Brooks Cascadia 16 Review


The Brooks Cascadia has been the primary trail shoe in the Brooks line for a decade and a half, but it’s been entirely reconfigured for the second straight season.

The vast changes have made the Brooks Cascadia 16 one of the best and most versatile versions yet, allowing it to ramble over a wide variety of terrain with an ideal combination of cushioning, protection and comfort.

Brooks Cascadia 16 Review


Brooks completely overhauled the Cascadia by replacing the midsole with its DNA Loft v2 foam, debuting a new engineered mesh upper and redesigning the lug pattern on the outsole.

Gone is the stability-enhancing Pivot Post System that had been one of the hallmarks of Cascadia models since its inception, but the shoe remains very stable on uneven terrain.


The Cascadia 16 fits true to size with a medium-volume interior, snug heel, secure midfoot and a spacious toe box that’s noticeably wider than the previous edition.

The step-in feel is soft and plush, thanks to a padded heel collar, very soft midsole, premium footbed and thick, gusseted tongue that wraps the top of the forefoot and really secures the foot to the midsole/outsole chassis.

On the run, the midsole cushioning feels soft, but not mushy. Instead, it feels compliant, flexible, stable and very reliable on a variety of types of terrain, including gravel roads, soft dirt and technical rocks.

The rock plate embedded in the layers of the midsole is more pliable than previous editions of the Cascadia and, combined with the softer midsole foam, makes this version of the shoe feel noticeably more energetic and agile.

It’s not a light and lively model, but it’s not a clunky tank, either. The modifications and improvements have made the Cascadia 16 a versatile, jack of all trails, capable of running on smooth to moderately technical terrain.

The new engineered mesh upper is airy and breathable while providing a nice mix of pliable comfort and locked-down foot hold. Subtle but effect reinforcements over the toe bumper and sidewalls keep your feet out of harm’s way without inhibiting the natural flex and movements of your stride. The flexible but protective Ballistic Rock Shield in the midsole keeps pointy rocks, roots and other obstacles on the trail from poking your feet.

The Cascadia 16 serves up exceptional traction from its full-coverage layer of TrailTack rubber and an array of beefier and more widely spaced directional lugs. The outsole adheres to wet and dry rocks, roots and wooden trail steps and it grips the ground, no matter if it’s loose dirt, gravel, snow or mud.

Brooks Cascadia 16 Review


Given its versatility, the Cascadia 16 could be the shoe of choice for novice trail runners, experienced mountain runners and even ultrarunners.

It’s not a maximal shoe, but it has a lot of cushioning and yet it still has good proprioceptive feel for the ground. It has the comfort of a road running shoe, with the trail-specific protection to keep your feet from getting banged up.

Although it’s not light and agile enough for short-distance races, it’s ideal for running 10K to ultra-distance events.

Brooks Cascadia 16 Review


There are a lot of great features built into this shoe, but the new DNA Loft v2 midsole is certainly one of the best. Although there is 2mm more foam, the midsole is 5 percent softer and 20 percent lighter than the BioMoGo DNA foam of the Cascadia 15. The according-like contouring of the midsole is known as “sidewall release geometry” that allows the lateral and medial sides of the shoe to compress independently to adapt to uneven terrain.

Although the stability-enhancing Pivot Post System is gone, the Cascadia 16 is still a very stable shoe. Stability is achieved through a slightly wider footprint, reliable outsole design and the recessed position of your feet inside the midsole chassis.

The new stretch woven laces do a great job integrating with the reinforced eyelets and securing the foot in place with the new upper and fully gusseted tongue.

The Cascadia 16 has a few hidden features, including drainage ports that release water and a Velcro strap off that back of the heel that can secure the rear loop of after-market gaiters.

Based on the materials and how this shoe is built, our wear-testers expect this shoe to have exceptional durability.

Brooks Cascadia 16 Review


The only slight drawback about the Cascadia 16 is that it could be a tinge lighter than it is. It doesn’t feel weighted down, but it’s just not quite as nimble as it could be.


Brooks Cascadia 16 Tếch Specs


Men's Brooks Cascadia 16

Womens Brooks Cascadia 16


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Brooks Levitate 5 Review


The Brooks Levitate 5 is a neutral-oriented everyday training shoe with a springy, energetic vibe. It’s a model designed for casual runners who appreciate a shoe that combines a comfortable fit, moderate structure and a responsive ride.

Brooks Levitate 5 Review


The fit of the Levitate 5 has been updated with a more accommodating interior shape and a new circular knit engineered mesh upper.

