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Whether you’re lounging on the couch, exploring the great outdoors, or (safely!) embarking on some urban adventures, refreshing your wardrobe with top men’s athleisure wear is a great way to stay comfy and stylish this winter.

Check out top athleisure wear for men on – they make great gifts for the guys on your list, and they also are great for treating yourself!

Take a look as resident style guru Chase walks us through three of his favorite athleisure outfits for the season.

Chase standing out in the Sand Dunes national park with text saying 'my top athleisure outfits by chase hawes'

Hi there, I’m Chase, the creative director at JackRabbit.  Aside from being creative in front of my (three!!) monitors all day, I love having fun with my wardrobe and putting together fun and fashionable looks.  Athleisure is having a big moment, and as someone who enjoys some outdoor activity and (a lot) of downtime relaxing, it’s the perfect mix of modern style and couch-to-outdoor comfort.

I love mixing my personal pieces and jewelry with high-quality athleisure gear to create unique looks that express my personality.  I’ve put together three looks I love, and have plenty of recommendations for gear that you or that special guy on your list are sure to love.  I hope you find some inspiration!

A Pop of Color!

For obvious reasons, those of us at JackRabbit LOVE the color red!  There’s a lot of red gear out this season, and I’ve used it to add some head-to-toe pops of color in my fun and cozy outfit.

For starters, I’ve grabbed a red Adidas beanie from my personal (and very large, I might add) collection of hats, and I’ve layered a long-sleeve Rhone shirt with red sleeve details over a bright red Alo yoga hoodie. 

two stacked photos of chase with his arms crossed showing the color details of the sleeves, and one of him unzipping the red nike hip pack

I’ve slipped into some super comfortable heather grey Vuori Ponto Performance pants (and cuffed them, because I’m short!).  Add in a red Nike Heritage Hip pack, and a bright red pair of the Nike Infinity React, and we’re ready to roll!

A Cozy Autumn Look

Fall is my favorite season – the temperatures begin to drop (great for my love of layering), the leaves change colors, a nice hot cup of tea every morning, and the occasional firing up of the fireplace.

I’ve started with (yet another) Adidas beanie from my collection in a burgundy color, and paired it with a fall-colored On Weather Jacket, layered over a cozy heather white tee from my closet.  I’ve added a pair of dark charcoal gray Vuori Sunday Performance joggers, and my personal favorite sneakers, the On Cloudflow 2.0 in a fun fall colorway. Granted, they’re next to me on the couch – don’t want sneakers on my table! So I’ve got on a cozy pair of JackRabbit No Show Tab socks as well.

two photos side by side - one of the On cloudflow sneakers, and one of the chest detail of the On weather jacket

I’ve thrown on some of my personal gold jewelry, and we’re on our way!  I recently wore this outfit out to the Sand Dunes National Park here in Colorado, but I also love to wear it lounging around the house cuddled up with a good book.

A Warm Winter Wardrobe

It’s getting cold out there!  However, it’s still a great time to be outdoors – and you can layer up and be stylish at the same time.

I’ve started with (you guessed it – an Adidas beanie!) in a muted orange color that I picked up from my local Boulder Running Company store, and paired it with a modern Nike graphic tee.  

two photos side by side - one is a detail shot of the Terra Kiger shoes and the other is a back view of the hood of the jacket detail

I’ve layered a New Balance Heat Tech jacket on top, slipped into some warm and sturdy Rhone Guru Pants, and paired it with a seasonally-colored pair of the Nike Terra Kiger 6 trail shoes – great for hitting your local trails or crunching leaves in the city.

Be Yourself!

I love to mix brands, colors, styles, and gear from my closet with hot new gear from JackRabbit – and I feel like I’m comfortable, stylish, and putting my unique style and personality on full display (even when it’s just me at home alone – remember to socially distance!) I highly recommend these pieces and many more we have available – either spruce up your own wardrobe, or get some great gifts for the guys on your list who value being cozy and stylish at the same time.  They’ll be sure to love it.

Happy lounging!

animated gif of Chase throwing leaves at the camera
Gifts for Runners Reviews Running Gear


Looking for gifts for outdoorsy women in your life? Read on to find our top picks that any woman of the wild needs for her adventures.

Our own JackRabbit outdoors adventurer Emily, introduces us to her must-haves from the practical, to the stylish.

Gifts for Outdoorsy Women
Outdoorsy woman Emily leads the way in outdoor adventures


When it comes to gifts for outdoorsy women, start at the top! A top pick for any adventure is an on-point hat to shade my face from harmful UV rays (gotta protect the money maker!)


Sunglasses with polarized lenses are key to shield my eyes from reflection off the water on SUP adventures. Goodr is my go-to for fun, affordable, on-trend polarized style.


Face covering or neck buff (of course) because we should all wear face masks when leaving our homes, even in the woods!


A short-sleeved shirt as a thin, fitted base layer is key under my warmer long sleeves; it’s always nice to be able to shed layers when the sun comes out!


I use a long sleeve mid-layer, half zip or pullover on top for those early morning start times. I make sure to choose something thin and light enough to carry in my day pack when it warms up.


