About Us

At JackRabbit, we’re transforming movement into adventure!



Our Vision:
Transforming movement into adventure.

Our Mission:
To personalize the fit process, hand-pick the best products,
and create unique experiences that grow active communities.




We are more than a store. We know a great customer service experience begins with hiring amazing people. Our employees live and breathe JackRabbit beliefs, and we practice what we preach. Both our customers and our employees come from all walks of life, and share the value of making a fit lifestyle fun!

We go beyond products. We offer great services that are meaningful to our customers. We are different than those other sporting goods stores, because we offer things like training programs and free fit analysis services. Connecting with people who are passionate about living an active lifestyle is always a joy for us.

We do more than sell. Yes, we’re here to sell stuff, and provide so much more. We listen first to understand your goals. When we do provide solutions, we ensure it will help you reach your goal easier, faster, or feeling better. We cheer our customers on and make it fun to move your tail!

We are more than a place. We are a destination. We offer unique experiences that get our communities moving in unexpected ways. We like trying new things!

We are local. While we have locations across the U.S., we are your local running store. We hire local running enthusiasts and tailor our product and experience to the local community.
Check out our store locator to find the store closest to you, join a run group, or see what events and programs your local store offers.

We’re here to help you become the best you. JackRabbit is Where FIT Happens.





Hand-Picked Product

More options and the best product for both your running and cross-training needs. Our assortment is curated by product experts with innovation from all of your favorite brands. Plus, we offer new brands you may have never seen before. We have a point of view on what we’re selling you and why, meaning this isn't the same old running gear you can buy at any sporting goods store. We pride ourselves on being different and forward thinking, allowing us the freedom to create the optimal solution for you.

Gait Analysis and Expert Fitting

We offer more products and solutions for your run than you even know exist. But first and foremost, we are in the business of matchmaking and problem solving for your feet. While we’re happy to geek out with you on technical components of the running shoes we sell (we are experts after all), we also want to make sure you’re comfortable and happy when you run.

Our personalized gait analysis will cover the big 3 of shoe fitting:

  • Feel – How you want to feel in your running shoes is unique to you. Softness, support, and cushioning are just a few of things we’ll discuss.
  • Fit – Let’s face it, your shoes have to fit. They should be snug on your foot, but not tight, and should give your toes plenty of room to wiggle around.
  • Function – Running shoes have a lot of techy stuff that can be difficult to understand. We will watch you run, either on a treadmill or around the block, and provide some suggestions on what your individual biomechanical needs are.

Community Support

We are proud to support a community of runners, cyclists, triathletes, and fitness enthusiasts at our stores, races, and other events across the United States. Come join us for group runs, training groups, and other events we put on in our stores!

In addition to supporting our customers, we proudly support the MORE Foundation with our shoe donation program.

Training Resources

If you've set a training goal for your fitness, let us help get you get there. Whether you're looking to set a new PR, complete a marathon, or running your first 5K, we can help. Let our expert coaches get you across the finish line feeling your best!