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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Review

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 

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        – Launch date – 6/2/16

        – Stability Level – Neutral

        – Drop: 10mm

        – Weight: Men’s – 10.8 oz

                       Women’s – 8.6 oz.

New Features on the Nike Pegasus 33:

        – Vertical and Horizontal cuts in the outsole enhance grip and flexibility
        – Engineered mesh covering Flywire cables for added durability
        – Zoom Air units in forefoot and heel create low profile, lightweight, and responsive cushioning from foot-strike through toe-off

Carry-over from Nike Pegasus 32:

        – Cushlon midsole provides soft feel on impact, but responsive on toe-off
        – Flywire cable to lockdown the midfoot and provide extra support
        – Engineered mesh upper enhances breathability and ventilation

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        – Men's

        – Women's


Saucony Ride 9 Review

Saucony Ride 9

        – Release date – 5/1/16

        – Stability Level:  Neutral

        – Drop: 8mm

     – Weight: Men’s – 9.3 oz

Men's Saucony Ride 9

         – Women’s – 8.3 oz.

Women's Saucony Ride 9

New Features on the Saucony Everun Ride 9:

        – Everun cushioning replaces the PowerGrid cushioning.  Provides a more durable and responsive cushioning throughout the entire run
        – 1/4 oz. lighter than Ride 8

Carry-over from Saucony Powergrid Ride 8:

        – FLEXFILM upper allows for a more accommodating fit while giving a more sock-like and support fit
        – RUNDRY insole lining wicks away moisture to prevent blisters
        – Reflective details for more visibility on low-light runs
        – SRC landing zone absorbs impact on foot-strike and extends through the midfoot for a smooth transition to toe-off
        – TRI-FLEX Outsole delivers more ground contact for added stability throughout the gait cycle

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        – Men's
        – Women's


Boulder Running Company and

Boulder Running Company and JackRabbit are both part of Running Specialty Group (RSG). Want to learn more about RSG? Or curious why your local running store is driving you to to shop online? Below are answers to your commonly asked questions.

What is Running Specialty Group (RSG)? 

RSG is the parent company behind a network of local running stores across the U.S., including both Boulder Running Company and JackRabbit. We announced in September 2015 our plans to strategically and gradually rebrand our running stores to JackRabbit. We started this transition with a new and improved eCommerce experience on 

How will RSG/JackRabbit impact my local shopping experience? 

We understand how important local communities are to runners. While your local store is part of a larger network, they are still focused on providing the best running experience in your market. Whether that’s recommending the best running routes in your area or throwing community events for you to attend, they will remain locally focused. Being part of RSG/JackRabbit allows your local running store to get access to the best running products from the best brands out there.

Why am I being sent to to shop online? 

As mentioned above, was the introduction of our gradual rebranding to the JackRabbit name. We have taken special care to provide a great online shopping experience, while also giving you ways to connect to your local running store. We want you to have the opportunity to shop the same great product you find in your local store whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. ships nationwide and carries the same products your local store carries, plus additional styles, sizes, and colors of your favorite product.

How can I stay connected to my Boulder Running Company store? 

We have designated an area of to our Boulder Running Company stores. Here, you can click on your local store and see bios of our staff members, updates on the weekly group runs and more. Our stores will continue to provide the same great personalized service you have come to expect from Boulder Running Company. 


Boulder Running Company – Boulder

2775 Pearl Street

(303) 786-9255

Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 8:00pm 
Sunday: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Team Photo Team Name Team Description
Mike_Regan.jpeg Mike – Sales Associate
Logan.jpg Logan – Store Manager
Alex.jpeg Alex – Senior Sales Lead
Syd.jpg Sid – Senior Sales Lead
Jake.jpg Jake – Sales Associate


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Boulder Running Company Instagram

It's our hope that you will join us for as many events as possible! We have weekly recurring group runs as detailed below and also offer numerous opportunities for you to RUN. MOVE. ADVENTURE with us in store! Check out our Facebook page or stop by the store for a full list of upcoming events! Don't see an event that you like? Drop by any suggestions that you have to one of our team members – we would love to hear your ideas!