DNA AMP midsole material is a soft, lively polyurethane-based foam encased in a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) skin that resists horizontal expansion. Because the midsole cannot expand laterally, it expands vertically which results in a spring-like effect in every step.

The new engineered circular knit upper material provides breathability and ensures a more flexible, accommodating fit, especially on the run. It’s soft and comfortable in the forefoot while providing just enough structure to lock down your feet to the chassis of the shoe.

The arrow-point pattern of the one-piece durable rubber outsole lets your foot move quickly from heel to toe. This enhances the shoe’s springy feel while also durable and reliable traction.

There’s a small decoupling channel under the rear of the shoe. This helps to absorb shock and keep the foot moving forward, while six grooves in the forefoot promote flexibility.


The Levitate 5 fits true to size with medium to narrow interior volume from heel to toe. It feels comfortably secure in the heel and arch/saddle. It’s a bit compact in the toe box — although the new stretchy upper material is pleasantly soft and accommodating across the forefoot and it feels less restrictive on the run.

The step-in feel is cozy and soft, thanks to a nicely padded heel collar, thick tongue and premium sock liner. The lively vibe of the midsole is evident the moment you lace up the shoes and start running. The ride is soft, bouncy and very responsive with an energy-returning sensation in every stride.

Brooks Levitate 5 Review


The Levitate 5 is ideal for runners who appreciate a well-cushioned shoe that absorbs shock and puts a spring in your step.

It’s a versatile everyday trainer for slow to moderately fast running paces over any distance. It’s not light or peppy enough for the fastest paces you’re capable of running.

If you’re a novice to intermediate runner or an occasional runner who runs 20 to 40 miles per week, there’s a good chance you’ll love this shoe.

Brooks Levitate 5 Review


The bouncy feeling of the midsole has helped change the game about the level of responsiveness you could expect in an everyday trainer. It’s not the super-fast sensation of a carbon-plate racing shoe, but more of a resilient feeling that matches your cadence.

Our wear-test team expects this to be is a highly durable shoe. The DNA Amp foam, new upper material and outsole rubber — as well as how the shoe is constructed — should accommodate high-mileage running without excessive wear and tear.

Brooks Levitate 5 Review


The only minor drawback of the Levitate 5 is that it’s slightly heavier than some everyday training shoes. It features a high-quality materials package, but it’s just not as light as what you’ll find it other models.


Brooks Levitate 5 Tech Specs


Mens Brooks Levitate 5

Women's Brooks Levitate 5


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Brooks Ghost 14 Review


The Brooks Ghost 14 is a neutral-oriented everyday trainer that’s become one of the best-selling running shoes in recent years because it’s so amazingly soft, cushioned and comfortable.

No matter what your ability or experience level, it’s hard not to love the cushy comfort of the Ghost. 

Brooks Ghost 14 Review


The biggest structural update to the new Ghost is the addition of a full-length DNA Loft foam midsole. This is combined with a segmented crash pad and improved 3D Fit technology in the upper. This results in the most flexible, smoothest-fitting and most energetic version of the shoe yet.

But the biggest update is that Brooks has made efforts to make the Ghost 14 a carbon-neutral shoe, which means it’s a shoe with soft, light ride and an even lighter footprint.


The Ghost 14 fits true to size and has a medium volume from heel to toe, although it feels slightly more snug in the midfoot/arch area. The step-in feel is exceptionally soft and luxurious — in fact, softer than ever — and it remains one of the most comfortable everyday training shoes available on the market.

A slightly updated engineered mesh upper and a modified lacing system create a more compact and even more cozy fit for a variety of foot shapes.

The ride is very similar to the previous versions of the Ghost — buttery soft, elegantly smooth and extremely shock-absorbing. The full-length DNA Loft midsole serves up a springy, energetic vibe in every stride, making it more conducive to faster-paced running than previous versions of the shoe.

The toe-off sensation feels less mushy and more snappy than previous versions. But the most important feature of the Ghost 14 is the comfortable ride from the first mile to the last.

Brooks Ghost 14 Review


Runners who enjoy soft, smooth-riding shoes will love the Ghost 14, especially for longer runs.

It’s better at slow to moderately paced running efforts — long runs, recovery runs and other easier runs during the week — but the more energetic midsole gives it just enough versatility for beginners to be a do-everything shoe.

It’s not light enough of quick enough to be adept at quick-cadence running for faster workouts, but it can hold its own for tempo runs and longer fartlek-style intervals.

