Bra Fitting

Are you one of the 85% wearing the wrong size? At JackRabbit we focus on fit and want to help you avoid being a part of that statistic. It is essential to have a properly fitting sports bra, especially for high impact activities like running. Wearing a bra with the correct size and support level can help improve your performance and reduce the risk of damaged breast tissue by minimizing breast movement and maximizing anatomical support, making it easier and more comfortable to run. 


Tips to recognize if you are wearing the wrong size:

  • You spill over the top or sides.
  • The straps dig in to your skin or the band rides up in the back.
  • It’s more than six months old.
  • You’re wearing the same bra to yoga that you wear when you run.
  • You’re wearing two of them.
  • Your breasts hurt after you work out in it.


Get Fit for the Right Bra Size at a JackRabbit Store


We want to help you find the perfect fitting bra by offering complimentary in-store bra fittings. Our bra-fitting specialists are trained to take your bust and band measurements. After you have been measured, our fit specialists will provide you with various styles to try on. They will ensure you leave the store knowing your correct size, support level and style preference.


No appointment is necessary. Just find a store near you and head over to the bra section where a staff member will greet you. If you plan to be measured, please come wearing a lingerie bra that doesn’t minimize or include extra padding. This type of bra will help ensure an accurate measurement.


Don’t feel like going in store? Check out this quick video below on how to find the perfect bra size. Then, shop our vast selection of sports bras online. Be sure to replace your sports bra after about 30-40 washes (typically 6 months). A good rule of thumb you will need three new bras for every one pair of running shoes.