Every Wednesday join us at 6:00 PM outside the store for a fun run, it's the longest running fun run in Colorado!  This run starts from our flagship Boulder location and is open to all experience levels.  This is an unlead run, so feel free to run at your own pace and bring your furry friends!


Roll Recovery R3- A new way to treat and prevent Plantar Fasciitis

The background behind the brand and Q&A with Jeremy Nelson, founder of Roll Recovery:

Based in Boulder, CO, Roll Recovery was founded on the idea that massage and recovery products for athletes could drastically be improved.  Dissatisfied with other recovery products on the market, Jeremy Nelson decided to come up with his own product that would suit the needs of runners, cyclists, and all endurance athletes at all levels.  Jeremy's mechanical engineering and product creation background lent itself well to creating something completely unique and different in the world of massage and recovery for products.  Luckily for Jeremy, his wife, professional marathoner and elite athlete Adriana was more than happy to add input, ideas, and feedback on the first few prototypes to dial in the design to what the R8 is today.  After sketching out several initial concept sketches and several prototypes, the final version of the R8 went into production in 2011 and was received with open arms in the endurance community.  Word quickly spread through the endurance sport hotbed community in Boulder, and both elite and everyday endurance athletes came into Boulder Running Company (where it was first launched in the specialty retail market) to get their hands on this innovative product.

Jeremy was kind enough answer a few questions about Roll Recovery, including how the brand got started:

Q1- What is the idea and concept behind Roll Recovery and the initial R8?

A1– “ROLL Recovery as a company started out as a way to launch the R8.  In 2011, I was running around 80 or 90 miles a week and trying to stay fast enough to pace Adriana in her workouts.  Because she's a professional runner, she would get a sports massage at least once a week, but I wasn't as fortunate.

I had a few thoughts on what I wanted to design and started building some prototypes in my garage.  I figured I'd put my background in mechanical engineering and product development to use and see what I can come up with.  After a few funny looking prototypes, one design emerged that would eventually evolve into the R8.

Adriana and I would show it to fellow runners and the feedback was great.  They wanted me to build them a prototype.  That's when we thought there may be an opportunity to launch it and build a company around it.  So to make a long story short, we put all of our money and time into developing the R8 and after about a year, launched ROLL Recovery in 2012 in Boulder, CO.”

Q2- How did you come up with the idea for the R3? Who can benefit from using it?

A2- “Traveling around the country to races and expos the past few years we learned how common plantar fasciitis is with runners and people in general. Designing the R3 was a very fun exploration in how feet work and how to help alleviate these conditions in a small compact product.

We acquired a 3D printer a little over a year ago with the intention of testing some of our designs.  For me, being a nerdy engineer at heart, working with a 3D printer was such a blast. We created several prototypes, collaborating with Physical Therapists and doctors in Boulder.  With so many professional runners on staff at ROLL Recovery, we are able to get instant feedback from an elite athlete perspective.  

After finalizing the functionality and engineering of the R3, we focused a lot on the aesthetics and packaging to make the R3 a beautiful product.  I truly hope it can help many people.”

Q3- Launching a new brand is pretty challenging, how did you initially get the word out about the product and get initial demand going?  

A3– “It is true, launching a new brand and spreading the word without a large budget is a massive challenge to say the least.  If a product is effective, the word will spread naturally, without requiring a marketing army. We literally had a zero marketing budget when we launched, so we relied heavily on our fellow runners to get the word out.  It was amazing to watch it spread to athletes, running groups and medical professionals.     

Relying solely on grassroots marketing requires a tremendous amount of effort, but I believe word-of-mouth is the most powerful marketing tool.  We were fortunate that the R8 gained so much publicity early on by being featured in Running Times, Runner's World, Competitor and was even selected as Gear of the Year in Men's Journal in 2013.  

Shortly after launching the R8, we humbly showed it to the Boulder Running Company to see what they thought.  We delivered 16 units, sat back and nervously waited to see how it went. I still remember getting the call at the end of the weekend, “Do you want the good news or the bad news? Everything sold and you better get over here now and deliver more.” What a relief that was!  

No matter what kind of growth we experience, we will never lose sight of who we are: a bunch of tired, beat-up runners at heart.”