Brooks Ghost 14 Review


How does a running shoe become carbon neutral? Brooks is purchasing high-quality carbon offsets to account for the residual emissions in shoe manufacturing. The brand is trying to make an immediate impact by offsetting emissions from the Ghost, its highest-selling shoe. In addition to reducing the product’s environmental impact by incorporating recycled materials, Brooks is purchasing carbon offsets from projects that meet strict criteria for making a meaningful difference in addressing climate change.

The Ghost 14 is the first carbon-neutral shoe in the brand’s new 2030 planet strategy, a science-backed approach that will take responsibility for the impact the brand has on the environment. Brooks’ commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040 will be achieved by first reducing emissions in line with climate science, with Brooks’ Science-Based Targets to reduce carbon emissions.

If you ran in the Ghost 12 or Ghost 13, you’ll love the Ghost 14. The updated edition of the Ghost is virtually the same weight as last year’s model, but the Ghost 14 is softer and noticeably more responsive.

The new engineered mesh upper material is softer and more pliable, but the toe box has a similar shape and feeling as previous editions. Bottom line? It’s just more comfortable and accommodating.

The outsole has been updated with a minor adjustment in the flex gloves and positioning of carbon rubber segments in the rear and blown rubber in the forefoot to optimize flexibility without compromising cushioning or traction. The decoupling of the heel has been moved further back, creating smoother heel-toe transitions.

Although it’s a neutral shoe and definitely not intended for runners who overpronate, the Ghost 14’s improved upper and lacing system combine with the midsole/outsole chassis and wide footprint to create an inherently stable ride.

There aren’t many shoes available this year that provide as much all-around comfort as the Ghost 14. The interior feel and soft, resilient foam package feel as good in the later miles of a long run as they do in the very first mile.

If you’re looking for a shoe that looks good, feels good and runs smoothly, you should definitely try on a pair of Ghost 14.

Brooks Ghost 14 Review


The Ghost 14 doesn’t have a lot spunk. It can handle tempo runs and moderately fast long runs, but it’s not a shoe that you’ll want to run fast for longer periods of time.



Mens Brooks Ghost 14

Womens Brooks Ghost 14

Brooks Sports Bras


Brooks Run Bras: Drive and Dare Collection

Brooks put an end to the term sports bra and launched the run bra. And women runners replied, ‘rightly so!’

With the expanded run bra collection, Brooks has put 40 years of bio-mechanical research to work. Alongside real runners’ insights they partnered with the Research Group in Breast Health at the University of Portsmouth (UK) to conduct bio-mechanical testing on a wide range of sizes.

From this data they now offer a new era in bras specifically developed for runners – the Drive and Dare Run Bra Collections.

Read on to learn more about which one will best suit your needs, shape and running style.



Women runners are united in our joy of lacing up and putting one step in front of the other, but we differ in our physical shapes and sizes.

To offer a boob-inclusive run for all, both the Brooks collections offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate as many women runners as possible. Whether you want a compressive experience found in the Drive Collection or supportive encapsulation from the Dare collection, there is a run bra for you from Brooks.

Brooks Dare Run Bras 3


The Drive Collection is run-ready line of bras with a sweet spot offering compressive, moveable support with minimal or removable shaping. These performance bras are made with lightweight materials that hug your body and move with you for a chafe-free run.

Brooks Drive styles offer motion reduction plus comfort. They removable cups to let each runner customize coverage level. They also come in a variety of styles so you can choose your look as well as your support.

Brooks Dare Run Bras 2
Brooks Dare Run Bras 1


The Drive Run Bras are perfect for those who are looking to avoid noticeable shape and want a tried and tested traditional fit. The upgraded technology in the design is anything but traditional tthough and is and upgraded with cutting edge fabrics and design.

Slip on, lace up and run.

Brooks Dare Run Bras 1


The Brooks Dare run bras take a game-changing ‘one bra, two boobs’ approach.

The Dare Run Bras solve the age-old issue perfectly summed by one runner, “I hate it when it looks like a don’t have boobs at all – or worse, a smushed down uniboob!”

Head over to read our full review about the Brooks Dare run bras. You’ll learn the full extend of the research and technology that went into creating this dynamic collection.

Brooks Dare Run Bras 3
Brooks Run Bras - Dare 2


With a molded, shaped support, the Dare Run Bras are for women who want shape, support and an unrestricted run. In a wide range of sizes accommodating A – DD cups, they bypass the uni-boob look by offering molded, shaped support.

As one JackRabbit tester noted, ‘It was literally game-changing when I upgraded to a bra that fitted correctly. Breathing was easier, I felt less compromised but still had all the support I need. I could PR by my bra choice alone!’

