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Brian Metzler shares his On Cloudflyer review after putting this stability running shoe through its paces.


The On Cloudflyer is lightweight, soft and secure high-mileage stability trainer. It’s built on a chassis of On’s unique Cloud cushioning system.

It feels as good as it looks, with a unique, well-built structure that can move as fast or slow as you need it to.

On Cloudflyer - What's New?


The Cloudflyer has been updated with a new resilient foam midsole. Add to that a new outsole system and a new engineered mesh upper has been added. It features a new, forked Cloud outsole configuration that supports a healthy rolling motion and a stronger push-off feeling.

The innovative Cloud cushioning system features 12 uniquely shaped Cloud cushioning pods. These unique pods help protect and guide a runner’s feet, supporting them as they roll through the gait cycle from foot strike to toe off. The Clouds are configured to reduce inward rotation on landing. They also combine with the internal Speedboard allow for stable, natural transitions every stride.

The new On Helion Superfoam is soft but also extremely resilient. It does a great job at damping the impact when a foot touches down to the ground. However, when combined with the extra-stiff Speedboard, it also provides an energetic pop. This crescendos into a noticeable burst of forward propulsion as the foot reaches the toe-off phase of the stride.

The new engineered mesh upper provides exceptional breathability and a better, more accommodating fit that helps support efficient foot movement. Subtly placed reflective details around the shoe offer high visibility for safety running at night.


The On Cloudflyer fits a tad bit shorter than typical true-to-size measurements. Likewise, it has a low- to medium-volume interior with a slightly narrower heel cavity.

It fits snug and feels soft at step-in, creating an energetic and athletic vibe out on the run.

Although the Cloudflyer is not a minimalist shoe, it gives off a low-to-the-ground sensation with an engaging feel-for-the-ground proprioception. All of that results in an agile, performance-oriented and very stable ride making it run lighter than it actually is.

No matter if you’re a heel-striker or a mid-foot runner, the Cloudflyer will give you the appropriate cushioning and stability in every stride.

On Cloudflyer 2020


Runners looking for a supremely cushioned and stable shoe that retains a light, agile, performance-oriented feel will enjoy this shoe for the comfort and versatility it provides.

The On Cloudflyer is great for long runs and recovery runs, but it also performs well in some longer faster-paced training, including tempo runs, long intervals and fartlek runs. Our wear-testers suggested it could be a great shoe for racing from 10K to the marathon.

On Cloudflyer 2020 - Pros

Pros: On Cloudflyer 2020

Although the Cloudflyer feels as light and nimble as many neutral-oriented shoes, it’s a modern stability shoe that offers significant medial-side support for runners who need it. Over-pronating runners will appreciate that support throughout a run, but neutral-runners will benefit from it on long runs or races when fatigue starts to result in form breakdown.

Our wear-testers rated the Cloudflyer as a great choice for bigger runners and runners with wider feet. The interior shape of the shoe, a plush, cushioned tongue and the state-of-the-art star-lacing system accommodate for an extensive range of foot widths, effectively dispersing pressure and providing a supportive, wrap-like sensation.

An adaptive V-molded heel cap and memory foam collar combine for a snug and stable heel feel, while a dual-density sockliner provides next-level comfort in every step.

On Cloudflyer 2020 - Cons

Cons: On Cloudflyer 2020

Tiny peddles can get caught int the outsole of the Cloudflyer’s Cloud cushioning pods.

While it generally doesn’t avoid the shoe’s flexibility or performance, it can be an annoying occurrence.


On Cloudflyer - Tech Specs



Brian Metzler was the founding editor of Trail Runner magazine and formerly the editor of Competitor Magazine. He is the author of Kicksology: The Science, Hype, Culture and Cool of Running Shoes. (2019, VeloPress)

Brian Metzler - trail running
Brian Metzler - Boulder Running Company
Brian Metzler - Trail racing
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Don Saladino Shares His Original 4 Week Bodyweight Workout Program

The current COVID-19 pandemic currently prevents many athletes from access to gym facilities and training equipment. As a result, many are turning to alternative ‘bodyweight workout program’ that requires little to n0 equipment. While this may seem like a set-back, many are actually finding they can produce the same results without the equipment.


Don Saladino, On-sponsored personal trainer and ‘Coach to the Stars,’ is one of the leading voices of this new shift in how we work out.

For over 20 years, Don Saladino has coached actors, athletes, musicians, and titans of business function at their full potential. He also developed a reputation for training some of the biggest names in Hollywood for the big screen.