Socks made with Merino wool to keep my feet dry and warm. I like to choose wool for it’s sustainability as well as its anti-bacterial and practical warmth.


Trail running shoes with big lugs for traction on slippery terrain are a must for outdoor adventures.


A hydration pack that is easy to carry, super light and holds a surprising amount of H20, is a non-negotiable for any outdoor adventures.


Stay safe outside all winter – LOVE the Kahtoola Microspikes for winter hiking and good traction in snow and ice. These spikes fits my hiking boots, winter snow boots and trail shoes perfectly. I use them for winter hiking when the snow is packed and snowshoes might not be called for.

Kahtoola Microspikes


I use a Garmin watch to track my adventure miles, elevation gains and hours on the trails.

Gifts for Outdoorsy Women: Garmin Forerunner 245

Reviews Running Gear Training


Brian Metzler rounds up the best of the best for your virtual race months.

There still aren’t many races in the U.S. this fall. However, you can still create your own opportunities to run fast on your own — either through virtual races, personal time trials or simulated race efforts with your running pals.

To run your fastest, you’ll need a lightweight, speedy pair of shoes. Here are five of the best shoes in a variety of price categories that will keep you on pace for fast times and inspiring new goals for 2021.

Brooks Launch 7 - womens


A $100 running shoe? For racing a half marathon or marathon? Is that a mistake? Heck no! The Brooks Launch 7 is an energetic and well-cushioned shoe that also comes with an affordable price tag. With a relatively light and snappy demeanor, the Launch is somewhat of a unique ‘tweener. It falls between the category of performance trainers and the wide range of high-mileage trainers that are about a full ounce lighter. But if your race goals are modest or just want to complete a 10K, half marathon or marathon at your own goal pace, this can be an ideal shoe is for you.

Plus, it can also double as an affordable, do-everything trainer shoe that’s versatile enough to endure long runs and also quick enough to run faster, shorter workouts like tempo runs, fartlek runs and track intervals.

Weights: 9.2 ounces (men’s size 9.0); 7.5 oz. (women’s size 7.0)

Heel-Toe Offset: 10mm (26mm heel, 16mm forefoot)

HOKA Rincon 2 - Marathon


$115 While Hoka One One’s Carbon X is an exceptional long-distance racing shoe, we’ve chosen to focus on the fast and light Rincon model for this roundup of racing shoes instead.

Why? First, it’s a great shoe for running fast over all distances from 5K to the marathon. It’s also because it’s much more affordable too. The Rincon 2 is unfettered and fast, but it still has a lot of cushioning in every stride thanks to the full-compression EVA midsole.

The Rincon doesn’t feel like a stripped-down racing flat, but the soft, smooth and energetic demeanor allows it to perform like one when you want it to. It’s light and fast enough to be an energetic performance trainer for fast workouts. It also enough cushion and protection to be a long-run shoe or even an everyday trainer.

Weights: 7.7 ounces (men’s size 9.0); 6.8 oz. (women’s size 7.0)

Heel-Toe Offset: 5mm (men: 29mm heel, 24mm forefoot; women: 26mm heel, 21mm forefoot)

New Balance 860v8


$120: New Balance has several racing shoes with carbon-fiber plates embedded in their midsoles. But the 890 is the brand’s tried and true featherweight performance-oriented trainer/racer. It has always been known for its light, agile and very energetic vibe.

The New Balance 890 has been overhauled in recent years. It now includes a high-rebound FuelCell midsole, a supportive yet comfortable knit upper and a gusseted tongue for a snug, race-day fit. It has a semi-firm feel and a slightly lower to the ground geometry. This gives it excellent feel-for-the-ground proprioception and a lively feel in every stride. The 890 is fast, light, versatile and capable of taking you race-day goals. Even if your race is a virtual event or your own personal time trial!

Weights: 8.4 ounces (men’s size 9.0); 7.2 oz. (women’s size 7.0)

Heel-Toe Offset: 6mm (25mm heel, 19mm forefoot)

Saucony Endorphin Pro - Men's Style


$200: The Saucony Endorphin Pro is a top-tier long-distance racing shoe. It features a carbon-fiber plate embedded in a soft, very resilient midsole foam. It debuted on the feet of Saucony pros at the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon in February in Atlanta, including women’s second-place finisher Molly Seidel. It represents the best of Saucony’s engineering and design efforts. It’s built on SpeedRoll technology, a forward-leaning geometry that propels you forward. It has a feeling of continuous momentum, so you can run faster and more efficiently without running harder. It feels light, firm, energetic, efficient and smooth, especially at faster speeds.

Weights: 7.5 oz. (men’s size 9.0); 6.3 oz. (women’s size 7.0)

Heel-Toe Offset: 8mm (35.5mm heel, 27.5mm forefoot)

Nike Tempo NEXT%


$200: The Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% mixes durability with a design that helps push to a personal best. The result is a shoe built like a racer, but made for your everyday training routine.

Nike ZoomX foam in the footbed delivers energy return as you move forward. A visible Zoom Air unit provides responsive cushioning, giving you an additional spring with your stride.

The rubber outsole features a design created using data from hundreds of runners. That information helps place traction where your foot needs it most, giving you grip on multiple surfaces.