Brooks Mental health



The power of repetitive movement to calm and inspire the mind has been well documented. As runners, we know the tap, tap, tap of a foot fall on the road or the trail is like a metronome allowing our inner dialog to speak louder or quieten down.

Brooks Running calls this concept ‘Runfulness’, the perfect term to pay honor to the power of running to shape our mental as well as physical well-being.

Read on to learn more.

Running mindful - Brooks Glcyerin


Runfulness is mindfulness unlocked by the power of running. It’s the effect of a run that is so good, so freeing, it allows you to forget your feet altogether – taking your mind to places your feet can’t go.

It’s in this state where you find the power to change a day, a life, the world.

What Runfulness means for each of us is different.

Running is processing time. It’s a time when I have no digital interruptions. It allows my mind to not only work through the day as the miles tick by, but also to switch to the ‘dreaming hour’ where I plan and contemplate what’s to come. Being present in the moment allows us the space to dream up the future.” – MELANIE MITCHELL

For me, running is a time of reflection and planning. I’m an active advocate for accessibility to and representation in sport, so the time running allows for unobstructed thoughts and space to dream up big goals and initiatives. Having running be that outlet is empowering and a privilege, and it’s exciting to figure out how to share that with others. “- LAURA CORTEZ


As you lace up your shoes this week, think about adding a little Runfulness as well. There is nothing like a bit of accountability to keep you committed to a week of Runfulness. After all, Rome was not built in a day and you can’t put mental well-being on speed dial. It takes consistency to effect meaningful change.

With this in mind, we’re stepping in as your accountability partner with our downloadable Runfulness Tracker. Download by clicking below, note down your run days and how you will add a little Runfulness to your day alongside your run.

This could be:

  • Adding an extra few minutes to cool down physically and mentally before tackling the rest of the day.
  • Rewarding yourself for reaching a running or life micro-goal
  • Setting aside time for a virtual or distanced coffee/beer/beverage with a friend or loved one.
  • Committing to reducing your inbox for the mental relief (oh, how sweet that is).
  • Writing down what you have achieved in the last month and what you want to achieve this coming month.
  • Use your Runfulness imagination and fill in the gaps.
Runfulness Tracker Download


To celebrate the month of Runfulness and to help you to get into a more Runfulness state of mind, we invite you to also slip into one of the softest shoes from Brooks Running, the Glcyerin 19.

Built specifically with comfort in mind, experience it for yourself by lacing up, heading out and freeing your soul (or would that be sole?!)

Brooks Glycerin 19 GTS - Men;s
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The Brooks Launch 8 is a neutral (but inherently stable) lightweight cushioned trainer. The Launch 8 can either be a fast-workout speed shoe or an everyday trainer for all of your running needs.

With a clean, sleek design and exceptional cushioning, it serves up an ideal mix of comfort, energy, versatility and consistency at a very affordable price.

With as good as this shoe has become, it’s hard to believe it was temporarily discontinued several years ago.

Brooks Launch 8 Review


Brooks Launch 8 has received two key updates from last year’s model. A new, engineered mesh upper that enhances the fit and improves breathability. Also, the addition of more blown rubber in the outsole to increase durability and faster transitions. The new version is also a tad bit lighter, and that’s never a bad thing.

The single-layer midsole has a “happy medium” feel. The feel is not spongy or bouncy, but it’s not rigid and firm, either. It’s somewhere perfectly in between — soft enough to be comfortable, but firm enough to be fast. BioMoGo midsole foam and the brand’s proprietary DNA cushioning technology are fused for a responsive, nearly custom ride that adapts to your individual gait characteristics. 

The new upper is durable, breathable and helps bolster the secure fit. It tends to give the shoe a low-volume interior feel, especially in the forefoot where there’s just enough wiggle room for your piggies. The new upper is consistent with the snug fit and athletic vibe that has always been inherent to the Launch. 


The Launch 8 continues to have a snug, true-to-size athletic fit that feels locked-down in the heel and midfoot with a touch of extra room in the toe box. (It is available in two widths for men and women.)

The step-in feel is soft, comfortable and accommodating, but not luxuriously plush. When running in it, you get the idea that your foot is anchored to a lightweight shoe ready for quick-cadence running.

The ride gives off an energetic and exciting aura, with a sensation that is slightly softer and accommodating in the heel and slightly more rigid in the forefoot. That makes for comfortable foot strikes and electric toe-offs.


Given its multi-faceted makeup, the Launch has always been a bit of a multipurpose ‘tweener of a shoe. It falls between lightweight performance trainers and high-mileage workhorses that are an ounce or two heavier.

