Fall Marathon Guide Interviews


Follow along as three runners of different backgrounds and abilities gear up for a fall marathon. Learn about their stories and what products they use to train, race and recover with!

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Fall Marathons are back! For some runners, this will be the first marathon they’re running in at least 2 years. For others, this will be their very first marathon. Either way, we could all use a little refresher on what we need for the weeks leading up to the race vs. what we need for the big day.

So, we reached out to 3 runners of different levels of experience and asked them what gear they’re using for training, what they plan on using for race day, and what they think about their upcoming race.


Andrew L Fall Race Guide

Age? 27

Based in? New York, NY

Morning or evening runner? Evening (its so hard to get up early 😪)

Which fall race are you training for? Chicago AND New York

Will this be your first marathon? No, this will be my 6th and 7th!

Meal the night before? Italiano

Go-to hydration? Nuun

Go-to race day nutrition? GU ROCTANE BABYYY

Everyday shoe choice? ON Cloudstratus (2.0)

Race day shoe choice? Saucony Endorphin Pro 2.0

Something you can’t run without? MUSIC 🎶


Andrew is a 27 year old endurance athlete, living in New York City. Andrew works for our very own JackRabbit HQ, collaborating with his team on creating quality content for the Jackrabbit community about the latest and greatest endurance products from the top quality brands.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys all the unique opportunities the city has to offer, taking ferry rides at sunset on the Hudson River, going to museums, attending Broadway shows (he recommends Hadestown), picnics in Central Park, going to comedy shows in Greenwich village, and training with his track team (Brooklyn Track Club).

Andrew has run 5 marathons throughout his running career and will be running both Chicago and New York this fall. Andrew’s strategy this time around has been increasing his weekly average mileage throughout his training cycle. “At the peak of my cycle this time, I was running 70+ miles a week — totally changed my perspective on the importance of recovery and nutrition.”

Andrew’s reason for running is all about the mental health benefits that running provides. “It makes my day 10x better if I can get a run in. I feel more energetic, less stressed, and more willing to say yes to new opportunities if I feel I accomplished my running goal for the day.” Andrew also plans on eventually trying out ultramarathons and maybe a sprint IRONMAN at some point in his career.


Speed training shoe: Cloudflow 3.0
Long runs: Cloudstratus 3.0
What I never leave home without: Hydroflask 32oz 


Sarah Burgin

Age? 23

Based in? Denver, CO

Go-to hydration? Nuun

Go-to race day nutrition? Sour patch kids only!!!

Everyday shoe choice? New Balance 1080v11

Race day shoe choice? A newer pair of the New Balance 1080v11

Something you can’t run without? My Patagonia hat that I’ve had for years – also KT tape!!

Morning or evening runner? Morning always

Which fall race are you training for? Chicago AND New York

Will this be your first marathon? No, this will be my 3rd and 4th!

Meal the night before? Mexican ALWAYS!


Sarah is a 23 year old student, attending Denver University’s Sturm College of Law. Sarah is currently training for both NYC and Chicago. When she’s not buried deep in legal academia, she’s enjoying all the fantastic outdoor activities Colorado has to offer…running through Washington Park, competing in trail races, skiing down the world-class slopes in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, and attending Rockies games in Denver.

We had the chance to sit down with Sarah and pick her brain about her passion for running, the “why” behind her , her unique rituals, her favorite products she trains/races with, + more!

When we asked Sarah, why she runs, her answer was inspirational — “I’m running to create a world free of MS” — Sarah is currently raising money to help provide important services to people affected by MS and fund research projects looking to end MS for good. Sarah’s father has battled with MS for over 15 years, and she has seen how strong their community’s support has been, so she is taking up the torch to continue that support for the entire MS community. For anyone who would like to help her reach her fundraising goal, please visit her page on the National MS Society – here.


Race day shoes: New Balance 1080v11
Casual Gear: Nike Running Pants


Fall Race Guide Philip

Age: 37
Based in: Mackinac Island, Michigan
Which fall race are you training for: New York
Will this be your first marathon: YES
Your Goal Time?  My goal is 3 hr and 50min.   Ideally I would like to maintain a 9min/mile pace.
Go-to race day nutrition: Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel
Everyday shoe choice: Clifton 8
Race day shoe choice: Mach 4


Philip is a 37 year old endurance athlete & semi-retired nurse. Philip lives with his husband in Michigan on Mackinac Island, asmall island locate in Lake Huron. Philip and his husband own and operate a hotel on the island, where tourists come to enjoy over 70 miles of beautiful hiking trails trails. Mackinac is still a hidden gem, yet to be discovered by most, and has much to offer. The craziest part: there are NO cars allowed on the island. To get anywhere, you either walk or bike where you need to go, or take a ride on a horse-drawn carriage.

When Philip isn’t commuting by Ferry to the mainland for his nursing shifts, he is fully capitalizing on the opportunity to train for endurance races in what is arguable one of the most scene places in the entire Midwest.

Philip actually got into this year’s NYC Marathon through a bib giveaway contest Jackrabbit had in August. Philip, after accepting the prize and registering, Philip knew he had to get to work immediately on his training cycle. Luckily enough, he already had an Iron Man Race coming up in September, so his base was in good shape. Philip ran the Ironman 70.3 Michigan, located in Frankfort, MI. With that race, now under his belt, Philip turns to his first marathon this November with the confidence of having finished a race that very few have completed.

Philip’s passion for endurance sports comes form his desire to be a healthier, fitter version of his past self. Philip has already lost 35 pounds since his lifestyle change, and he is determined to keep improving and pushing forward. “Whenever I feel like giving up, I just remember the opportunities I was given and remember how I feel in that moment and to keep pushing.  I feel so good now and I don’t want to let that feeling go.”

Philip would also like to give a shoutout to his friend and coach, Jen Simons. She is an ultrarunner and has been a source of guidance and encouragement throughout the process for Philip.


Training Shoe: HOKA Mach 4
Go-to-Nutrition: Tailwind + Honey Stinger
Recovery Tool: Roll Recovery R8
Post-Race Footwear: Oofos Recovery Slide