Weights: 9.8 ounces (men’s size 9.0); 7.9 oz. (women’s size 7.0)

Heel-Toe Offset: 10mm (46mm heel, 36mm forefoot)

Brooks Running Gear



Do you have enough hours in the day? Silly question, no need to answer! With the new Brooks Run Visible Collection, your need for more daylight hours, might be defunct given their new solution for running outside at the dawn/dusk time of day.

As the days make way for the darker seasons, low-light and night-running take on a necessity. Brooks Running set out to solve the issue of staying visible when running in the urban jungle of dawn/dusk/night runs.

Brooks engineers are keen to let science guide them. With that in mind, they met with scientists to inquire, not only how humans see light, but also how humans discern what is another human in certain types of low-light and no-light situations.

Brooks Run Visible Jacket, Tights and Shorts
Low light or no light, no problem

It came to light (pun intended) that in order to ‘see’ a runner as a human in motion, the brain is drawn to interpreting the motion zones of the approaching object to discern what they are. For us two-legged mammals, that means the key joints and moving parts of the human skeleton.

Taking all of this data into consideration, the smart folks at Brooks designed the Run Visible Collection with key reflective components around the joints of the human body.

Their goal? So you look like a runner, not a supernova when you’re reflected in the headlights of an oncoming car.

Brooks Run Visible Hoodie


The Run Visible Collection is designed so you’re identifiable as a human being from 600ft away. When it comes to low light, every foot counts when it comes to identifying yourself as a runner.


Each piece included in the Brooks Run Visible collection is designe to reflect back light. Thanks to the neon color and reflective strips, it’s the equivalent of 300 candles burning in the same location.

If you’re past the age of, err, 40, you’ll appreciate what forty candles burning on your birthday cake look like. Multiply that inferno by 7.5 and there you have it.

Brooks Run Visible Carbonite Gloves


Running in the dark is not limited to the just northern climes. So, Brooks has made their Run Visible apparel in styles to suit all climates for shorter winter days.

Those in the ‘almost Canadian’ states will need a little more coverage than their neighbors in the ‘almost Caribbean’ states.

With that in mind the collection features a lightweight carbonite jacket, tights, gloves and hat as well as shorts and a technical running tee. Add to this, if you’re going head to toe, you might as well add in a pair of the carbonite socks to complete the visibility puzzle.



As the days make way for the darker seasons, low-light and night-running take on a necessity. So have teamed up with Brooks and Petzl headlamps to solve the issue of staying visible when running with limited visibility. 

Together, they help light the way for endless low-light running possibilities! 

And the best part? We are giving away a Petzl IKO Core Headlamp and a Brooks Run Visible Carbonite Jacket.

Here’s how to enter: 

1. To enter, simple click this link and tell us if you prefer running at DAWN or DUSK

2. Make sure you are a JackRabbit Run Rewards member.

3. The winner will be randomly selected and notified by October 31, 2020, so you have until then to submit your answer!

*Must be 18 years or older and a legal resident of the lower 48 United States to be eligible to win.

Reviews Running Gear



As the temps cool down and days get shorter heading into autumn, now is a great time to switch out your closet and fill it up with all things fall. Running gear, fresh kicks and new workout cloths are a fun way to revive your fitness energy and gear your head for new routines and chillier weather.

There’s nothing quite like a crisp October morning jog with the sun glimmering through those golden leaves #amiright?! From pumpkin-spiced earthy tones, bright retro neons, soft sherbert tones and blue in every hue, here’s the latest and greatest in seasonal color trends in running gear you can look forward to at JackRabbit this fall!  

Running Apparel: Fall 2020 Retro Brights


Apparel is leading the retro neon trend in a big way this fall with bold patterns, graphic prints and bright neon color blocking that we all rocked way back in 1992.

Neon pops and strategically placed reflective accents are great for being seen and overall visibility, especially as we head into the fall when days become shorter and visibility is key. 

New Balance Fast Flight Jacket
New Balance Fast Flight Jacket
Oofos, Oh La La Coral
Oofos Ohlala Recovery Thong
Nike Windrunner - Orange
Nike Wind Runner Jacket
KT Tape - Glow
KT Pro Elastic Athletic Tape
New Balance 1080 v10
New Balance 1080 v10
Adidas UltraBoost 20 - Rose
Adidas UltraBoost 20
Vooray Cinch Backpack
Vooray Stride Cinch Backpack
Brooks Run Visible Womens Jacket
Brooks Run Visible Apparel
Running Apparel: Fall 2020 Indigo Blues


Take a fresh spin on red, white and blue and channel some chill even on your toughest runs.

This year we’re seeing blue in every hue with lighter summer shades transitioning into darker tones for wearable yet striking layering options in the fall. Let’s not forget convenient storage for snacks, keys, credit cards, face masks, sunglasses – whatever! 

Nike City Sleek Tank
Nike City Sleek Running Tank
Nike Windrunner - Blue
Nike Windrunner Jacket
Brooks Sherpa Shorts - Navy
Brooks Sherpa 5″ Shorts
Nike One Luxe Tight - Blue
Nike One Luxe Tights
Icebreaker 150 Crew
Icebreaker 150 Zone Crew
Nike Men's Element Half Zip
Nike Element Half Zip 3.0
Running Apparel - Fall 2020 Earthy Tones


Get ready for pumpkin spice flavors coming into the fall season with burnt oranges, faded sherberts, army green and mustard yellow across all categories including footwear, apparel and accessories.