In a collaboration with our partners at On Running, we worked with Don to provide the running community a 4 Week Bodyweight Workout Program. This program is designed to help to re-engerize your workout routine.

The entire workout program is built to be done with ZERO bumbles and weights, so all you need is your body.

Even as gyms start to open up, many across the country still might not have access to gym equipment or might not feel comfortable yet going back to their local gym. Don is here to help.

Don designed this 4 Week Bodyweight Program to help turn you into a better functioning athlete, whether you are an avid runner or just a getting into the sport.


Don breaks up this 4 Week Bodyweight Program into two segments. After the first 2 weeks, the reps increase and you start to push your body to new limits.

Don recommends training in the all new Cloud X from On Running. The Cloud X is built for mixed-sport workouts. It is a lightweight powerhouse easily adapts to any workout environment, both in- and outdoors.

You can access the entire 4 Week Bodyweight Workout Program here. Come join us and start your journey of maximizing your fully functional potential.


Don recommends training in the all new Cloud X from On Running. The Cloud X, built for mixed-sport workouts. It’s a lightweight powerhouse that easily adapts to any workout environment, in- and outdoors.

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For many of us, music plays an integral role in our fitness routine. A good running playlist can make or break your run.

Music can motivate you when you are struggling for inspiration at the tail-end of a long run. It can help you get in the right mindset during a warmup routine. The right song can even help you stick to a specific pace by providing a consistent beat to run to. 

Nowadays, technology has made it even easier to incorporate music into your running routine. Ever since the development of music-streaming apps, anyone with a smartphone has been granted access to virtually anything. Any song, artist, or playlist their heart desires.

You don’t even have to worry about holding your phone in your hand while running either., Yay running belts and armbands!

You can now conveniently place your phone in a secured pouch and throw on some bluetooth headphones. We recommend Aftershoks. After that, you’re off to the races!

Alas, thanks to all this new technology, the only thing you really have to worry about anymore is WHAT to listen to. It can be so difficult choosing a running playlist. Even when you have chosen one you like, it can get old pretty quickly.

That is why we got together with our friends at On Running to help us REMIX our running repertoire!

We asked some of our favorite On-sponsored athletes to send us their go-to running playlists, and what we received does not disappoint!


Jerome Avery, who took Paralympic Gold for the 100m in 2016, sent us a list of go-to jamz that get him in the mood to dominate the track with this sprinting partner David Brown. 

David Kilgore, the Florida-grown running guru himself, sent us a list of timeless classics that get him through his long hours on the trail.

Rachel Cliff, one of Canada’s most talented and exciting elite-distance athletes, shared what she listens to that help her adapt to the recent changes in her training schedule.

Over a dozen of our favorite On athletes have shares their go-to playlists with us, which are available for you at any time on our Jackrabbit Spotify Account.

Join us today and discover your next favorite running jam!


On Running Reviews



The Swiss-engineered On Cloud X is a lightweight and energetic performance trainer that’s fast and agile enough to be a race-day shoe but cushioned enough to be an everyday trainer for many runners.

The Cloud X It features On’s unique Cloudtec cushioning system and a full-length engineered plastic plate for maximal responsiveness in every stride.

On Cloud X - What's New?


The Cloudtec cushioning pods on the Cloud X have been enhanced with a new Zero-Gravity Foam. This works in concert with the lightweight Speedoard plate that helps propel the foot forward from touch-down to toe-off. A new engineered, knit-weave mesh upper provides more benefits. These range from enhanced foot security, better breathability and a sock-life fit that are ideal for fast workouts.

The engineered, knit-weave mesh upper has a sock-like fit. This holds the foot in place at the saddle/arch. Consequently, this also moves with the natural flex of the foot and allows the toes enough room to wiggle.

The seamless tongue, bootie construction, seamless interior and cushy sockliner create a smooth, secure irritation-free fit.

The outsole features smartly placed sections of an adhesive rubber compound under the heel and forefoot that provide reliable grip on wet and dry pavement and optimal durability. 

On Cloud X 2020


The Cloud X fits like a glove. With a soft, dual-density sockliner, smooth tongue, elastic laces and an upper that conforms to your feet, the Cloud X provides a comfortable, custom fit.

Adeptly, they feel moderately soft, very light and extremely dexterous once you lace it up. These sensations all remain on the run.

