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Trail running is a great way to lose yourself (metaphorically!) Discover some of the great trails around the US as recommended by the team at Altra Running.

Ditch the roads and the hit the trails in 2021 with the help of our friends over at Altra Running! The Altra Red Team athletes have compiled a list of their favorite trails to run on throughout the United States. 

If you are predominately a road or treadmill runner, trails are a great way to mix up your training and can offer a breathtaking escape from the every day pounding of the pavement. 

Check out the recommendations from the Altra Red Team as they highlight their favorite trails from each region across the United States.


Great Blue Hill Trail

  • Location: Milton, MA
  • Distance: 3 miles
  • Elevation Gain: 820 ft
  • Trail Map

“There are over 100 miles of trails with lots of great hills and plenty of space to explore. The Skyline trail is a favorite—it leads you to an outlook with impressive views of Boston and the Atlantic.” -Katie Kloss

Great Blue Hill Trail

Devil’s Path (East to West)

  • Location: Caskill Park (New York)
  • Distance: 21.8
  • Elevation Gain: 8,172 ft
  • Trail Map

“Devil’s Path in the Catskill Mountains is not for the faint of heart—it lives up to its name! Just over 24 miles point-to-point with close to 9,000 feet of climbing, it’s considered one of the toughest hiking trails in the Eastern US due to the rugged terrain over multiple peaks.” -Laura Kline

Devil's Path East To West Trail


Ice Age Trail – Holy Hill Segment

  • Location: Hartford, WI
  • Distance: 6.8 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 603 ft
  • Trail Map

“You’ll experience rolling hills as you climb through a mature forest on rocky single track. Keep your eyes up as you climb for a glimpse of the majestic Holy Hill basilica, which sits on a hill perched high above the surrounding area.” -Annie Weiss 

Ice Age Trail Holy Hill Segment

Mines of Spain 100 Loop

  • Location: Dubuque, IA
  • Distance: 20.4
  • Elevation Gain: 2,388 ft

“This route has everything from fast, flat, dirt single track, to steep, technical climbs, prairie, dense forest, creek crossings, and everything in between. The route offers stunning views of the Mississippi River, a tour through the iconic Horseshoe Bluff, an old farmstead, and the Julien Dubuque monument.” -Christine Burns 

Mines of Spain 100 Loop Trail


Phelps Lake Trail

  • Location: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
  • Distance: 7.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 725 ft
  • Trail Map

“The trail is shaped like a lollypop, going up, around and back, and is about 6.5 to 7 miles long. The trail looks up to Death Canyon and you have a decent chance of seeing bears while you’re out.” -Pam Reed

Phelps Lake Trail

Mount Roothaan Trail

  • Location: Nordman, ID
  • Distance: 3.2 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 1,177 ft
  • Trail Map

“Along the route, you will find brilliantly colored glacier lilies, wind-blown subalpine firs, and some vociferous marmots. Once you’ve reached the top of the mountain, you’re greeted with a breathtaking view of Chimney Rock, Hunt Lake, Priest Lake, and the surrounding mountains. It’s spectacular.” -Steph Rodgers

Mount Roothaan Trail


Old Mount Baldy & Devil’s Backbone Trail

  • Location: Mount Baldy, CA
  • Distance: 13.5 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 6,269 ft
  • Trail Map

“You’ll have big sections of the trail to yourself and climb more than 6,000 feet from Mount Baldy village to the summit. You’ll enjoy wildflowers, stunning panoramic views of the Angeles National Forest, and you might even see a mountain goat or two.” -Sarah McMahon

Old Mount Baldy Trail California

Green Mountain Trail

  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Distance: 8.3 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 1,063 ft
  • Trail Map

“You can see the view of downtown Denver in one direction, and a view of Red Rocks in another. There are lots of wildflowers in the spring and summer and you may run into some deer if you are lucky.” -Junko Kazukawa

Green Mountain Trail Colorado


Dana Peak Park Trail

  • Location: Peak Park, TX
  • Distance: 6.8 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 314 ft
  • Trail Map

“It’s a great trail for short runs, hikes, rides, or 50k-plus long runs or rides. You can stick to fast flats or take on more technical hills and climbs by hitting the various peaks. It’s really a fun place to play. In the summer you can even take a swim in the lake after your run.” -Marc Henn

Dana Peak Park Trail

Mount Kessler Loop

  • Location: Fayetteville, AK
  • Distance: 8.2 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 839 ft
  • Trail Map

“The Mount Kessler Trail System is a great representation of the Ozarks. I love the rocks, boulders, roots, the views of the Boston Mountains to the south, and downtown Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas campus to the northeast.” -Cliff Pittman

Mount Kessler Loop Trail


Sweetwater Creek Red, White and Yellow Trail

  • Location: Lithia Springs, GA
  • Distance: 7.3 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 807 ft
  • Trail Map

“Just a short drive west of Atlanta, you will be transported to stunning views over approximately 8 miles of whitewater-filled creeks, boulders, and remote forest. Additionally, this route passes the ruins of the New Manchester Mill, which was used as a filming location for The Hunger Games. This route combines the Red, White, and Yellow trails in the park and provides a pleasant change in scenery every few miles, which keeps my mind and legs engaged.” -Amanda Yu-Nguyen

Lake to Spanish Moss to Longleaf Loop

  • Location: Seven Springs, NC
  • Distance: 4.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 223 ft
  • Trail Map

“It has roots, sandy trails, and even some rocks. It also offers a little bit of climbing which is hard to find in this region. This 4-mile loop which combines a few different trails within the park offers some scenic views of the Neuse River and combines singletrack and doubletrack trails. While not overly technical, the Park is great for all ages and is perfect for running those short to mid-range distance runs.” -Justin McLamb

Sweetwater Creek Red White and Yellow Trail

Special thanks to Altra Running and the Altra Red Team for sharing their trail recommendations!

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