With all kinds of options for liners and length, here are some of our favorite performance threads perfect for layering on the evolution of trail. 

On Cloudventure Orange
On Running Cloudventure
Vooray Rover Backpack
Topo Designs Rover Pack
Nike Yoga Top
Nike Women’s Yoga Tank
Under Amour Streaker Long Sleeve
Under Armour Streaker 2.0
Hoka Speedgoat Fall Colors
HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 4
Nike Men's Element 3.0
Nike Men’s Element 3.0 Top
hoka one one Running Gear Superfeet



You walk into a running store and look at a wall of insoles. Does that confuse you? What are they, do I need them, what’s with all the rainbow of colors and options? Read on to learn why investing in a running insole could be the answer to longevity, comfort and making your running shoe, the perfect one for you.

Given no foot and no runner are alike, the invention of running insoles was game-changing for runners. Feet, like our minds, change over time. Being able to custom fit an insole to offer your arches, heels the support they need at that given time, is a recipe for a great running season ahead.

Superfeet are the masters of the insole having dedicated their technology, resources and scientific know-how to servicing the soles (and souls?) of runners. Offering running insoles for comfort, arch support and race days, read on to learn which we recommend with this year’s collection from HOKA ONE ONE.


Partnering with HOKA ONE ONE and Superfeet, we worked with the team for their recommendations on suitable Superfeet insoles for some of their key styles.


Run Comfort Women’s: As the mantra goes, ‘women are not small men’, and their feet are no exception. With that firmly at the front of their mind, Superfeet have devised the Run Comfort Women’s running insole. It is specifically adapted to the geometry of the female foot.

This insole features a narrower heel and specific arch length alongside the tried and tested deep heel cup and impact technology. 

HOKA Arahi 4: A classic stability shoe the HOKA Arahi 4 offers structured support for pronators and those needing arch support. Pair with the Run Comfort insole and you get the best of both worlds, support and comfort to keep on running.

Superfeet Insole + Hoka Gaviota 2


Superfeet Run Comfort Thin: The Superfeet Run Comfort Thin insole is 20% thinner than other Superfeet styles for the runner who needs a slim fit in their shoes, but also need the support of an insole. The thin profile works with your race shoes and offers no extra bulk for a dialed in fit.  

HOKA Gaviota 2: Another stability shoe, the HOKA Gaviota 2 already comes with HOKA’s classic cushioning as well as support. So use a slim fit insole to dial in the fit without compromising the cushion that is already there.

Superfeet insole + Hoka Speedgoat


Superfeet Run Comfort Max:  This heel-cradling insole, the best-selling running insole from Superfeet is specifically designed with the runner in mind.

Slipped into your running shoe, the insole disperses impact for a more comfortable run allowing you to run longer with more efficiency. Remember, the Run Comfort Max is the ‘green insole’ when you’re shopping and are male, and the ‘pink insole’ if you’re shopping and you’re female.

HOKA Speedgoat 4: The classic of classic trail running shoes from HOKA, the Speedgoat is designed to take to the trail and go long. When it comes to an insole for long distance, technical trails, pop in a Run Comfort Max so your feet can run as long as you will can take you.

Superfeet Insole + HOKA Stinson ATR 6


Superfeet Run Comfort Max:This insole is built for comfort and durability, and like all Superfeet insoles, they are guaranteed to provide reliable support and comfort of up to 12 months or 500 miles – whichever comes sooner.

HOKA Stinson ATR 6: An all-terrain shoe, the HOKA Stinson ATR 6 is ready for action. It’s durable and can go long from trail to road when you’re mixing up the best of both worlds. If you’re going to run long, get yourself the Run Comfort Max. You’re feet will thank you.

Running Gear





There is a certain time of year when it’s time to pack away the tights and capris and crack out the old legs in the fresh air. While we all might have that, ‘ouch, I never realized my legs were that pale’ feeling, there is still something liberating about running free unrestricted by fabric. I don’t know about you, but I always think I run just a little bit faster when I ditch the 0.01oz of extra fabric in a pair of tights.

2020 might be strange year, but the seasons will still change and we will still run. And our shorts will be running with us. Here are a selection of our favorites now available at JackRabbit. Keep your running cool as the temperatures rise.

Nike Women's 7


First up is a compression short from Nike, the 7″ Fast Women’s Compression Shorts. For a compression short, this is packed with essential pockets. These women’s running shorts feature a pocket at each leg for gels and chews (and we reckon you can even fit a Stroopwafel in there) and one at the front waistband providing storage for a key or card/back zipper pocket.

Great for long runs and track workouts, the fast short have adjustable fit-drawcord and sweat drifit fabric technology.

INSEAM: 7 Inches
TYPE: Compression
BEST FOR: Long runs and track workouts

Nike Eclipse Short 3 inches


The Nike Eclipse 3″ running short is a traditional running short ready to be your workhorse on early morning or late afternoon runs.  Again pockets rule!  These women’s running shorts feature a unique slide pocket as well as a zippered back pocket is large enough to hold a mobile phone.

