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Running the New York City Marathon? Here are 10 shoes to consider for running the rolling, 26.2-mile route through The Big Apple’s five boroughs.

We’ve broken them down between models with more less inherent stability and more inherent stability with the notion that even a lot of runners with neutral gait patterns need some extra support after running 20 miles on the roads.

There are dozens of additional models to consider than just the 10 listed here. You have to consider how fast you’re going to run and whether you’re going to race all-out, run just to finish or somewhere in between.

Remember, the most important criteria you need to consider when looking for your race-day shoes is how it matches your foot shape and gait style.


Nike Zoom X Vaporfly NEXT%, $250
6.6 oz. (men’s/unisex sizing) 8mm heel-toe offset (40mm/32mm)

The Nike Zoom X Vaporfly NEXT% is the current hot shoe in the marathon world, the one Ethiopian Kenenisa Bekele wore en route to running 2:01:41 and just miss the world record at the 2019 Berlin Marathon. Nike took the learnings of its original Vaporfly 4% shoe and developed a new shoe with more rear-foot cushioning, a new hydrophobic upper, a lower heel-toe offset, a higher stack height and a more bulbous outsole geometry with better traction in the forefoot. The result is a slightly lighter, snappier and more stable shoe.

Adidas Adizero Adios 4, $140
7.8 oz. (men’s); 6.2 oz. (women’s) 10mm heel-toe offset (23mm/23mm for men’s; 25mm/25mm for women’s)

The Adidas Adizero Adios has been one of the world’s most popular—and one of the fastest—marathon shoes for years. Featuring a thin layer of energetic Boost midsole foam, it provides an electric ride with a low-to-the-ground feel. The upper has been updated in this edition with a more comfortable double-layer mesh construction that features a seamless toe box and just one midfoot overlay.

Hoka One One Carbon Rocket, $160
7.3 oz. (men’s/unisex shoe) 1mm heel-toe offset (28mm/27mm)

Hoka quietly released this lightweight, moderately cushioned model with a carbon-fiber plate last winter as a 5K to half marathon racer. It has softer foam directly under the foot and a more durable, energetic foam below the carbon-fiber plate. With a snug, athletic fit from its two-layer mesh upper and a low-to-the-ground feel for the ground from heel to toe, the Carbon Rocket feels light and fast the moment you slip it on.

Saucony Kinvara 10, $110
7.8 o.z. (men’s), 6.2 oz. (women’s) 4mm heel-toe offset (25mm/21mm)

If you’re looking for a soft and light shoe for racing with a low heel-toe offset, the updated Saucony Kinvara 10 could be the race-day shoe for you. It has a soft and light feel like its predecessors, but this year’s version is slightly firmer and more energetic thanks to a thin layer of springy Everun foam on top of the traditional softer layer of EVA that has been the trademark of this shoe for years. A new, lightweight engineered mesh upper offers better breathability and a more snug, locked-down fit.

Altra Escalante Racer, $140
6.8 o.z. (men’s), 5.7 oz. (women’s) 0mm heel-toe offset (22mm/22mm)

If you appreciate the zero-drop geometry and wider toe box of Altra shoes, then the Altra Escalante Racer will be a good one to consider for a marathon. The Racer feels low to the ground and responsive, with semi-soft/moderately firm midsole cushioning that offers energetic pop in every stride.

The balanced cushioning allows a runner’s foot to move entirely uninhibitedly from foot strike to toe off, but it will take some getting used to if you’ve been running in shoes with a higher heel-toe offset.


Hoka One One CarbonX, $180
8.8 oz. (men’s); 7.1 oz. (women’s) 5mm heel-toe offset (35mm/30mm)

Hoka made a splash with this carbon-fiber plate shoe when elite ultrarunner Jim Walmsley set a new world best for 50 miles (4:50:07) when this model debuted. Unlike the Nike shoes with stiff carbon plates, the Hoka One One Carbon X feels moderately soft and very stable, allowing a wider range of runners (and slower paces) to benefit from the propulsion provided by the carbon-fiber plate. It feels smooth and consistent running at faster speeds, but it takes a bit of getting used to before finding a rhythm and moderate paces.

Adidas Adizero Boston 8, $120
8.2 o.z. (men’s), 6.6 oz. (women’s) 10mm heel-toe offset (26mm/16mm)

The adidas Adizero Boston 8 is marathoning shoe that serves up both a very energetic, well-cushioned and inherently stable ride. The energy comes from a thick layer of Adidas’ extremely responsive Boost cushioning foam and a flexible, thermoplastic midfoot shank that helps optimally guide each stride to the toe-off phase, while foot-cradling plastic rails offer inherent stability. The updated outsole pattern on the Boston 8 provide more flexibility and traction on wet surfaces.