It can roll as a as a twice-a-week fast workout shoe, but it can also hold its own as a versatile, do-everything shoe and everyday trainer. It’s also a good consideration as a race-day shoe for 5K to the marathon.

Brooks Launch 8 Review


The updated outsole has full-coverage rubber from heel to toe. A thin, durable compound in the rear and a thicker and more resilient blown rubber in the forefoot. It also features four flex grooves that contribute to the pliable and energetic feeling just before toe-off. 

The tongue is no longer secured by a partially gusseted interior bootie but it doesn’t seem to wander once you lace it up. It has medium padding that provides a tinge of comfort and protection on the top of your foot where the laces crisscross, but it otherwise just does its job without getting in the way.

Is a shoe with a $100 price tag really worth it? Yes, this is an exceptional shoe for the price with loads of value and upside for frugal runners. Few shoes come close to the versatility, lightweight, well-cushioned performance of the Launch. And it’s only a hundred bucks! 

Brooks Launch 8 Review


There’s really not much not to like about the Launch 8.

Compared to higher-priced shoes in the performance trainer or premium cushioned trainer categories, the Launch 8 isn’t quite as light, doesn’t offer as much energy return, doesn’t feel as plush and doesn’t have as bouncy of a ride.

But it’s a pretty darn good shoe overall.



Men's Brooks Launch 8 Review
Women's Brooks Launch 8 Review
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The Brooks Glycerin GTS 19 is the Brooks Transcend reinvented. Brian Metzler puts the new reiteration through its paces.


An update to the shoe formerly known as the Transcend 7, the Brooks Glycerin GTS 19 is a stability-enhancing everyday trainer. It provides provides soft, pillowy cushioning and adaptive support in every stride.

The Brooks Glycerin GTS 19 is essentially a near-exact duplicate of the Glycerin 19. The difference is that it also has the GuideRails stability mechanism to keep the foot from rolling inward or outward.

With the buttery soft ride feels like a neutral shoe with an exquisitely plush interior. The Glycerin GTS serves up softness, stability and a bit of liveliness in every stride.

Brooks Glycerin 19 GTS - What's New


The key this shoe is the updated GuideRails holistic support system. These helps keep the foot moving forward without a firm medial-side post.

It also includes more of Brooks’ soft and responsive top-tier DNA Loft midsole compound. This results in a cozier and more responsive feeling in every stride.

The new engineered mesh upper is soft and stretchy. This allows it to accommodate a wide range of foot shapes with a 3D-printed overlay design for structure.

The new double-jacquard mesh upper offers exceptional breathability that helps keep the feet cool, dry and comfortable in warm conditions. It’s slightly stretchy and more accommodating — but also slightly more secure — than the upper on the Glycerin 18.

The outsole provides reliable traction and connectivity with the ground as it has in previous editions of the Glycerin. The array of flex grooves has been updated to provide better midsole flexibility without compromising the sensation of the cushioning and ride.


The Glycerin GTS 19 fits true to size with a medium-width interior volume and a snug, locked-down feeling from heel to toe. There’s a tiny bit of wiggle room in the forefoot, but the engineered mesh upper also accommodates a range of foot shapes within the same size.

The step-in feeling is soft and comforting with a wrap-like sensation. This is thanks to the seamless interior, fully gusseted tongue and extra cushioning in the heel collar and footbed.

The smooth, secure and resilient ride is highlighted by the inherent lateral stability provided by the GuideRails system. It’s not very fast or agile by design, but you can push it to moderately fast paces for specific workouts or progression runs if necessary.


Runners who appreciate the feeling of plush, soft cushioning in every stride but also need significant support to offset over-pronation or supination, will love the Glycerin GTS 19.

It’s ideal for long runs, recovery runs and mid-length tempo runs.

The Glycerin GTS 19 is not especially adept at high-cadence running. However, if you’re a runner who is looking for a shoe with a smooth, clean ride and the reliable stability to offset over-pronation or supination in your stride, you’ll like this shoe a lot.

Brooks Glycerin 19 GTS - Pros


The magic of the Glycerin GTS comes from the blend of the full-length DNA Loft midsole and the GuideRails stability system. It’s the softest midsole foam in the Brooks toolbox, one that produces a forgiving and resilient sensation in every step and isn’t negatively impact by the GuideRails system that channels the motion of the feet forward.

Whether your gait pattern needs a little support or a lot, the Glycerin GTS midsole chassis will provide it.