Long runs are all about comfort and the wide, knit elastic waistband has an internal drawcord for a personalized fit. No tummy pressure with these shorts, or if you’re feeling a little gastro rumblings, you can adjust to your needs.

The proprietory Nike Flex fabric stretches with your body with side panels that are perforated to help enhance ventilation.

INSEAM: 3 Inches
TYPE: Non-compression

Nike Women's Tempo 3


Not all running shorts should be black! The Nike Tempo LX Women’s Running shorts are as subtly bold as your training should be. So be inspired by your shorts and color up your run. These dynamic running shorts feature a secure zipper pocket in the back that can hold your phone. Nicely, a vapor barrier helps guard your stuff from sweat (who wants a sweaty gel chew?) and the internal drop-in pocket on the right stashes a card or key.

The Tempo LX Running Shorts are super lightweight with a stretchy sweat-wicking tech woven fabric.

INSEAM: 3 Inches
TYPE: Non-compression
BEST FOR: Summer running

JackRabbit 3


Yes, short lovers, JackRabbit has shorts too! We set out to create a series of essential running gear, and these shorts are the fruits of our labor.  With a back zipper pocket and a comfort waistband, these are your go-to essentials when you just need to get it done!  Slip ’em in your work bag, throw on your running shoes and get that run checked off your list.

The JackRabbit women’s running shorts are made from breathable, tech fabric that’ll wick your speed sweat away like a charm.

INSEAM: 3 Inches
TYPE: Non-compression
BEST FOR: Weekday training runs

Brooks Greenlight 7


Lay down your run with some compression fashion from Brooks. High perfomance as well as high style, the Brooks Greenlight Compression Running Shorts are a must for tired legs and when you need a little extra support.  Doubling up, we also like these for strength workouts and plyometrics – which as runners, we all do regularly, don’t we?!

Sewn from ‘DriLayer HorsePower fabric’, these compression shorts holds you in for a slimming, supportive feel. The flat, wide power waistband stays put without the hassle of a drawcord. These are mid-rise short, so no slippin’ down and tugging up needed.

Again, pockets are of utmost importance and these compression shorts featre two pockets – one sweat resistant (yeah!) – in the slimming waistband keep your keys and phone close.

INSEAM: 7 Inches
TYPE: compression
BEST FOR: Long runs where chafing is not an option.


Melanie Mitchell is a triathlete with a gear problem. Having raced for more years than she cares to mention, she’s run in most shoe types at some point or another.  Originally from England, she started running in the rain and now runs in the Colorado sun and appreciates her luck every day.

As JackRabbit’s resident tri-geek, her goal is to keep racing long enough to qualify for Ironman World Championships in her twilight years through sheer determination over talent. As a freckled person, she’s also holding out for sponsorship from a sunscreen brand.


Follow JackRabbit and our running lives on Facebook where we share training tips, interviews and gear guides for every runner’s lifestyle.
Comment below how many pairs of running shoes you have in your collection?  There is no shaming here at JackRabbit!


Running Gear





Gentlemen, it’s time to break out the shorts and get running. 2020 will be a memorable year by any standards.  At JackRabbit we challenge everyone for mental and physical wellbeing to be consistent with your runs. Whatever the year presents, a running routine lends itself to beginning or ending the day on a high note.

With that in mind and to help keep your cool as the temperatures rise, here are a selection of our favorite men’s running shorts now available at JackRabbit for the 2020 summer running season.


Nike Men's Running ShortsNIKE 7″ DRI FIT FLEX STRIDE 2-IN-1 SHORTS

The best of two worlds is found in the Nike Dri Fit Flex Stride 2-in-1 Shorts.  Compression shorts underneath with a lightweight fabric overshort. Support and freedom in one, not a bad combination.

These men’s running and exervise shorts feature 2 side pockets and a zipper back pocket big enough to hold phone. Add to that, there is an adjustable fit drawcord to keep the shorts exactly where they should be.

INSEAM: 7 Inches
TYPE: Compression
BEST FOR: Runs and general workouts and streetwear


New Balance Impact Shorts


Classic navy from the pioneers at New Balance, the Impact 5″ Running Short has the perfect inseam – not to short, not too long, just right. These tech running shorts feature drop-in hip pockets and zip pocket at the back to keep valuables safe. The running shorts have a comfort elastic waistband with internal drawstring to dial in the fit and an inner brief for added comfort.

For a nod back to the glory days of running, the New Balance Impact Shorts features a small side split for increased mobility; you won’t be held back on your hill repeats in these.

INSEAM: 5 Inches
TYPE: Non-compression
BEST FOR: Training runs and racing


Brooks Sherpa 5 Inch Men's Running Shorts


The Sherpa 5″ Running Shorts are a classic running short from the revered Brooks Running. The ‘Sherpa’s’  reveal two angled envelope pockets – one on each side – to give you a double option of where you want to stash your gels and other run nutrition. Inside there is an inner security pocket for your phone or keys.