New Balance 1500v6, $125
8.6 o.z. (men’s), 6.6 oz. (women’s) 6mm heel-toe offset (23mm/17mm)

This low-to-the-ground model is a light-and-faster racer, but it also provides a bit of medial stability. The New Balance 1500v6 is an ideal shoe for runners who typically overpronate as well as runners with neutral gaits who need extra support in the latter miles of a race. The midsole is mostly made from light and responsive RevLite foam, although a firmer medial post and a plastic shank help provide surprisingly stability and arch support for such a lightweight shoe.

Brooks Ravenna 10, $110
9.6 o.z. (men’s), 7.6 oz. (women’s) 6mm heel-toe offset (23mm/17mm)

The Brooks Ravenna is a well-cushioned everyday trainer with modern stability-enhancing features. While it’s not pegged as a racing shoe, it can be a great choice for a committed, mid-pack runner or a first-timer because of its optimal blend of cushioning, protection and responsiveness. Plus, it’s lighter than most everyday stability shoes. It features Brooks’ new GuideRail technology, which keeps excessive pronation nicely in check.

ASICS GEL-Kayano 26, $160
11.1 ounces (men’s); 8.8 oz. (women’s) 10mm heel-toe offset (29m/19mm)

The latest edition of this popular stability shoe has been overhauled with an updated GEL cushioning capsule for better shock attenuation, lighter midsole foams in the heel for a springier ride and a contoured EVA sockliner for improved underfoot fit and feel.

The dual-density midsole in the ASICS GEL-Kayano offers ample cushioning, responsiveness and stability for the long haul, but it has a good amount of energetic pop for fast-paced running. The ride is extremely stable and secure, but not at the expense of being overly controlling or inflexible.




Brooks Reviews


Brooks Levitate 5 Review


The Brooks Levitate 5 is a neutral-oriented everyday training shoe with a springy, energetic vibe. It’s a model designed for casual runners who appreciate a shoe that combines a comfortable fit, moderate structure and a responsive ride.

Brooks Levitate 5 Review


The fit of the Levitate 5 has been updated with a more accommodating interior shape and a new circular knit engineered mesh upper.

DNA AMP midsole material is a soft, lively polyurethane-based foam encased in a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) skin that resists horizontal expansion. Because the midsole cannot expand laterally, it expands vertically which results in a spring-like effect in every step.

The new engineered circular knit upper material provides breathability and ensures a more flexible, accommodating fit, especially on the run. It’s soft and comfortable in the forefoot while providing just enough structure to lock down your feet to the chassis of the shoe.

The arrow-point pattern of the one-piece durable rubber outsole lets your foot move quickly from heel to toe. This enhances the shoe’s springy feel while also durable and reliable traction.

There’s a small decoupling channel under the rear of the shoe. This helps to absorb shock and keep the foot moving forward, while six grooves in the forefoot promote flexibility.


The Levitate 5 fits true to size with medium to narrow interior volume from heel to toe. It feels comfortably secure in the heel and arch/saddle. It’s a bit compact in the toe box — although the new stretchy upper material is pleasantly soft and accommodating across the forefoot and it feels less restrictive on the run.

The step-in feel is cozy and soft, thanks to a nicely padded heel collar, thick tongue and premium sock liner. The lively vibe of the midsole is evident the moment you lace up the shoes and start running. The ride is soft, bouncy and very responsive with an energy-returning sensation in every stride.

Brooks Levitate 5 Review


The Levitate 5 is ideal for runners who appreciate a well-cushioned shoe that absorbs shock and puts a spring in your step.

It’s a versatile everyday trainer for slow to moderately fast running paces over any distance. It’s not light or peppy enough for the fastest paces you’re capable of running.

If you’re a novice to intermediate runner or an occasional runner who runs 20 to 40 miles per week, there’s a good chance you’ll love this shoe.

Brooks Levitate 5 Review


The bouncy feeling of the midsole has helped change the game about the level of responsiveness you could expect in an everyday trainer. It’s not the super-fast sensation of a carbon-plate racing shoe, but more of a resilient feeling that matches your cadence.

Our wear-test team expects this to be is a highly durable shoe. The DNA Amp foam, new upper material and outsole rubber — as well as how the shoe is constructed — should accommodate high-mileage running without excessive wear and tear.

Brooks Levitate 5 Review


The only minor drawback of the Levitate 5 is that it’s slightly heavier than some everyday training shoes. It features a high-quality materials package, but it’s just not as light as what you’ll find it other models.


Brooks Levitate 5 Tech Specs


Mens Brooks Levitate 5

Women's Brooks Levitate 5


On Running Reviews



Now it its third edition, the On Cloudflow is a lightweight, low-to-the-ground neutral training shoe designed for efficient, quick-cadence running.

