Did you know? Altra designs every model of their shoes differently for women’s feet. No “shrink it and pink it” here. Following up our Men’s review of the Altra Lone Peak 3.0, our master trail runner Kina wrote us a review of the women’s version of the Lone Peak 3.0



DID YOU KNOW? Altra prides themselves on their Fit4Her technology, where the women’s version of every shoe they develop is designed specifically for the female foot. As such, we felt it necessary to review this shoe TWICE! Check out our Men’s review of the Lone Peak 3.0 here, and be on the lookout for some upcoming male/female reviews of other Altra shoes.

I test rode the new Lone Peak 3.0 this past weekend. I have to admit, I was seriously looking forward to it, the overall profile of the shoe looks to be a good match, swipe right. Altra earned my buy-in interest by merely looking at gender variance in running shoe needs, not settling for ‘shrink it and pink it’ mentality. Simply put, Fit4Her speaks to me.




Staff Review by Kina M. - Altra Lone Peak 3.0



The new design looks great, feel like you’re stepping into a badass trail shoe. Improved stone guard protection is well done, outsole grip continued to impress. Everything about their signature toebox design is something we should all sign up for, improved stability, toe splay capacity, build stronger feet, perfect for my bunion, etc. They recommend, and provide easy to follow direction for, transitioning to a zero drop shoe. In full transparency, I did not follow this guidance and experienced nearly everything they said I might.



The size was right per sizing recommendation, but felt like it was ‘too big’. The toebox felt too loose for me, the moderate cushioning and stability just not what I’m looking for in my trail shoes. That said, 2 things come to mind….perhaps their Olympus, as a more cushioned trail option from Altra, is the better choice for me. And secondly, everything this brand stands for tells me I might need to just give it some time. Not ready to swipe left, but…let’s take it slow.


Staff Review by Kina M. - Altra Lone Peak 3.0



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