A stretchy internal bootie and cushy ankle collar provide a seamless, sock-like fit. This allows the Glycerin GTS to adapt to a wide variety of foot sizes, shapes and volumes with a locked-down fit.

If you’re a runner who needs added support, the Glycerin GTS will bring endless miles of soft, consistent cushioning. It offers adaptive stability to your individual stride details when and where you need it.

Additional inherent stability comes from the structure of the midsole foam and the wider overall footprint. This is enhanced by the slightly flared design of the midsole/outsole chassis.

The biggest updates to the Glycerin GTS 19 (from the Transcend 7) were minor. This GTS is marginally lighter, slightly more flexible, noticeably more comfortable and generally a better shoe for a wider range of runners.

The Glycerin GTS 19 is probably too sturdy for neutral runners or runners who mildly over-pronate. Or those who don’t really need excessive support. Several other Brooks stability shoes utilize the GuideRails system with slightly less structure, including the Launch GTS 8, Bedlam 3 and Adrenaline GTS 20.

Otherwise, the Glycerin 19 is a partner neutral shoe to the GTS version that has a very similar fit, feel and ride, but without the stability-enhancing GuideRails.

Brooks Glycerin 19 GTS - Cons


The only drawback to the Glycerin GTS 19 is that it can feel a bit overbearing. This is given it’s not as light or energetic or fast as some of its contemporaries. 


Brooks Glycerin 19 GTS - Tech Specs


Brooks Glycerin 19 GTS - Men;s
Men’s Glycerin GTS 19
Brooks Glycerin 19 GTS - women's
Women’s Glycerin GTS 19
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The Brooks Glycerin 19 is a neutral-oriented everyday trainer that provides soft, pillowy cushioning in every stride.

With a buttery soft ride and an exquisitely plush interior, the Glycerin has always been a top-of-the-line workhorse model. It exudes softness and responsiveness in every stride.

If you’re looking for a premium fit, feel and ride, this is the shoe for you. Run a few steps in the Brooks Glycerin, it’s like you’re dancing on clouds. Run 15 miles in them and it’s the same sensation.

Brooks Glycerin 19 - What's New


The Brooks Glycerin 19 has been updated with more of Brooks’ soft and responsive top-tier DNA Loft midsole compound. This results in a cozier and more responsive feeling in every stride.

The new engineered mesh upper is soft and stretchy, allowing it to accommodate a wide range of foot shapes with a 3D-printed overlay design for structure.

The updates to the Glycerin 19 are significant, but it hasn’t changed the familiar feeling and smooth ride of this shoe. It’s a tad lighter, more flexible, more cushioned and generally a better shoe for a wider range of runners.


The Glycerin fits true to size with a medium-width interior volume with a snug, locked-down feeling from heel to toe. There’s a tiny bit of wiggle room offered in the forefoot. The engineered mesh upper also accommodates a range of foot shapes within the same size.

The step-in feeling is soft and comforting with a wrap-like sensation. This is thanks to the extra cushioning in the heel collar, foot bed, seamless interior and fully gusseted tongue.

All of those aspects contribute to a particularly smooth and consistent ride, a rolling, slightly bouncy and very forgiving sensation for short distances or long runs.

The Glycerin is not exceptionally agile or fast by nature, but it can be pushed to moderately fast paces for specific workouts or progression runs.

Brooks Glycerin 19 - Review


Runners who appreciate the feeling of plush, soft cushioning in every stride will appreciate the Brooks Glycerin 19.

It’s ideal for long runs, recovery runs and mid-length tempo runs, the Glycerin is a mid-weight shoe that provides subtle stability and industry-leading cushion and comfort.

Although it’s not especially adept at high-cadence running, it has enough cushiness in the midsole for consistent moderately fast running. With this in mind, some runners might even consider it for a half marathon or marathon.

If you’re a runner with a neutral gait pattern, the Glycerin will bring endless miles of soft, consistent cushioning that’s not mushy and also not too bouncy like some other neutral shoes.

Although it’s not a stability shoe, there is a bit of inherent stability. This derives from the structure of the midsole foam and the wider overall footprint. It’s enhanced by the slightly flared design of the midsole/outsole chassis.

Brooks Glycerin 19 - Pros

PROS: Brooks Glycerin 19

The magic of the Glycerin comes from the full-length DNA Loft midsole. It’s the softest midsole foam in the Brooks toolbox, one that produces a forgiving and resilient sensation in every step.

A stretchy internal bootie and cushy ankle collar provide a seamless, sock-like fit that allows the Glycerin to adapt to a wide variety of foot sizes, shapes and volumes.