Keeping things cool, there is a sweat-wicking mesh brief liner and to keep things safe, there is a stretch drawcord on the elastic waistband. All you need to do is pull on these shorts and go.

INSEAM: 5 Inches
TYPE: Non-compression
BEST FOR: Weekday training runs


Rhone 7 inch Men's Running Shorts


Rhone is the Mercedes of men’s running apparel. Understated, exquisitly tailored and of unparalleled quality. The 7″ Versatility Lined Running Shorts are made from Italian lightweight fabric with flatlock seams that lends an cooler sophistication as well as temperature to your runs. Inside they have layered in a zippered invisible pocket and a lightweight boxer brief liner with their GOLDFUSION™ Anti-Odor Technology.

INSEAM: 7 Inches
TYPE: Non-compression
BEST FOR: Training runs and general fitness


Under Armor Men's Running Shorts


For those gentlemen into the skinny jeans look, the Under Armour Qualifier Speedpocket Shorts are made for you. These UA Speedpockets are almost tailored shorts with a fitted next-to-the-skin feel without the squeeze of compression shorts. This cut means they are optimal for runs where you don’t want to feel the fabric flapping, but you’re not ready to go ‘full on Kipchoge’ in your running attire. While they are more fitted, they are also fully flexible; you won’t be held back by these shorts.

Keeping to the sleek design, these men’s running shorts have an expandable center-front waistband pocket that is water-resistant to keeps your phone secure and importantly offers no-bounce storage.

INSEAM: 7 Inches
TYPE: Fitted and flexible
BEST FOR: Training runs


Melanie Mitchell is a triathlete with a gear problem. Having raced for more years than she cares to mention, she’s run in most shoe types at some point or another.  Originally from England, she started running in the rain and now runs in the Colorado sun and appreciates her luck every day.

As JackRabbit’s resident tri-geek, her goal is to keep racing long enough to qualify for Ironman World Championships in her twilight years through sheer determination over talent. As a freckled person, she’s also holding out for sponsorship from a sunscreen brand.


Follow JackRabbit and our running lives on Instagram and Facebook where we share training tips, interviews and gear guides for every runner’s lifestyle.


Running Gear







Brian Metzler, author of Kicksology: The Hype, Science, Culture and Cool of Running Shoes, takes a retrospecitve look at the ten grand and subtle changes in the world of running shoes that led to the amazing new styles of 2020.

As we enter the dawn of this new decade, running shoes have never been better. They’re generally lighter, more comfortable and allow you to run more efficiently and faster than ever before. But it didn’t happen overnight, so how’d we get here?

Here’s a look back and 10 ways running shoes have evolved in the past 10 years

A Decade of Running Shoes - Vibram Five Fingers


1. The Minimalist Movement
Ten years ago, the running world was immersed in the minimalist revolution. Thanks to “Born to Run,” the New York Times best-seller by Chris McDougall, and those crazy “toe” shoes Five Fingers, running in footwear that was minimally designed became all the rage. Suddenly, every brand was making low-to-the-ground shoes with very little cushioning, allowing a runner’s feet to flex and move naturally without any inhibition. (And, um, very little protection or cushioning.)

2. A Renewed Focus on Running Form
For years, it seemed as if running form was taken for granted. But the advent of minimalism put more focus on how a runner’s feet interact with the ground and dictate how the rest of their body moves. Ultimately, it brought about a renewed focus —and heated debates — on running form to prevent injuries and improve efficiency. 

3. The Launch of HOKA ONE ONE
At the height of the minimalist revolution, Frenchman Jean-Luc Diard and Nico Mermoud unveiled a new shoe brand based on shoes with copious amounts of foam in the midsole. HOKA ONE ONE spawned maximalist movement and reminded us that almost every runner appreciates and enjoys some amount of soft cushioning in their shoes. At first, HOKA's super-cushy shoes seemed one-dimensional in their approach, merely offering a softer, more protective ride. But in the ensuing years, materials, shoe designs and the brand itself evolved into every aspect of running.

4. What Minimalism Left Behind 
About as fast as the minimalist movement sprung up, it was gone. While featherweight, low-to-the-ground shoes still exist, the trend has flipped back to shoes with cushioning. But all is not forgotten. The best aspects of the minimalist movement — that shoes were light, agile and allowed a runner’s feet to move naturally — started to appear in more cushioned models 

5. More New Brands
HOKA wasn’t the only footwear brand to rise out of the minimalist movement; others included Newton, On, Altra, Vivo Barefoot, Topo, Skechers Performance and Oofos. Each offered a new approach to shoe design, running form and footwear functionality. Their innovations gave runners more choices and forced the major existing brands to evolve and innovate. 

Nike Next % - The Evolution of Running Shoes


6. Adidas Boost Foam
When Adidas unveiled Boost foam in 2013, it proved to runners that a shoe’s midsole could both dampen cushion and return a high rate of energy. Boost, made from TPU pellets thermally welded together, was the first midsole foam to serve up high levels of both shock-absorbing cushiness and bounce-back responsiveness. It also set off a foam war among brands with every company scrambling to develop new, dual-purpose compounds. HOKA ONE ONE (RMAT), Saucony (Everun), Brooks (DNA AMP), Puma (Ignite), Altra (EGO), Nike (React) debuted multi-compound materials that combined traditional EVA foam with rubber, polyurethane and air.