It’s built with On’s Cloud cushioning technology and features a semi-firm plate embedded in the midsole that loads each stride with shock-absorbing cushioning and a jolt of energy for a smooth, snappy ride.

On Cloudflow Review


The biggest updates to the On Cloudflow are a better-fitting heel cup and new engineered mesh upper made from 70 percent recycled materials.

The ultralight Helion midsole superfoam provides a fast, responsive feeling with fully cushioned road protection and exceptional durability. Unlike some midsole materials that falter in hot or cold weather, the Helion cushioning performs equally as well in all temperatures without losing its performance qualities.

The heel cup has been improved to make the rearfoot fit feel more precise and locked down. It gives the Cloudflow a reassuringly secure sensation that contributes to its performance-oriented agility, especially when cornering or running hills at faster speeds.

With small sections of grippy rubber and an enhanced traction pattern on the bottom of most of the Cloud pods, the Cloudflow’s outsole serves up exceptional hold for agile and reliable road running. Although a few pods have exposed foam facing the ground, it doesn’t affect the long-timer durability or performance of the shoe.


The Cloudflow fits true to size with a medium-volume interior, an improved fit in the heel, a secure connection at the arch/saddle area and just enough wiggle room in the forefoot.

When you step into these shoes and lace them up, you’ll feel a unique sensation of comfort and precision that comes from the cleanly designed upper and soft but spartan interior that securely holds your feet in place.

The ride is moderately soft and buttery smooth, with an easy-flexing demeanor that’s energized by the semi-firm polypropylene Speedboard embedded in the midsole.

It’s not an overly cushy ride compared to other shoes, but it’s soft enough to reduce the impacts of the ground while also promoting efficient running form.


Runners who prefer a moderate level of cushioning with an intuitive feel for the ground will love the new Cloudflow. Its lightweight, energetic and agile vibe is ideal for all types of up-tempo running, including fartlek workouts, interval sessions and short-distance racing.

Although it’s best for shorter and faster running, it could serve as a long-run shoe or everyday trainer for runners who are light on their feet and appreciate a proprioceptive connection to the ground.


On’s Cloud cushioning technology is the most unique midsole configuration in the running shoe industry. It’s comprised of 18 individually shaped CloudTec pods under each foot that offer a high level of cushioning and responsiveness while allowing your feet to roll naturally and consistently from heel to toe.

The cleanly designed engineered mesh upper not only creates a more streamlined look, but it offers seamless comfort and connectivity at higher speeds. Plus, the Cloudflow makes a strong environmental statement, given that the upper is made of 70 percent polyester content and the overall composition is comprised of 20 percent recycled material.

The clean, almost artful design of the Cloudflow creates amazing aesthetic appeal. The look, feel and comfort make it one of those shoes you want to wear when you’re not running.

On Cloudflow Review


The Cloudflow doesn’t have the depth or soft bounciness of some other training shoes available at If you don’t like a shoe with a low-to-the-ground, semi-firm feeling, consider the On Cloud X for a more cushioned ride.


On Cloudflow Review


On Cloudflow Review

hoka one one Reviews


Hoka One One Rincon 3 Review


Light, cushy and fast, the Hoka One One Rincon 3 is a lively and versatile neutral-oriented shoe at a budget-friendly price. It has an exceptional cushion-to-weight ratio and serves up an easy-rolling ride.

The Rincon 3 is a great shoe for long runs, speedier workouts and recovery jogs. It can be an everyday training shoe or your shoe of choice for up-tempo running.

Hoka Rincon 3 Review


Although the updates to the Rincon 3 seem minor, small changes to the midsole, outsole and upper have made a noticeable impact.

The best aspect about those changes is that it’s made the Rincon 3 nearly a half-ounce lighter than the previous version, which is pleasantly surprising given the how light and agile the Rincon 2 felt.

The single-layer compression molded EVA midsole offers excellent shock absorption, ample softness and a touch of responsiveness. While the midsole/outsole geometry is the same as the previous edition, the chassis has been tweaked with some new midsole foam sculpting for more consistent compression and a notch off the back of the heel for lateral decoupling.

The Rincon features a thin, smooth a very lightly padded tongue with an asymmetrical design that allows for optimal fit on each foot. It’s not gusseted but it does promote a snug, comfortable fit over the top of the foot.

The new upper is only slightly different than the previous edition, but its sleeker and provides a more secure fit than that of the Rincon 2 and is similarly ventilated. The biggest change to the upper is the heel pull tab, which is now made from a thin, sturdy cord instead of a wide fabric band.


The Rincon 3 fits true to size and similar to last year’s edition, with a medium volume from heel to toe. There’s a snug and secure feeling in the heel and at the arch/saddle area, but it’s slightly roomier in the forefoot for the toes to wiggle and splay.

