The Adidas UltraBoost has a cult-like following and expectations are sky high for the completely rebuilt UltraBoost 19. Read on to learn more.






Running reinvented. That’s the motto adidas is going for with the new UltraBoost 19. 

Made with a combination of flexible and high-support materials, adidas promises to give athletes the “smoothest ride yet” with the new, completely redesigned edition of the UltraBoost. Adidas is hyping the new edition as the latest and greatest in the UltraBoost line up. 

Adidas is arguably one of the top running brands worldswide when it comes to crossing performance with street style with the UltraBoost model leading the charge in the practical and the aesthetic. 

Runners and Sneaker Heads alike have gravitated to the sleek styling and boost midsole to fuel both their run and their style. The fanfare behind the #19 UltraBoost is the fact this is its first makeover since its launch and UB fans are ready to test out the completely rebuilt new edition.

When adidas launched UltraBoost, the shoe became not only popular among runners but also was a hot-sell among the likes of sneakerheads and streetwear connoisseurs. At the time, it boasted the most responsive cushioning with the adidas boost technology, as it promised runners, “the more energy you give, the more you get.”  It’s hard to argue against that in a running shoe.

The UltraBoost was also hot in the streets and available in dozens of color sets.

Adidas says the 2019 version of the UltraBoost will deliver unrivaled comfort and energy return to runners. 
New York-based magazine Gear Patrol declared that the UltraBoosts are “every bit as amazing as we’d hoped.”

As expected, the UltraBoost 19 also made a buzz in the pop culture world. Follow the hashtag #UltraBoost and see the who, when, why, and how of the uberfans – they’re out there and they’re passionate people! 

JACKRABBIT NYC –  02.11.19 

If you're itching to get your feet on an early pair of the new adidas UltraBoost 19s, come down to the New York Running Company by JackRabbit at the Time Warner Center on 02.11.19 for an exclusive launch of the UltraBoost 19 in the Refract colorway.

More details to come on the timing of the event – watch the JackRabbit NYC Instagram for party details.

Following the launch party at our NYC store, the UltraBoost 19 wil launching online at JackRabbit February 21 and supplies will be limited.  Are you ready to get your pair and experience the newborn?

Here’s the first look at the Adidas UltraBoost 19 and what you can expect from the new fit and traction.  

Adidas UltraBoost 19 - What's New


Given the cult-like following of the adidas UltraBoost, expectations are sky high for the upcoming launch of the UltraBoost 19. What’s the scoop for the running crowd?  Although the core remains the same, the Ultraboost has been completely rebuilt.

What's new?  So much! That's what new.

In the new design of the adidas UltraBoost, the first thing you’ll notice is the heel frame on the back. Adidas introduced the 3D Heel Frame to give the athlete a natural fit and allows “optimal movement of the Achilles.” 

Adidas also boasts the UltraBoost 19 gives the most responsive cushioning to date saying they have managed to engineer 20% more Boost into the midsole while the shoe is 10% lighter than before. At 10.9 ounces, the UltraBoost is super lightweight and features a seamless knit upper to provide a second-skin feel on your foot.

The UltraBoost 19 is the first shoe from adidas to sport a 360 degree knit prime upper adhered to the midsole without glue. This designs also adds to the lightweight lift of the shoe and it's the first upper of its kind. 

To round out the design for diehard runners, the new UltraBoost features a full-length torsion system, over the mid-foot feature of the previous edition.  This means there is more 'pop' off the ground and a support when your foot lands. Add to that there is 20% better traction on the new sole, you might even be tempted to take the shoe on some off-road adventures.

The adidas UltraBoost 19 will be perfect for runners looking for a pair of lightweight shoes to race and train. The design and weight mean it’s a perfect running shoe for nimble runners who are quick and light on their feet.

The new adidas UltraBoost will serve those who like to routinely run on concrete or track with the responsive cushioning ensuring a smooth and energized running experience.

Adidas UltraBoost 19-\


What we love about the Adidas UltraBoost 19: The heel frame is a marked improvement.  The less rigid cup will be sure to be a winner amongst road runners who love the ‘boost’ factor but found some discomfort around the heel.  

The UltraBoost 19 is the perfect pair of athleisure shoes, meaning you can wear it during your run and when you are out with your friends.

With its futuristic design and features, you can look good, feel good and “run good,” with a pair of the UltraBoost. 

Want more colors?  You'll have to wait!: For the athleisure crowd, the UltraBoost 19 launches in limited hues with the Refract the featured, exclusive hue at the NYC launch party followed by Clear Brown & Collegiate White, Collegiate Black & Grey and Footwear White & Grey later in the month. 

Those looking for additional colors will have to wait!  But we all know, the waiting is all part of the fun.

Adidas UltraBoost 19


Our resident adidas fangirl runner at JackRabbit, Emily Walsh, took the new UltraBoost 19 out for some test runs. Emily is a huge advocate for adidas' mission to be planet-friendly and has written about their Parley initiatives for the JackRabbit blog.  Here's her take on running in the new UltraBoost.

Emily Walsh: While there might be some mixed reviews out there in the sneaker head world, I have to say I really like this new UltraBoost running shoe! With 20% more boost and 10% less weight than previous UltraBoost models, you can really feel the difference.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend logging serious miles in the older UltraBoost versions due to lack of support and overall structure.  For this runner, the main benefit of the new UltraBoost 19 is a dramatic improvement for actually running in the shoe and feels positively more supportive with the full-length torsion system. I could boldly say, it almost feels like the SolarBoost, but slightly more snug with the Primeknit 360 upper. 

Another key improvement is the heel cup on the UltraBoost also got a significant upgrade with the UB19 and really locks your foot in place where that wasn’t the case in previous versions. 

Overall, I think the new adidas UltraBoost19 has some solid improvements for actually running in the shoe versus the more fashion-oriented, sometimes less functional running Boosts of the past.  As a huge adidas fan, the UltraBoost has definitely made it into my shoe rotation as an athlete who runs for health and lifestyle.




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