The new double-jacquard mesh upper offers exceptional breathability that helps keep the feet cool, dry and comfortable in warm conditions. It’s slightly stretchy and more accommodating — but also slightly more secure — than the upper on the Glycerin 18.

The outsole provides reliable traction and connectivity with the ground as it has in previous editions of the Glycerin. What has changed is the array of flex grooves. They have updates to provide better midsole flexibility without compromising the sensation of the cushioning and ride.

If you like the feeling of the soft, smooth ride of the neutral-oriented Brooks Ghost 13 ($130), you’ll find the Glycerin 19 to be a notch up when it comes to softness, smoothness and plushness. The Glycerin 19 is a premium everyday trainer that compares well to other top-tier trainers from other brands in the same price range.


The Glycerin is probably too soft for runners who need some degree of support to accommodate an over-pronating gait pattern.

It’s worth noting that Brooks has changed the name of its Transcend stability shoe to the Glycerin 19 GTS. This launches in March 2021 ($150) with a similarly plush ride to the original Glycerin. The stability-enhancing ride of the Guiderails system that was in the Transcend is also built into the Brooks Adrenaline GTS and Launch GTS.

Brooks Glycerin 19 - Cons

CONS: Brooks Glycerin 19

There aren’t really any negatives to the Glycerin 19, but there are some minor limitations. While it’s as soft and smooth and comfortable as any neutral shoe on the market, it’s not as light or energetic of fast as some of its contemporaries


Brooks Glycerin 19 - Tech Specs


Brooks Glycerin 19 - Men's
Men’s Glycerin 19
Brooks Glycerin 19 - women's
Women’s Glycerin 19
Brooks Gifts for Runners Nike Sports Bras


Sports Bras: Supporting, empowering and celebrating women never goes out of style. And nothing does that better than, arguably the best invention in women’s sports apparel, the sports bra!  

We asked team member Melanie, the woman who has donned sports bras for more years than most, to share her wisdom of ‘The Bra Wall’ at JackRabbit.

In her sporting bra career, she has gone from teen xc runner, to triathlete (when running in a swimsuit with no bra was the thing), to mother, to returning to triathlon (where wearing a sports bra is now firmly a thing). Her tatas have literally seen it all through her varied sport and life journey.


Read on to support your ladies, support the tatas and make sure you select the right one. Our gift guide will take all the decision making out of the equation. Buy the perfect one with confidence, wrap and give the gift of support in 2021.

Much like there are race shoes, training shoes and athleisure shoes, there are sports bras for all occasions and all support scenarios. Fortunately, just like shoes, we have you covered at JackRabbit.


When you’re pumping iron, box jumping, twisting, squatting and crunching, it’s ok to have a bra that offers lighter support for these non-impact kind of scenarios.

This is where you can really shine with your design choices, just make sure there is enough coverage to avoid any slippage when you twist and comfort to avoid any chafing when you’re moving.

Double Down Bra

HANDFUL DOUBLE DOWN BRA $57. There is ample coverage on the sides and back to eliminate side boob, spillage, pinching, and other unpleasantries. Extra wide band provides comfort and support for time in the gym

Brooks Fast Forward Bra

BROOKS FAST FORWARD BRA $36. Perfect for strength workouts thanks to minimal back coverage. This gives you a flexible range of motion for all-day comfort and building the power you need.


Smaller-breasted women can use a lighter support bra when running, merely from the physics of less movement. Indoor bike training? Perfect scenario to crack out the light support bra for a tough workout on the pedals. 

Nike Swoosh Bra

NIKE SWOOSH SPORTS BRA $38 The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra gives you classic coverage and medium support for activities like indoor bike training, socially distanced cardio classes and yoga.

Brooks Dare Strappy Bra

DARE STRAPPY BRA $59. The minimal seams add a modern style and distraction-free fit. Plus, an integrated bottom band provides invisible support and comfort.


We hear you pre- and post-partum mothers, ladies with curves, ladies with implants, ladies with ample bosoms needing support. Fortunately, there are science gurus who have literally dedicated their careers – no sniggering in the back – to studying how breasts move and how to support them without restricting breathing (we’ve all made that mistake). 

Here are our top support bras for high-impact sports and running. The right support cannot be underestimated and gone are the days when the need for support meant you had to sacrifice style. New fabrics and construction have been game-changing for high-impact bra designs.

Brooks Fiona

BROOKS FIONA SPORTS BRA $50 This is the best-selling bra at JackRabbit and the most versatile. It blends comfort and support in a fit that works for nearly any body type. This is a bra which you can expect everything from it with no regrets.