The interior is comfortable but not overly padded or plush, just some extra padding in the rear foot and around the heel collar. The first thing you notice when you lace up a pair of Rincon 3 is how well-cushioned they are, but also how impossibly light and nimble they feel.

The midsole is squishy soft, but the ride is very lively and agile. It doesn’t produce a bouncy sensation, but more of a fluid, rolling motion that comes from the rockered geometry of the outsole-midsole undercarriage.

It is exquisitely soft and smooth from heel to toe, with a mildly responsive feeling in every stride.

Hoka Rincon 3 Review


Runners who appreciate featherweight training shoes with a lot of cushioning will love the Rincon 3. It has the rare combination of near-maximal cushioning and a light and zesty vibe that inspires quick-cadence running.

It’s comfortable for long runs and quick and agile enough for any type of faster workout, from tempo runs to short intervals, or even short races.

Hoka Rincon 3 Review


It’s hard to believe a shoe with this much cushioning can be this light. HOKA somehow made this shoe a tad lighter than last year, and that’s great news because lighter is always better. The weight savings came from more aggressive midsole sculpting and cutouts to reduce the amount of material, the new outsole rubber configuration and a more streamlined upper.

HOKA has continued to revise its early-state rocker geometry for quicker heel-toe transitions, giving the Rincon 3 edition a slightly quicker and faster feeling. It doesn’t have the energy return as some of its contemporaries with carbon-fiber plates or advanced foams, but few shoes are as effortlessly smooth as this one.

The outsole of the Rincon 3 actually has a similar amount of durable rubber as the previous editions, but it is spread out over a new zonal pattern for greater durability and more effective traction. Like the previous versions of the shoe, there is a lot of exposed foam under the foot, but it’s not located in high-impact areas so excessive wear shouldn’t impact the ride or performance of the shoe.

At just $115, the Rincon 3 offers a lot of bang for the buck. It’s high on value and long on comfort and performance for a fraction of the price of some of its contemporaries. It doesn’t skimp on quality, but instead benefits from a stripped-down design ethos that eliminates unnecessary materials to ensure the Rincon 3 has a lightweight and lithe demeanor.

Hoka Rincon 3 Review


There aren’t any major drawbacks to the Rincon 3, but it’s important to note that it doesn’t offer much in the way of structure or support, so it’s only recommended for runners with a neutral gait who are light on their feet.

Also, if it’s used as a daily trainer, the long-term durability will likely be shortened as is common with most lightweight shoes.


Hoka Rincon 3 Tech Specs


Mens Rincon 3

Women's Rincon 3

Brooks Reviews


Brooks Ghost 14 Review


The Brooks Ghost 14 is a neutral-oriented everyday trainer that’s become one of the best-selling running shoes in recent years because it’s so amazingly soft, cushioned and comfortable.

No matter what your ability or experience level, it’s hard not to love the cushy comfort of the Ghost. 

Brooks Ghost 14 Review


The biggest structural update to the new Ghost is the addition of a full-length DNA Loft foam midsole. This is combined with a segmented crash pad and improved 3D Fit technology in the upper. This results in the most flexible, smoothest-fitting and most energetic version of the shoe yet.

But the biggest update is that Brooks has made efforts to make the Ghost 14 a carbon-neutral shoe, which means it’s a shoe with soft, light ride and an even lighter footprint.


The Ghost 14 fits true to size and has a medium volume from heel to toe, although it feels slightly more snug in the midfoot/arch area. The step-in feel is exceptionally soft and luxurious — in fact, softer than ever — and it remains one of the most comfortable everyday training shoes available on the market.

A slightly updated engineered mesh upper and a modified lacing system create a more compact and even more cozy fit for a variety of foot shapes.

The ride is very similar to the previous versions of the Ghost — buttery soft, elegantly smooth and extremely shock-absorbing. The full-length DNA Loft midsole serves up a springy, energetic vibe in every stride, making it more conducive to faster-paced running than previous versions of the shoe.

The toe-off sensation feels less mushy and more snappy than previous versions. But the most important feature of the Ghost 14 is the comfortable ride from the first mile to the last.

Brooks Ghost 14 Review


Runners who enjoy soft, smooth-riding shoes will love the Ghost 14, especially for longer runs.

It’s better at slow to moderately paced running efforts — long runs, recovery runs and other easier runs during the week — but the more energetic midsole gives it just enough versatility for beginners to be a do-everything shoe.

It’s not light enough of quick enough to be adept at quick-cadence running for faster workouts, but it can hold its own for tempo runs and longer fartlek-style intervals.