Q4- In terms of actually using an R3- if I have plantar fasciitis, what is your recommended use to help alleviate some pain and get on the road to recovery?

A4– “A tight plantar fascia puts too much tension on the calcaneus and inflammation increases.  Part of relieving or preventing plantar fasciitis is simply stretching the plantar and all the intrinsic foot muscles on a consistent basis.

The R3 was designed to reach specific areas of the fascia to make this process easy.  It's non-symptrical shape is designed to reach the arch areas of the foot and hit those spots that typically get tight.  One great tip using the R3 is to stick it in the freezer, which will work great for cold compression. In addition to helping relive foot pain, the R3 can be used as a small body roller.

The R3 was designed to be compact, easy to use and travel with.  It is our hope that it will be a great solution for all those tired and sore feet out there!”


The R8 is a truly innovative product well suited to deal with all the major upper and lower leg muscles for athletes of all shapes and sizes, however Jeremy and Adriana were inspired to expand their product line to come up with something less versatile, but focused on tackling one of the most common and frustrating injuries experienced by endurance athletes- plantar fasciitis.  To do so, the R3 roller was created, and is exclusively available at Jackrabbit stores across the country. 

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The R3 is a foot roller that features 3 key areas that specifically target areas of the foot to stretch the plantar fascia and other muslces to relieve soreness.  Unlike other rollers, the R3 is constructed in such a way as to relieve and stretch both inner and outer foot muscles, the plantar fascia, and heel of the foot.  As such, the roller is set up to relieve and stretch all areas of the foot, differentiating it from other products in the market place. 

Features & Benefits:

– Relieve Muscle Soreness
– Deep Tissue Massage
– Stimulate Blood Circulation
– Reduce Recovery Time
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Initial sketches and concepts of the R8:


Saucony EVERUN & RunKeeper

Run into one of our stores to redeem your reward from RunKeeper! We are pretty sure you are going to love the new Saucony EVERUN shoes along with all the other gear, nutrition and accessories you need to keep you running well!

Find a store near you


Our Guide To Running The Big 26.2 Race

If you're lucky enough to have gotten into the big race for the first time, congratulations!  You're one of several thousand lucky entrants who made it through the lottery system, not an easy task.  There's a reason why this race is considered a bucket list race for many runners as the race day experience is one of the best in the world, mainly due to the spectator support from residents of all five New York City boroughs.  No matter your goal for the race, the experience is something you'll remember for many race seasons to come. Having said that, be sure to check out our race day tips to ensure your race day success. 

After months of preparation and hard training, the hay is in the barn as they say, and it's time to taper your training down to be fully rested on race day.  The miles of long runs, tempo work, interval workouts, and recovery days are now complete, and it's time to focus on running your best race possible on November 1st. 

Limit time spent on your legs:  

New York City is an amazing place with all sorts of sites to see, but we suggest keeping your inner tourist at bay until after you finish the race.  Times Square, Broadway shows and strolls around Central Park are not to be missed, but do that after your race.  Make sure to spend time at the expo as that alone is an experience worth taking in, but don't overdo it.  Get in, get your number, pick up some last minute gear, but don't spend more time there walking around than you need to.  The race course is pretty challenging, so you'll want to conserve your energy for the 26.2 mile task at hand.  Your goal should be to sit and rest as much as possible in the 48 hours leading up to the start. 

Race Day Morning:

The race begins at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in Staten Island at 10:00 AM, although your wave start time may vary. Log onto your NYRR profile to confirm your transportation to the start. Official transportation options include the Staten Island Ferry and buses from midtown Manhattan and New Jersey. Once you're off the bus, you'll arrive at the starting area village where you can check a bag to collect at the finish line, use a porta potty, as well as drink a cup of coffee or eat a bagel.  You'll have plenty of time at the starting area prior to the starting gun going off, so tactically think this through carefully.  Typically it's pretty cold, and while there are tents set up for you to sit in, you'll want to wear warm clothing over your race day kit to try stay as warm as possible as shivering in the cold is not only unpleasant, it burns calories which you'll need a lot of to power you through the race.  We strongly suggest checking your gear bag as soon as you possibly can as the lines get very long to check gear the closer you wait until start time.  This means that the warm clothes you wear in the starting village will be discarded, so be sure to wear something you won't want to see ever again as all discarded clothing is donated to a local homeless shelter. 

