BOOST your running to the next level with adidas performance footwear

Adidas’s new line of running shoes equipped with BOOST technology provides you endless energy for your run


Running shouldn’t suck. It shouldn’t be something you dread and only feel decent about once it’s over. It’s supposed to feel good, and release endorphins, and provide you with more energy than it takes. If it doesn’t feel this way for you, perhaps your shoes are draining your energy. Literally.

With the wrong running shoes, you could be suffering dreaded “energy loss,” instead of “energy return” which helps your runs feel lighter, smoother, and easier. Obviously we don’t want to lose energy, so the question becomes: How can we achieve endless energy?


Imagine holding a dense rubber ball in your hand, arm stretched out in front of you, at about eye level. Now drop the ball. What happens? It bounces pretty high, almost to your shoulder. What you just witnessed was energy return in action.

What is the adidas boost?

Often a demonstration in most high school physics classes, we witness the ball’s stored kinetic energy unleashed as it returns towards the point we dropped it from.

The molecular structure of the rubber is arranged in such a way that very little of the energy is lost when it impacts the ground. Therefore, energy return = minimized energy lost. This is an important concept for runners to understand, as we want to minimize energy loss as much as possible to make our runs “easier”.

Ok, so why don’t we just make a shoe out of the ball that bounced really high then? Well, because the weight of the shoe would be so heavy that it would mitigate any advantages gained from bounciness. Also, it would be so uncomfortable that no one would want to wear it.

Now, in your other hand, you have a ball of equal size, but this one is as soft and squishy as the pillow you sleep on. We drop it from the same height and what happens? SPLAP! It mushes onto the floor.

This ball exhibits great energy loss, which means minimal energy return. But man would those shoes be comfortable! If only a material existed that simultaneously contained both high elastic and high cushioning properties.

What is the adidas boost?



BOOST is adidas’s new midsole technology that is comprised of thousands of little thermoplastic polyurethane energy capsules. I’ll state the obvious, yes, they look like styrofoam packing material. I assure you this material belongs on your feet and not in a cardboard box. These spongy-springy capsules create a rebound effect that minimizes energy loss, which as we learned earlier, means they maximize energy return. What all this means to you, is an ultra-comfortable running experience without sacrificing performance. Be both fast and cushioned. Have your cake and eat it too.

Utilizing this new midsole has catapulted adidas to the top of the running world. To be sure, adidas has certainly held a significance presence in the US market since the 80s as a lifestyle and streetwear brand, largely in part thanks to hip-hop culture such as Run DMC.

As for athletics, they’ve consistently been known worldwide in sports such as soccer, tennis, and wrestling. It’s important to note, that adidas started in running, so this is not a new venture for them. Rather, it is a returning to their roots. Running is very much ingrained in adidas DNA.


When BOOST was launched in 2013 as the midsole for the adidas Energy Boost, adidas hailed the new technology as a “running experience unlike any other”. The following year, adidas released Pure Boost, a shoe which was simultaneously lauded by both sneakerhead and performance runner alike. In fact, BOOST has been so successful for adidas, that they’ve implemented the technology in everything from lifestyle shoes, to sport-specific cleats.

With all the BOOST options available, this begets the question: Which adidas BOOST should I be running in?

Adidas Boost Comfort


If you want maximal comfort and want as much style and BOOST as you can fit into a shoe, go with either the PureBOOST or UltraBOOST. You’ll love the way you look and feel as you’re cruising down the road or just kicking around town.
Adidas Boost Speed


If you find yourself moving at high speeds on a frequent basis, the Supernova and Energy Boost offer increased responsiveness with a sock-like upper to meld performance with ultimate comfort. The smooth and flexible ride provided by these shoes is perfect for your daily run.
Adidas Boost Competition


Now, if you’re looking to turn the dial up to full tilt, and need a performance racer that’s going to help you break your marathon PR, the Adizero is right for you. Whether you’re using it for tempo runs, daily training, or race day, this fast and light shoe is built for racing.

Regardless of your level of expertise or application, adidas has carefully considered adapting the BOOST technology to fit your needs. We no longer need to choose between the hard, uncomfortable rubber ball in one hand, or the structureless, pillowy ball of fluff in the other.

We can put them both down and pick up an adidas BOOST model that is as responsive as it is comfortable, resulting in a feeling of endless energy.



Adidas Ultra Boost
Adidas Supernova
Adidas Adizero