Brooks Ghost 14 Review


How does a running shoe become carbon neutral? Brooks is purchasing high-quality carbon offsets to account for the residual emissions in shoe manufacturing. The brand is trying to make an immediate impact by offsetting emissions from the Ghost, its highest-selling shoe. In addition to reducing the product’s environmental impact by incorporating recycled materials, Brooks is purchasing carbon offsets from projects that meet strict criteria for making a meaningful difference in addressing climate change.

The Ghost 14 is the first carbon-neutral shoe in the brand’s new 2030 planet strategy, a science-backed approach that will take responsibility for the impact the brand has on the environment. Brooks’ commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040 will be achieved by first reducing emissions in line with climate science, with Brooks’ Science-Based Targets to reduce carbon emissions.

If you ran in the Ghost 12 or Ghost 13, you’ll love the Ghost 14. The updated edition of the Ghost is virtually the same weight as last year’s model, but the Ghost 14 is softer and noticeably more responsive.

The new engineered mesh upper material is softer and more pliable, but the toe box has a similar shape and feeling as previous editions. Bottom line? It’s just more comfortable and accommodating.

The outsole has been updated with a minor adjustment in the flex gloves and positioning of carbon rubber segments in the rear and blown rubber in the forefoot to optimize flexibility without compromising cushioning or traction. The decoupling of the heel has been moved further back, creating smoother heel-toe transitions.

Although it’s a neutral shoe and definitely not intended for runners who overpronate, the Ghost 14’s improved upper and lacing system combine with the midsole/outsole chassis and wide footprint to create an inherently stable ride.

There aren’t many shoes available this year that provide as much all-around comfort as the Ghost 14. The interior feel and soft, resilient foam package feel as good in the later miles of a long run as they do in the very first mile.

If you’re looking for a shoe that looks good, feels good and runs smoothly, you should definitely try on a pair of Ghost 14.

Brooks Ghost 14 Review


The Ghost 14 doesn’t have a lot spunk. It can handle tempo runs and moderately fast long runs, but it’s not a shoe that you’ll want to run fast for longer periods of time.



Mens Brooks Ghost 14

Womens Brooks Ghost 14

Adidas Reviews


Adidas Adizero Boston 10 Review


The Adidas Adizero Boston 10 is a maximally cushioned and very energetic neutral-oriented shoe that’s versatile enough be a high-mileage workhorse, long-interval performance-enhancing speedster or a reliable long-distance racing shoe.

A longtime favorite among marathoners, the Boston been completely overhauled and modernized since its previous edition with new materials and a much higher stack height, resulting in a livelier vibe and more cushioned ride.

Adidas Adizero Boston 10 Review


The Boston 10 now has a thick, two-part midsole comprised of a layer of responsive Lightstrike Pro foam on top of a layer of soft, durable, stable Lightstrike foam. (The previous version had a layer of Lightstrike foam on top of Boost foam.)

Sandwiched between those two layers of foam are a series of curved carbon-infused rods that Adidas debuted in its Adizero Adios Pro models. (It does not have the energetic carbon-fiber plate that the Adizero Adios Pro models have, so it doesn’t quite have the elite-level performance capabilities.)

A thin lightweight, two-layer upper system and revised outsole round out the complete reconfiguration of this popular model.

The new Adizero Boston 10 also features carbon-infused energy rods designed to deliver an anatomically driven transition that limits energy loss. Combined with the lighter, more energetic midsole foams, the rods provide a lively ride that make it ideal for up-tempo training, long training runs or long-distance racing.

A new, lightweight and minimally designed two-layer upper provides a snug, compliant fit that stretches slightly when the foot moves through the gait cycle. The inner engineered mesh combines a gusseted tongue and bootie construction that hugs the foot, while the outer micromesh layer adds subtle support and structure. There is a mild internal heel counter that adds a bit of structure, while suede overlays help reinforce the toe box.

Adidas Adizero Boston 10 Review


The Adizero Boston 10 fits true to size with a medium-narrow volume that translates to a semi-snug athletic fit for runners with medium or wide feet.

The step-in feel is cushy and comfortable, thanks to the interior bootie, padded heel, soft, gusseted tongue and premium footbed.

The first two things you’ll notice when you lace ‘em up are the extremely high midsole stack height and the very soft sensation in the heel.

The ride feels similar to a modern marathon racing shoe with the two compliant foams providing shock-absorbing cushioning and energetic bounce and a real sense of forward propulsion.

It’s not nearly as lively as the Adizero Adios Pro (or forthcoming Adizero Adios Pro 2), but it’s much, much more energetic (and a tad lighter) than the Adizero Boston 9.


Runners who appreciate a lightweight, maximally cushioned shoe with a little jolt of bouncy energy will love the new Adizero Boston 10. It’s soft and cushy enough to run long, but light and peppy enough to run faster workouts like tempo runs and long intervals.

