We asked two of our JackRabbit ASICS fan-runners to lace up the new Nimbus 21 and give the new edition some miles. Read on to learn whether it lived up to it’s ‘distance running made comfortable’ mantra.



With the arrival of the latest ASICS Nimbus 21, we asked two of our JackRabbit ASICS fan-runners to lace up and give the new edition some miles.  We wanted to
share with you see whether it lived up to it’s ‘distance running made comfortable’ mantra.

The Nimbus is one of ASICS’ most popular long distance running and suits all levels of runners from beginners to advanced –
looking for cushion and lightweight comfort.  Amongst our intrepid run-testers, the news back from the street, or in one case, the treadmill, was good.

Both of our testers have been Nimbus fans of old, and had previously
been a smidgen critical of a couple of the previous editions, but both our boy/girl duo fell in love with the shoe they’ve tested in many reiterations.

Read on to see what they thought of a little Flytefoam, maximum
shock absorption and the cushioning that makes ASICS such a popular choice for so many. 


JackRabbit Shoe Guru, Eric is a half-marathoner, 10k-er, tennis player and skier and ultimate frisbee player, expert lazy day on the coucher, and eating extraordinaire(er)

Eric:  I was very excited to
test out the new Asics GEL-Nimbus 21; it’s been a long-time favorite of mine ever since I ran in the old models back in high school. Yes, high school!  Recent iterations have not lived up to my nostalgic-fueled memories, but make no mistake:
the 21 is now the shoe to beat.

I took on the terrifying dreadmill for my test run and immediately noticed the vastly improved fit while lacing up the shoes and cranking up the speed.

Now sporting a premium mesh
upper, the spacious toe box is more breathable and comfortable than in previous years. I have a slightly wider foot, not enough for a wide 2E in most shoes, but enough to notice when toes and my forefoot are scrunched.  When putting on
the Nimbus 21, “this is the Nimbus I remember” I thought, “only better!”I really enjoyed the semi ‘V-shape’ that the shoe offers, with a tremendous heel cup for security then spreading out towards the toes, which expertly conform to the
foot shape.

As I upped the tempo on the run, I was further surprised at the combination of the sturdy, springy shoe working so well with the light and soft landing. Packing lots of Asics’ renowned GEL per usual, it felt like
a classic Asics shoe in the highest of quality.

With more FLYTEFOAM here (Propel and Lyte), the GEL-Nimbus 21 really adds to the wonderful cushioning and the springy toe-off; Asics spared no expense in this model.

I am really looking forward to cranking out more runs on this shoe for many more miles; it feels so durable all the way through. I’m interested to see how it lasts as the GEL and FLYTEFOAM technologies legendarily last for many runs,
and this shoe seems like an ideal pairing of the two.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the new Nimbus 21 and how it is able to retain the classic Asics feel underfoot (with some great, lightweight spring added),
but also the much-needed fit changes to the upper and the feel for space.

I can’t wait for the next run!


Kenzi Kaplan is the JackRabbit Marketing Guru, cross-trainer, 10ker and hardcore coach to a high school dance team and walker of Cooper, the dog.

I have always been a Nimbus running shoe fan. The Nimbus 17 was my go-to
favorite shoe for OrangeTheory and 5K/10K distances. Due to the fit problems in the 18 and 19, I am sad to say I had strayed away from my favorite shoe, which was a bummer.

I was excited and nervous to unbox the Niumbus 21,
wanting so much to rekindle my love for the shoe! I am happy to report the Nimbus has won me back!  This time around, the fit is impressive. The new 21 is breathable and comfortable; always a welcome bonus. I am back to wearing them at
OTF frequently and use them for my three to five mile runs on Saturday’s.

Talking toes, the toe-box of the Nimbus 21 fits a little wider, but that is something I’ve really enjoyed about this model. Version 21 feels even more
cushioned than previous Nimbus shoes, without feeling bulky or heavy.

One of the best updates in this latest version of the Nimbus is the additional heel support which was a dialed and locked-in experience that felt really

It is safe to say that the Nimbus 21 has earned my loyalty back!



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