First Half Tips:

The start of the race is an unforgettable experience with the traditional playing of Frank Sinatra's “New York New York”, cannons firing, and a sea of people as wide and as long as you can see.  What that means is the start is very congested over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and you'll likely be weaving and people dodging for the first mile over the bridge, and second mile leading off of the bridge into the second borough, Brooklyn.  Don't panic, and try and relax as much as you can.  Focus on your breathing and take it all in as the course will open up once you get into Brooklyn.  Take time to enjoy the spectacular views of the New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, and the sea of fellow runners embarking on the journey with you.  

Miles 3-15 lead out of Brooklyn and through Queens.  This 12 mile stretch has plenty of course support and is fairly flat, so be careful to over exert yourself and run a bit too quickly, which will set you up for a tough final miles into Manhattan and Central Park.  Once you get out of Brooklyn and into Queens near the 14 mile mark, there's a very tough stretch from roughly 14.5 leading to the Queensboro Bridge which will take you through the 15 and 16 mile park.  While it doesn't look particularly challenging, this gradual incline run in a dimly light tunnel is mentally and physically tough, so be sure to have conserved something for this point in the race.  The 25K mark is between mile 15 and 16 on the bridge, and as you crest the hill and finally make your way out, you'll take a sharp right hand turn onto 1st Ave.  This stretch of the race is flat, has few turns, and has some of the rowdiest crowd support in the entire race through the 30K mark before heading up into the Bronx.  It's impossible not to feel energized from the crowd as they are cheering as loudly for you as they would for the winner of the race, so make absolutely sure you don't lose your head and pick it up too much- you've still got a challenging and hilly 8 miles to go!  You'll cross another bridge into the Bronx between miles 19 and 20 with an aid station where you'll be able to snag a Coke from some friendly spectators.  If you're stomach can handle it, Coca Cola is an incredible pick me up, but try it during training first!  

Second Half Tips:

The second half of any marathon begins at 20 miles when muscles begin to tighten up and you start to wonder what you signed yourself up for.  Don't lose hope, at this point you only have a 10K to go and then you're done!  If you've run a smart, conservative race and have anything left in the tank, feel free to pick up your temp and finish strong over the final 6.2 miles.  Miles 20-21 are run briefly in the Bronx with several twists and turns to keep you on your feet that take you out of the Bronx, and back into the west side of Manhattan through Harlem on 5th Avenue. After a quick turn between 35K and mile 22, you'll run into a patch of rolling hills on 5th Avenue through mile 23 while entering Central Park, where once again, you're treated to some of the best spectator support in the sport.  This where the hills you've heard about really come into play, as you'll climb several stretches of rolling hills before turning east toward Columbus Circle and the 26 mile mark.  

The Finish:

The end is finally in sight!  After crossing the 26 mile mark, you're merely a quarter mile away from the finish.  The finish is slightly uphill just to give you one final challenge before it's all over.  Be prepared for feelings of relief and joy as you accomplish something very few people get to do, and relief that your tired legs are finally able to stop!  Once you've crossed the finish line and received your space blanket, water bottle, and medal, you'll walk (slowly) toward the UPS trucks where you can retrieve your checked gear.  Be sure to put on your warm clothes as soon as you can to try and warm up while you wait to find your friends and family.  The finish area can be very congested with supporters, friends, and family of athletes so try and pick a near by intersection or hot spot to be reunited (and yes, it will feel so good) with your support crew.  At this point you'll want to do nothing but head back to your hotel and take a hot shower but before you can do that you'll need to find a way to transport yourself back.  Cabs are very tough to come by as literally everyone is trying to hail one, so you may need to find the nearest subway stop to get back to your hotel.  

Post Race:

Our only tip is to relax and enjoy the rest of the day!  One of our favorite things to do is find a great bite to eat, catch some Sunday afternoon football, and maybe even take a post race nap if you want to- you've earned it!