Brooks Dare High Neck

BROOKS DARE HIGH NECK SPORTS BRA $65 A streamlined shape and support come in this statement-making silhouette. With minimal seams, the neckline and longer length deliver a modern, streamlined look that layers easily and looks great solo.


Oh, and we love sports bras so much at JackRabbit, head over to our blog to read about their development, the science behind and how the modern pioneers have, rightly so, been added to the Sports Apparel Hall of Fame. Read, print and add to your gift. What you are giving is really a piece of sporting history.

Brooks Reviews



Most runners relish in a comfortable, smooth-riding running shoe. This includes runners who appreciate or need a bit of added stability in every stride.

With the new Adrenaline GTS 21, Brooks has continued to evolve its best-selling stability trainer. It has a new smoother, softer ride and more adaptable support.

Brooks Addrenaline GTS 21 - What's new


Brooks has slightly tweaked its GuideRails stabilizing technology to provide holistic support for a runner’s entire kinematic chain from the feet to the hips.

A new uniquely airy and supportive upper rounds out an exceptional update. The midsole has been updated with a longer segment of soft, plush DNA Loft foam. This combines with the more compliant Bio Mogo DNA for an optimal blend of cushion and support.

Brooks continues to evolve its GuideRails support system aimed at keeping the knee aligned. It does this with medial and lateral bumpers that nudge a runner’s foot back to the center if it veers too far to one side. It can provide maximum stability or just a hint of stability depending on your gait pattern. In other words, the support is there when you need it and not when you don’t.

The outsole retains the segmented crash pad design that provides sufficient traction, optimally targeted cushioning and improved flexibility.

The Adrenaline GTS 21 is slightly lighter than last year’s edition and considerably lighter than the version from two years ago.

The weight reductions have been made possible from the new engineered mesh uppers that lack any unnecessary decorative elements. The new edition of the Adrenaline GTS is virtually as light as the Brooks Glyercin premium cushioned neutral shoe.


Brooks has improved the fit, feel and ride of this popular shoe by making it slightly softer but more precisely stable.

The new upper gives the Adrenaline GTS 21 a more comprehensive and accommodating fit. It comes complete with a high arch, cushy tongue, padded heel collar, premium footbed, snug heel and wide toe box.

It is as comfortable as any shoe in the Brooks line, but it’s also as secure as any stability model on the market.

The beauty of this shoe is that that stability is delivered subtly and almost imperceptibly. It offers you just the amount of support you need when you need it. Otherwise, it feels and performs like a cushy neutral shoe, with a soft, accommodating sensation when your foot hits the ground and a smooth, rolling sensation to the toe-off phase.

The ride is mildly energetic, but not at all bouncy or lively like some other daily trainers.

Brooks Addrenaline GTS 21 - what's new


Runners who want, need or appreciate stability-enhancing support in every stride will really enjoy the Adrenaline GTS 21. It’s a durable and reliable everyday training shoe.

The Adreanline GTS 21 a great long run shoe and recovery shoe. It can be sufficient for tempo runs in a pinch, even though speed isn’t its forte.

It might not have the range of a lot of its contemporaries, but for a stability shoe it’s a gem.

If you have just one horse in your stable, the Adrenaline GTS 21 can be a good choice to be the only pair of shoes in your quiver.

This could be a good choice for a half-marathon or a marathon shoe for a committed mid-pack runner. It’s not ideal for running shorter and faster workouts and races.

Brooks Addrenaline GTS 21 - Pros

PROS: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

The Adrenaline GTS 21 is built on a midsole platform made from DNA Loft foam and BioMogo DNA. DNA Loft is a lightweight blend of EVA foam, rubber and air that provides a good balance of durability, smoothness and comfort in the heel and along the lateral edge to the forefoot. BioMogo DNA is a cushioning foam that includes a nontoxic natural additive encourages anaerobic microbes to munch away 50 times faster once it hits an active, enclosed landfill.

The new Engineered Air Mesh upper is soft, pliable and comfortable, but it offers specific support where your foot needs it most. It hugs the foot from the top, side and front and keeps it securely attached to the footbed.

We love this shoe because it feels like a comfy, neutral-oriented cruiser, but it provides understated support and stabilizes every stride without any extra bulk or awkwardness of traditional stability shoes.

Brooks Addrenaline GTS 21 - Cons

CONS: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

While this shoe is lighter, smoother and more flexible than previous editions, the Adrenaline GTS doesn’t have the liveliness to handle faster track and fartlek workouts as well as some performance-oriented stability models.


Brooks Addrenaline GTS 21 - Tech Specs



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