Runners who liked the low-to-the-ground feeling of the Adizero Boston 9 (or, for that matter, any previous version) might be a bit thrown off with the mega-cushioned vibe of this edition. But this version of the Boston represents a much-needed overhaul and appropriately puts it in the category of modern long-distance trainer/racer models.

Adidas Adizero Boston 10 Pros


It’s clear that Adidas is moving away from its iconic Boost midsole foam in its performance-oriented shoes. Although Boost foam has been staple of the Boston midsole for the past several years, it’s a very good change — one that runners will appreciate because the combination of Lightstrike and Lightstrike Pro foam provides a lighter, smoother and more resilient ride.

Some of the agile and electric vibe of the new Boston comes from the narrow overall footprint of the shoe. The outsole has small segments of rubber for durability, grip and stability, with a large, sculpted channel under the midfoot to keep the shoe as light and flexible as possible.

Although the Boston has been entirely revamped, it represents what modern racer/trainer models have come to be. The new Adizero Boston 10 has a similar composition and soft-but-supple feel to that of the Saucony Endorphin Speed and now-defunct Nike Pegasus Turbo 2. It’s lightweight and lively and can inspire quick-cadence stride turnover. The modern configuration returns the Boston to its place as a shoe that can go fast and long in training or on race day.

Adidas Adizero Boston 10 Cons


The vast changes, new materials and upscaled redesign of the new Adizero Boston have changed the price structure of this shoe forever. It used to be a moderately priced shoe ($120), but it’s now appropriately in that top-tier shoes that double as trainers and racers, which is why it’s competitively priced at $180.


Adidas Adizero Boston 10 Tech Specs


Adidas Adizero Boston 10


Reviews Saucony


Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 Review


The Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 is a neutral-oriented top-tier long-distance racing shoe built on an energetic foam midsole embedded with a curvy carbon-fiber plate that enhances forward propulsion.

It’s a featherweight and hyper-energetic PR machine and an ideal choice for your next 10K, half marathon or marathon.

Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 Review


The Endorphin Pro 2 was updated ever-so-slightly with more heel support, anti-slip laces for a more reliable fit and a new perforated mesh upper material for enhanced breathability. Those modifications helped improved the fit and feel without changing the essence of the super-responsive ride.

The new single-layer upper  is made from recycled polyester. This has improved the fit and helps make the shoe more breathable and airy. The wrap-like fit is enhanced by Saucony’s FormFit technology, which allows the mono-mesh upper material to move and stretch slightly while still keeping feet locked down to the chassis.

Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 Review


The Endorphin Pro 2 fits true to size with a medium to low interior volume from heel to toe. It has a snug, locked-down feeling from heel to toe. There is  a slightly higher volume in the arch area and modest wiggle room in the toe box.

There’s soft and comfortable step-in feeling in this shoe. That is thanks the premium footbed, gusseted tongue and thick midsole chassis. Combined with the curvy carbon-fiber plate embedded in the midsole, it results in a lively but very rigid rolling sensation the moment you start running.

The Endorphin Pro 2 is a race-day tool that is really good at up-tempo running but definitely not as good at slow to moderate paces. The similar Endorphin Speed 2 ($160) nylon-plated, training shoe handles those slower paces much better.


Runners interested in investing in a pair of carbon-plated racing shoes with the hope of setting a new PR in the 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon will love this shoe.

While it could be used for faster workouts such as tempo runs and longer intervals, the sharp, firm feeling makes it much more conducive to racing than it is for training. (Imagine driving a high-end race car around town to do errands and you’ll understand the singular focus of the Endorphin Pro 2.)

Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 Review


The secret sauce of the Endorphin Pro 2 is the combination of Saucony’s PWRRUN PB midsole foam, the curvy carbon-fiber plate and SpeedRoll rocker geometry. PWRRUN PB is an ultralight, PEBA-based foam that provides an energetic and propulsive feeling in every stride.

The foam midsole chassis and firm plate are unchanged from the first edition. You can expect the same electric, responsive ride as the original edition of the Endorphin Pro.

Like other racing shoes with carbon-fiber midsole plates, the Endorphin Pro 2 feels best when you get into a groove at a fast and repetitive pace. When you settle into a conisisten rhythm, the sharp feeling of the chassis melts away into effortless running. But running at slower paces or mixing up paces will muddle that smooth, flowy feeling. Despite the responsiveness of the foam, the ride is unflinchingly sharp and rigid.

The outsole configuration of the Endorphin Pro 2 is identical to the original version. It features large sections of exposed foam complemented by high-abrasion carbon rubber in the forefoot and around the perimeter of the heel to keep the weight down, ensure optimal traction and maintain consistent durability.

Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 Review


The only detractor of the Endorphin Pro 2 is that it’s not very versatile. It’s a high-end racing shoe that can help you lower your PRs, but our wear-testers thought it felt too sharp and rigid to use for faster workouts or long runs.


Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 Tech Specs


Mens Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 Review

Womens Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 Review


Reviews Saucony


Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 Review


The Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 is a light, cushy and extremely energetic everyday training shoe. It’s amazingly comfortable and infinitely versatile.

The secret sauce of this shoe is the combination of the lively PWRRUN PB midsole foam and how the semi-firm curvy nylon helps create seemingly effortless forward propulsion.

Our wear-testers believe it’s one of the best shoes of 2021.

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 Review


The Endorphin Speed 2 has been slightly updated a new mono-mesh upper. This is made from recycled materials, has a snugger fit in the heel, anti-slip laces and some soft, suede detailing.

The new upper made from recycled nylon has improved the fit but also helped make the shoe more breathable and airy. The wrap-like fit is enhanced by Saucony’s FormFit technology, which allows the upper material to move and stretch while still keeping feet locked down to the chassis.

The outsole configuration on the Speed 2 is identical to the original version. It features vast sections of exposed foam complemented by high-abrasion carbon rubber in the forefoot and around the perimeter of the heel to keep the weight down, ensure optimal traction and maintain consistent durability.

The bottom line is that it’s been tweaked slightly without changing the spirited essence of the original Endorphin Speed.

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 Review


The Endorphin Speed 2 fits true to size with a medium to low interior volume from heel to toe. It has a slightly lower volume in the arch area, good wiggle room in the toe box and a snug feeling in the heel.

The step-in feeling is soft and secure with a very noticeable light and bouncy sensation the moment you start running in them. While the curvy nylon plate and advanced foam create a sprightly vibe at up-tempo paces, the shoe feels equally as comfortable and peppy on longer and slower runs.

At top speed, the shoe feels almost effortless with just a tad less energetic pop than the Endorphin Pro 2 ($200) carbon-plated, race-day shoe at the top of the line. But it’s the versatility of being able to handle all types of running with aplomb that make the Speed 2 such an amazing shoe.


Runners who appreciate shoes with a light, soft and animated ride will really enjoy running in the Endorphin Speed 2.

It’s not quite as high off the ground as some maximally cushioned shoes, but it’s not a low-to-the-ground lightweight performance-oriented trainer, either.

It’s versatile enough to run long, run fast, run slow and just about everything in between. It could also be a good choice for racing from mile to the marathon.

If you’ve previously run in Saucony’s Kinvara, you’ll find the Endorphin Speed 2 to be a premium upgrade.

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 Review


Saucony’s PWRRUN PB is an ultralight, PEBA-based foam that provides a bouncy and propulsive feeling in every stride and at every pace. That foam midsole chassis is unchanged from the first edition, so you can expect the same agile and responsive ride.

 Like the original version, the Endorphin Speed 2 has a curvy, rocker geometric profile that contributes to what Saucony calls SpeedRoll technology. Combined with the nylon plate and energetic foam, it creates a lively, forward-rolling sensation at every pace.

Versatility is the name of the game for the Endorphin Speed 2. Whatever you ask it to do — long runs, recovery runs, speed work, tempo runs, short races, long races — it will do it with a high-performance, energetic zeal.

If you’re looking for a do-everything model as the only shoe in your quiver, this is a great one to consider.

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 Review


Honestly, there’s nothing to dislike about this shoe. However, if you appreciate shoes that are lower to the ground or shoes with a less bouncy ride, this won’t be the one for you. 


Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 Tech Specs


Mens Saucony Endorphin Speed 2

Womens Saucony Endorphin Speed 2


Hyperice Recovery Reviews


Recover with Hyperice

Whether you’re a pro athlete, weekend warrior or simply just looking to live a healthier lifestyle – Hyperice has a solution for you. 

Over the past few years, Hyperice has become a proven leader in the technology and recovery industry and continue to push the limits moving forward. Hyperice has partnered with top professional athletes across the NFL, NBA, Track and Field, cycling/Tour de France, triathlon and many more.

Hyperice devices are designed to allow people to move better and feel their absolute best! Hyperice products are backed with science and physiology to support and advance the human condition.

Hyperice’s line of products includes percussion therapy massagers, dynamic air compression devices, vibration devices and more! 

Hyperice Product Line


The Hypervolt line of percussion devices are designed to concentrate targeted pulses of pressure into the muscle/tissue of the body, helping to relieve muscle pain, stiffness and soreness, and increase range of motion. The Hypervolt line silently delivers three speeds of rapid percussion to relieve tension and accelerate warmup and recovery.Hyperice Hypervolt

Benefits include:

  • Acceleration of warm up and recovery
  • Reduction of muscle soreness and stiffness 
  • Improvement of range of motion and flexibility



The Normatec line of dynamic air compression combines dynamic air compression includes a patented Pulse massage pattern that offers three features —pulsing, distal release, and gradients. Dynamic air compression helps mimics the natural muscle pump of the body’s legs and arms, which enhances the movement of fluid and metabolites out of the limbs post workout.