The Cloudtec cushioning pods move with the natural motion of your feet. They provide just the right amount of cushioning in every phase of the gait cycle.

The ride feels lively, low-to-the-ground and especially nimble, offering great proprioceptive feel for the road — especially at faster paces. They don’t give off a bouncy or marshmallowly sensation, but instead a feeling of consistent smoothness.


A runner interested in a lightweight, smartly cushioned shoe for with energetic pop will love this shoe. It’s on point for tempo runs, interval workouts and races from the mile to the half marathon.

The On Cloud X also feels great for medium to longer runs at any speed.

On Cloud X - Pros

Pros: On Cloud X

The engineered, knit-weave mesh upper and performance-oriented elastic laces offer a comfortably snug fit.

On’s dynamic new Zero-Gravity Foam is both absorbent and extremely energetic. It keeps weight to an absolute minimum and provides maximum mobility and smoothness in every stride. 

The Cloud X is versatile enough to be worn for other types of gym-based workouts and looks and feels great as a casual lifestyle shoe too. 

On Cloud X - Cons

Cons: On Cloud X

Although the cushioning is dynamic and consistent, it’s not as abundant as some other shoes.

Runners who appreciate more cushioning and less “feel” for the road might feel the midsole of this shoe is too minimalist.


On Cloud X - Tech Specs



Brian Metzler has run races at every distance from 50 meters to 100 miles, wear-tested more than 1,500 pairs of shoes, is a three-time Ironman finisher. He occasionally participates in the quirky sport of pack burro racing in Colorado.

He’s the founding editor of Trail Runner magazine, is a former senior editor at Running Times and editor in chief at Competitor Magazine. He’s the author of “Kicksology“, “Running Colorado’s Front Range” and the co-author of “Natural Running: The Simple Path to Stronger Healthier Running” and “Run Like a Champion: An Olympian’s Approach for Every Runner.”

Brian Metzler - trail running
Brian Metzler - Trail racing
Brian Metzler - Les Alpes

On Running Reviews


The Cloudflow is On’s lightweight performance shoe, an incredibly flexible, fast-feeling experience  for those have high expectations from their running shoes.  Designed for both training and racing, the Cloudflow is a responsive shoe for the discerning runner. 

First introduced by On in 2017 the On Cloudflow is the type of running shoe to encourage a runner to step up the pace and the distance whatever that personal goal might be.

On Running likes to refer to this as ‘your shortcut to a runner’s high.’ Customers have commented on the comfort of the shoe and lack of ‘hot spots’ on their feet while training and racing as well as the pure joy of slipping them on and running without compromise. Some say they feel they run ‘lighter’ and ‘more flexibly’. 

On Cloudflow 2020 womens


What’s the Cloudflow About?

The On Cloudflow is a signature shoe from the On team; a performance-oriented experience worn by the likes of champion triathletes Tim Don and Javier Gomez. The Cloudflow is a shoe for marathon runners and those with a need for speed.  But even if you’re not a marathon guru, this shoe on target for any runner with a 5, 10, or half-marathon PR in their sights.

Clouds to Happiness   

The On Cloudflow features eighteen ‘clouds’ or lugs on the outsole – a proprietary feature from On. These eighteen ‘clouds’ independently cushion and propel each step so when your foot touches the ground each lug is positioned in the right place.  The Cloudflow is not a highly cushioned shoe, but it’s not a minimalist shoe either.  And that’s okay, as it’s designed for speed, tempo and racing. There is a patented ‘Speedboard’ – a flex rocker in the On Cloudflow that encourages the natural rolling of the foot so it ‘flows’. 

What’s new with the On Cloudflow?  

A new range of colors have arrived for the season straight from the designer’s paintbox.  Add to that some on-trend apparel to complement your shoes and you’ll be ready to lay down some base training worthy of the next season ahead. 

On Cloudflow 2020



Lowdown: No more knee pain…

‘I love, love my On Cloudflows! I’m a pretty casual (neutral) runner averaging less than 10 miles per week, but these shoes actually MAKE me want to run more miles more often. They’re super lightweight and fit my foot perfectly, which is a rarity for someone with narrow heels, high arches, high instep and wider than average toe box. 

The Cloudflows feel great from the first time I put them on without even having to break them in. The best part about these shoes is the cushioning and responsiveness with landing and takeoff, especially when running on city streets and other paved road terrain.

I usually have some level of knee pain after running more than a few miles, but that’s not the case with my Cloudflows! I just cannot say enough great things about this shoe. ‘