7. Reinvention of Uppers
While a lot of attention has been given to the midsole foam of running shoes in the past 10 years, the reinvention of the uppers of a shoe — the mesh material that covers the top of your foot — has also been a huge catalyst in the evolution of running shoes. As materials have gotten lighter, stronger, more flexible and more dynamic with fewer thick, heavy overlays and less stitching. No-sew designs with heat-welded support straps and fully knitted uppers offer more dynamic flexibility and support. They allow shoes to be much lighter and they look much cleaner.

8. The Quest for the Sub-2-Hour Marathon
As world-class runners continued to run faster, the once impossible dream of a sub-2-hour marathon suddenly didn’t seem so impossible. Wearing Adidas with Boost foam midsoles, Wilson Kipsang (2:03:23 in 2013) and Dennis Kimmeto (2:02:57) helped stoke the fire in the running community and in the research and development of big shoe brands. Nike and Adidas both launched sub-2 shoe development programs, reinvigorating their decades-old rivalry and fueling a innovation fervor throughout the industry.

9. Carbon-fiber plates
Using carbon-fiber in shoes isn’t a new concept; Reebok first incorporated a lightweight carbon-fiber support bridge under the arch of its Graphite Road shoes in the mid-1990s. In the early 2000s, Adidas built a carbon-fiber propulsion plate in its ProPlate racing flat, while Zoot Sports used one into its Ultra Race triathlon racing shoes in 2007. Still Nike made a huge splash in 2017 with a carbon-fiber plate  in its first Vaporfly as Eliud Kipchoge came up short in his first contrived attempt to break the 2-hour marathon barrier (2:00:25). But when it unveiled the Vaporfly 4% in 2018 (and Kipchoge wore it to set a new official world record of 2:10:39) and the Zoom X Vaporfly Next% in 2019 (and Brigid Kosgei wore it to set the new women’s record of 2:14:04), it launched a new paradigm of super shoes that featured firm, almost inflexible carbon-fiber plates embedded in thickly cushioned midsoles. HOKA was next with its Carbon Rocket and Carbon X models in 2019, followed by New Balance and its Fuel Cell 5280 middle-distance racing flat and ASICS GlideRide shoes late last year. 

10. 2020 and Beyond
The future is here! In 2020, Nike has already released its dynamic React Infinty Run shoes aimed to reduce injuries. Saucony, Brooks, ASICS, Adidas, New Balance and 361 Degrees USA will launch innovative long-distance racing models with some sort of rigid plates that elite runners will wear in the U.S. Olympic Trial and the Tokyo Olympics and recreational runners will use to chase new PRs.

NURVV Run has just debuted removable footbeds with 16 electronic sensors to track a wide range of data that can help a runner improve technique, run faster and reduce injury risk. Reebok plans to unveil shoe made primarily from plant-based materials.

Whether or not Nike will release its controversial Alphafly shoe in 2020 — that’s the one that Kipchoge use to run a still-unfathomable 1:59:40 in an experimental marathon time trial in Vienna last fall — expect more innovations and developments to continue into 2021 and beyond.




Brian Metzler is the author of “Kicksology: The Hype, Science, Culture and Cool of Running Shoes” (2019, VeloPress). He has run races at every distance from 50 meters to 100 miles, wear-tested more than 1,500 pairs of shoes, is a three-time Ironman finisher and occasionally participates in the quirky sport of pack burro racing in Colorado. 

He's the founding editor of Trail Runner magazine, is a former senior editor at Running Times and editor in chief at Competitor Magazine. He's the author of “Running Colorado's Front Range” and the co-author of “Natural Running: The Simple Path to Stronger Healthier Running” and “Run Like a Champion: An Olympian's Approach for Every Runner.”



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Running the New York City Marathon? Here are 10 shoes to consider for running the rolling, 26.2-mile route through The Big Apple’s five boroughs.

We’ve broken them down between models with more less inherent stability and more inherent stability with the notion that even a lot of runners with neutral gait patterns need some extra support after running 20 miles on the roads.

There are dozens of additional models to consider than just the 10 listed here. You have to consider how fast you’re going to run and whether you’re going to race all-out, run just to finish or somewhere in between.

Remember, the most important criteria you need to consider when looking for your race-day shoes is how it matches your foot shape and gait style.



Nike Zoom X Vaporfly NEXT%, $250
6.6 oz. (men’s/unisex sizing) 8mm heel-toe offset (40mm/32mm)

The Nike Zoom X Vaporfly NEXT% is the current hot shoe in the marathon world, the one Ethiopian Kenenisa Bekele wore en route to running 2:01:41 and just miss the world record at the 2019 Berlin Marathon. Nike took the learnings of its original Vaporfly 4% shoe and developed a new shoe with more rear-foot cushioning, a new hydrophobic upper, a lower heel-toe offset, a higher stack height and a more bulbous outsole geometry with better traction in the forefoot. The result is a slightly lighter, snappier and more stable shoe. 

