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Plant-based Performance With No Compromise

Available at JackRabbit, the Reebok Forever Floatride Grow is a trailblazing innovation in sustainable running shoes.

Reebok, committing to reduce their use of petroleum-based materials in their products, have launched the Reebok Forever Floatride Grow made with products from plants and is featured as part of their Cotton + Corn lifestyle collection.


The new plant-based running shoe, is actually an updated version of Reebok’s award-winning Forever Floatride Energy.

To start, each component in the Floatride Grow was meticulously researched and tested in order to identify the most sustainable natural ingredients. They needed to meet the high performance standards required for a best-in-class running shoe.

Enter materials such as castor beans, eucalyptus tree, bloom algae foam and finally natural rubber. The latter sourced from real rubber trees rather than petroleum-based rubber found in other performance gear.


  • Upper: Durable eucalyptus tree textile upper
  • Midsole Cushioning: Plant-based castor bean Floatride Energy Foam provides lightweight, responsive cushioning
  • Outsole: Algae-based EVA foam sock-liner, natural rubber outsole

The running community has been one of the most vocal when it comes to demanding more sustainable products. Consequently, Reebok and other brands have focused on innovation and are responding.

“The earth is a runner’s arena, and we have a responsibility to help detox the world for the athletes who run in it,” said Matt O’Toole, Reebok Brand President.

“Our Cotton + Corn collection was the first step in making shoes from things that grow. Now, we have taken an award-winning running shoe, the Forever Floatride Energy, and reinvented it using natural materials to create what we feel is the most sustainable performance running shoe on the market.”


Reebok Reviews


The Reebok Symmetros, or to use it’s formal name, the Reeebok Floatride Energy Symmetros, is all that. A versatile new style from Reebok is ready to meet the needs of most runners. Read on to learn more.


All-new, the Floatride Energy Symmetros is designed to be the shoe that can do it all – from track workouts to long runs and everything in between.

The Reebok Symmetros has one goal – to serve the needs of most runners. The Reebok product team presented the question, “What would a shoe that works for 85% of the running population look like?”

From there, they got to work building the answer.

Reebok Symmetros - What's New


The Symmetros is a high-cushion, lightweight, neutral trainer.

The midsole of the Symmetros features Reebok’s award winning Floatride Energy foam. Floatride Energy is a material made from nitrogen-infused TPE. It’s soft, responsive, and lightweight.

It has cushion for comfort without feeling bulky and still gives the runner superior energy return with every step.

The real stories here, though, are the beveled angle of the heel and added toe spring – a combination from the Reebok lab team to provide optimal balance and support. Add to this, a smooth heel-to-toe ride every step of the run.


A hug in a shoe!

The Symmetros’ breathable mesh upper hugs the foot. It features a molded, padded heel cup gives the runner a locked-in feel. An internal gusset cradles the mid-foot for added support, and an Ortholight molded sockliner complements the softness of the Floatride Energy foam for enhanced underfoot comfort.  

Reebok Symmetros - 2020


The designers at Reebok take their inspiration from the consumer who lives boldly and won’t sacrifice function for style.

“As we began to see success with the Forever Floatride Energy in the last couple of years, we wanted to push ourselves to continue to show up for the runner’s needs with that consumer in mind.

The Symmetros was born out of that goal – how do we serve the needs of the majority of the running community without asking them to sacrifice functionality for style?

The Symmetros has both – the beveled heel provides an unexpected silhouette for the consumer who wants to stand out; the word-mark and color-blocking on the heel echo the consumer’s signature bold style; and last but not least, this design comes to life with materials that show up for the runner in every workout.”


The Reebok Symmetros was designed with every run in mind. The shoe is lightweight, so it will feel fast for a tempo run or on the track. But, it still has the durability of a workhorse – a taller stack of Floatride Energy foam and the bevel of its midsole combine to create a soft & smooth underfoot feel that doesn’t quit in the later miles of a long run.


Reebok Symmetros - Tech Specs


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For the past 10 years, the Reebok Nano X has been a leading footwear cross-training world. It’s helped to clarify the distinction between traditional running footwear and cross-trainers and helped  understand the importance of pairing your training with the proper footwear.

What has always set the Reebok Nano apart from its competitors is its durability in such a large variety of exercises. Both experts and novices in the sport can agree that this shoe is built to last through every jump, every lift, and every sprint. 

This year’s model, the Nano X, is the culmination of 10 years of improvements and adjustments, always pushing the boundaries of what it means to be the ultimate cross-training shoe. 

Reebok Nano X: What's New?


The Nano X features an upper with an all-new Flexweave, mesh material, designed to feel a little lighter than its previous version, while still retaining its durability.

The design of the upper also comes with a significant upgrade, including a mid/high rise heel cup for increased stability and a thinner tongue for comfort.

The new Nano X also now features more flexibility in the outer sole, making quick movements even easier in this latest iteration. 


The Reebok Nano X feels as durable as it is comfortable. Unlike most traditional running shoes, this cross-trainer boasts a minimal drop outsole. This keeps the wearer more level with the ground, allowing for maximum stability during exercises such as jumping or lifting.

However, just because the shoe works well in the weight-room, doesn’t mean that it isn’t also effective for short distance running. It’s improved flexibility make running and jumping feel even more natural and truly sets it apart from its predecessors.

Reebok Nano X: Cross training for runners


The Reebok Nano X is a prefect solution for ever runner who wants to add cross-training to their routine.

Industry experts have spoken for years about the importance of cross-training for runners. And if you’re going to cross train, you need the proper footwear for lateral movements.

Whether it be weightlifting or taking the occasional HIIT class, cross-training activities provide many benefits to runners. We’re talking injury prevention, rehabilitation, muscle and strengthening joints.

From everything from burpees and jumping jacks to sprints and deadlifts, the Nano X will support your cross-training.

Reebok Nano X: Pros

Pros: Reebok Nano X

The most important feature of the Nano X is its durability. Cross-training requires a shoe that can support quick movements, extensive jumps, and heavy lifts without breaking down.

The sturdy outsole and the mid-level heel cup of the Nano X both provide a larger level of comfort and stability than a traditional running shoe during cross-training activities. 

Reebok Nano X: Cons

Cons: Reebok Nano X

Although the Nano X is the most ‘runnable’ Nano yet, it is only meant for shorter running distances, supporting the the runner up to a 5k.

The Nano X does have a good amount of flexibility for a cross-training shoe, but not as much as your traditional trainer.