Hyperice NormatecBenefits include:

  • Enhanced blood flow and circulation
  • Improved warm up and recovery
  • Patented Pulse technology



Hyperice’s vibration line features the Vyper 2.0, Hypersphere and Hypersphere Mini. These products offer vibration therapy which consists of repeated rapid oscillations of localized pressure into the body’s muscle and connective tissues. Lower and higher speeds offer make these products a dynamic solution for muscle activation and recovery. 

Hyperice Hypersphere

Benefits include:

  • 3 powerful speed settings
  • Improved warm up and recovery
  • Localized pressure of rapid oscillations



Powered by HyperSmart™, the Hyperice App seamlessly blends your physical and digital activity to create an experience entirely customized to you. Connect to health and wellness apps, follow guided warmup, recovery, and maintenance routines, operate your Hyperice Bluetooth® devices, and get exclusive content from top pros. 



Asics Reviews


ASICS GEL Kayano 28 Review


The ASICS GEL-Kayano 28 is a premium, stability-enhancing, everyday trainer. It offers superior cushioning, plush interior comfort and a gender-specific ride.

Oozing both soft cushioning and reliable support, it’s the pinnacle training shoe in the ASICS line. It has been smartly enhanced with a smoother, softer ride over the past year.

ASICS GEL Kayano 28 - What's New


The new Kayano has been updated with:

  • A new midsole foam package
  • A new engineered mesh upper
  • Slightly different men’s and women’s specific geometries
  • Smaller structural components and more flex grooves in the outsole.

Despite those major changes, it still runs with the reliably stability of previous GEL Kayano models.


The GEL-Kayano 28 fits true to size with a medium interior volume that feels pretty spacious in the forefoot. The soft interior padding and new upper create a dynamic locked-down fit. This means it accommodates a wide range of foot shapes.

Reliable security comes from a more subtle internal heel counter. Add to that, there is a smaller plastic plate under the arch and a firm, lower-profile plastic external cradle and media-side support flange.

But what makes this new edition of the Kayano so special is the new FlyteFoam Blast midsole compound. This runs the length shoe directly under the foot.

That material helps give the multi-density midsole a soft, secure feeling in the heel and a fun, bouncy and energetic sensation as you roll forward to the toe-off phase.

Combined with additional flex grooves in the forefoot, the new Kayano serves up a much livelier ride than ever before without sacrificing stability that over-pronating runners need.


New runners, fitness runners and marathoners who appreciate a soft, lively but stable ride with reliable medial-side support will love the new GEL-Kayano 28.

It has plenty of forgiving comfort for long runs and recovery runs, but it also has enough energetic pop for some moderately faster types of running.


ASICS GEL Kayano 28 - Pros

The layer of new FlyteFoam Blast cushioning (aka FF Blast) is made from a light, soft and responsive environmentally friendly blend of EVA foam. This provides an energetic sensation in every stride without inhibiting the shoe’s stability-enhancing mechanisms.

As with the previous editions of this model, the midsole cushioning system of the Kayano 28 is enhanced with silicone-based GEL cushioning pods. These are located in the heel and forefoot and reduce impact for a softer landing. They also enhance the toe-off experience at the start of a new stride.

The structural components of the GEL-Kayano 28 are all slimmer and more subtle than those in the previous edition of the shoe. This helps it become lighter and more agile and providing a smoother, more stable heel-to-toe transition while still providing support to offset over-pronation.

The GEL-Kayano 28 continues to be gender-differentiated to address men’s and women’s specific bio-mechanical movement patterns. Each version features unique heel-toe offsets and slightly lower midsole foam densities. Plus, the women’s model has a more compliant flex pattern.

The outsole has been updated with more flex grooves in the forefoot, smaller segments of high-abrasion rubber and a longer open channel under the arch. This starts in the heel and extends to the forefoot.

Combined with the springiness of the FlyteFoam Blast foam in the midsole, these features help give the Kayano a much more flexible, agile and performance-oriented sensation.

The new, two-layer engineered mesh upper is more ventilated and breathable than the previous edition and it helps wrap the foot with a dynamic fit. It expands and contracts slightly as the foot moves through the gait cycle, providing both comfort and support.

ASICS GEL Kayano 28 - Cons

If there’s any slight detraction to the Kayano 28 is that it’s not a speedy shoe.

Although it lost about a half ounce in weight and now has a springier foam in the midsole, it’s a shoe that’s all about comfort and stability. With that in mind, it is not as ideal for quick-cadence running.


ASICS GEL Kayano 28 - Tech Specs