Adidas Adizero Adios 4, $140
7.8 oz. (men’s); 6.2 oz. (women’s) 10mm heel-toe offset (23mm/23mm for men’s; 25mm/25mm for women’s)

The Adidas Adizero Adios has been one of the world’s most popular—and one of the fastest—marathon shoes for years. Featuring a thin layer of energetic Boost midsole foam, it provides an electric ride with a low-to-the-ground feel. The upper has been updated in this edition with a more comfortable double-layer mesh construction that features a seamless toe box and just one midfoot overlay.

Hoka One One Carbon Rocket, $160
7.3 oz. (men’s/unisex shoe) 1mm heel-toe offset (28mm/27mm)

Hoka quietly released this lightweight, moderately cushioned model with a carbon-fiber plate last winter as a 5K to half marathon racer. It has softer foam directly under the foot and a more durable, energetic foam below the carbon-fiber plate. With a snug, athletic fit from its two-layer mesh upper and a low-to-the-ground feel for the ground from heel to toe, the Carbon Rocket feels light and fast the moment you slip it on.

Saucony Kinvara 10, $110
7.8 o.z. (men’s), 6.2 oz. (women’s) 4mm heel-toe offset (25mm/21mm)

If you’re looking for a soft and light shoe for racing with a low heel-toe offset, the updated Saucony Kinvara 10 could be the race-day shoe for you. It has a soft and light feel like its predecessors, but this year’s version is slightly firmer and more energetic thanks to a thin layer of springy Everun foam on top of the traditional softer layer of EVA that has been the trademark of this shoe for years. A new, lightweight engineered mesh upper offers better breathability and a more snug, locked-down fit.

Altra Escalante Racer, $140
6.8 o.z. (men’s), 5.7 oz. (women’s) 0mm heel-toe offset (22mm/22mm)

If you appreciate the zero-drop geometry and wider toe box of Altra shoes, then the Altra Escalante Racer will be a good one to consider for a marathon. The Racer feels low to the ground and responsive, with semi-soft/moderately firm midsole cushioning that offers energetic pop in every stride.

The balanced cushioning allows a runner’s foot to move entirely uninhibitedly from foot strike to toe off, but it will take some getting used to if you’ve been running in shoes with a higher heel-toe offset.


Hoka One One CarbonX, $180
8.8 oz. (men’s); 7.1 oz. (women’s) 5mm heel-toe offset (35mm/30mm)

Hoka made a splash with this carbon-fiber plate shoe when elite ultrarunner Jim Walmsley set a new world best for 50 miles (4:50:07) when this model debuted. Unlike the Nike shoes with stiff carbon plates, the Hoka One One Carbon X feels moderately soft and very stable, allowing a wider range of runners (and slower paces) to benefit from the propulsion provided by the carbon-fiber plate. It feels smooth and consistent running at faster speeds, but it takes a bit of getting used to before finding a rhythm and moderate paces.  

Adidas Adizero Boston 8, $120
8.2 o.z. (men’s), 6.6 oz. (women’s) 10mm heel-toe offset (26mm/16mm)

The adidas Adizero Boston 8 is marathoning shoe that serves up both a very energetic, well-cushioned and inherently stable ride. The energy comes from a thick layer of Adidas’ extremely responsive Boost cushioning foam and a flexible, thermoplastic midfoot shank that helps optimally guide each stride to the toe-off phase, while foot-cradling plastic rails offer inherent stability. The updated outsole pattern on the Boston 8 provide more flexibility and traction on wet surfaces.

New Balance 1500v6, $125
8.6 o.z. (men’s), 6.6 oz. (women’s) 6mm heel-toe offset (23mm/17mm)

This low-to-the-ground model is a light-and-faster racer, but it also provides a bit of medial stability. The New Balance 1500v6 is an ideal shoe for runners who typically overpronate as well as runners with neutral gaits who need extra support in the latter miles of a race. The midsole is mostly made from light and responsive RevLite foam, although a firmer medial post and a plastic shank help provide surprisingly stability and arch support for such a lightweight shoe. 

Brooks Ravenna 10, $110
9.6 o.z. (men’s), 7.6 oz. (women’s) 6mm heel-toe offset (23mm/17mm)

The Brooks Ravenna is a well-cushioned everyday trainer with modern stability-enhancing features. While it’s not pegged as a racing shoe, it can be a great choice for a committed, mid-pack runner or a first-timer because of its optimal blend of cushioning, protection and responsiveness. Plus, it’s lighter than most everyday stability shoes. It features Brooks’ new GuideRail technology, which keeps excessive pronation nicely in check.

ASICS GEL-Kayano 26, $160
11.1 ounces (men’s); 8.8 oz. (women’s) 10mm heel-toe offset (29m/19mm)

The latest edition of this popular stability shoe has been overhauled with an updated GEL cushioning capsule for better shock attenuation, lighter midsole foams in the heel for a springier ride and a contoured EVA sockliner for improved underfoot fit and feel.

The dual-density midsole in the ASICS GEL-Kayano offers ample cushioning, responsiveness and stability for the long haul, but it has a good amount of energetic pop for fast-paced running. The ride is extremely stable and secure, but not at the expense of being overly controlling or inflexible.