friends did in the states. That’s why you know that this On Jacket is the absolute peak of style, luxury, and technical detail. And now that it’s available here in the U.S. watch how quickly your friends will want one too after they see you rocking the look.

Men's On Running Pants

Men’s On Running Pants: $170. Living in a large city, full of rich and diverse culture, you like to express your love for that in your clothing. That’s why you choose these On Running pants. On searched the world for the right materials to match the Swiss designs: Japan for the PA-ripstop, Taiwan for the stretch fabric, Italy for the comfort waistbands. The result? Something new the world over.

Men’s Nike Running Hat: $25. You’re stylish. You know how to accessorize. Every runner needs a quality hat to complete their look, and you know this.

Goodr Mick and Keith's Midnight Ramble

Goodr Sunglasses: $25. Finishing a run at the perfect view of your city’s skyline, at sunset of course, means you need a good pair of polarized shades to maximize enjoyment of the moment.

Massage Ball for Runners

Orb Massage Ball: $25. Like we said, accessories complete the look. And what’s a better accessory to play with than a recovery tool reduces muscle fatigue and tightness while promoting flexibility.