361° Running Shoes – A Brand Introduction

Our Newest High Performance Running Shoes

JackRabbit is proud to introduce our newest line of running shoes – 361° Running.  Boasting huge successes in the Chinese market, 361 brings experience, plenty of research, and designers from some of the top running brands nationwide to help create products that will certainly make a splash in the specialty running market.  JackRabbit has always been committed to bringing the newest technology, product, and brands to our customers, and after plenty of research and wear-testing, we believe that 361° is an opportunity for our customers that we cannot pass up.

The Technology

        – 361° provides 3 layers of cushioning to give runners the ultimate in shock absorption, responsiveness, and extensive durability.  The Quick Dynamic Performance(QDP)cushioning system starts with a premium insole to enhance the fit of the upper, reduce chance of blisters and irritation underneath the foot, and provide a soft, cushioned feel from the very first time the shoes are on a runner's feet.  The next layer of cushioning in the QDP system is the foam blended midsole called Qu!ckfoam that sits directly underneath the insole.  This midsole is what helps to provide the fast and responsive feel that all 361° shoes will give to runners.  Unlike most other running shoe manufacturers, 361's trademark cushioninig is not blended in with the traditional EVA foam that is seen in most running shoes, but instead sits on top of it in order to provide up to 50% more durability as a runner logs miles over the life of the shoes.  The final layer of cushioning is the Stable Rebound EVA foam.  This is located underneath the premium insole and the Foam Blended midsole in order to provide the soft, cushioned feel that runners crave.  

The Shoes

Below are the shoes that will be carried by JackRabbit as we introduce the brand


Spire – 361's premium neutral cushioned shoe, the Spire is comparable to shoes such as the Asics Nimbus, Brooks Glycerin, and Nike Vomero.  The Spire is designed for someone with a higher, more stable arch with a foot motion that stays neutral or supinates(underpronates).  Underneath the foot is packed with QDP cushioning system, Qu!ckfoam insole and midsole, the Spire provides the top level shock absorption and responsive ride needed for all miles.  The 3D printed upper gives a breathable and accomodating fit for any shape foot.  Coming in lighter than the Nimbus 18, Glycerin 13, and Vomero 10, the Spire is an excellent choice for the neutral runners daily miles.  Anywhere from tempos to long runs, the Spire is sure to please.  


Voltar – Like what you hear about the Spire, but want something a bit lighterweight with more of a feel of the road underneath your foot? The Voltar is probably the shoe for you.  The Voltar still offers the QDP cushioning system with Qu!ckfoam insole and midsole, yet offers less volume in the EVA foam to allow for a bit of a firmer, more flexible ride.  The Voltar is a neutral cushioned shoe, meaning it is designed for a more stable arch with a neutral or supinating foot motion.  The Voltar is comparable to shoes such as the Brooks Ghost, Saucony Ride, and Nike Pegasus.  Coming in with a very similar weight to most comparable models, the Voltar does offer a more responsive, cushioned feel than some of its competitors.  Use the Voltar for any sort of mileage, from track work all the way through long runs.


Chaser – The Chaser is 361's option for a lightweight neutral(designed for a high, stable arch with a foot motion that stays neutral or supinates)trainer or racer, comparable with the Saucony Kinvara, Adidas Boston Boost, and Mizuno Sayonara.  This shoe is an excellent choice for any neutral runner looking for a fast, yet cushioned ride.  Boasting 361's QDP cushioning system and deep cut flex grooves, this shoe has a firmer, more flexible and responsive feel from foot strike to toe-off than the bulkier Spire.  The carbon rubber outsole on the Chaser helps to provide more durability than some other comprable lightweight trainers, and the Air Mesh upper helps to create an optimal fit while allowing for plenty of breathability for the faster runs. One added feature that has drawn rave reviews is the carbon fiber shank in the midfoot to rearfoot, which helps to create a quick, snappy transition from heel to forefoot.


Strata – Think Spire, with plenty of arch support added in for those runners with a lower, flexible arch and a foot motion that overpronates moderately to heavily.  This shoe is 361's equivalent to the Asics Kayano, Saucony Hurricane ISO, and Brooks Transcend.  The Strata comes packed with all the cushioning features of the Spire(high level QDP cushioning), but also has a medial post to provide unobtrusive arch support for those runners that need it.  Made to provide a supportive, soft, yet responsive ride over the long run, the Strata still boasts a lighter weight than most other shoes in its category.  Like its neutral version, the Strata has a 3D printed upper that has a bit of a wider toe box to accomodate all different foot shapes.  Pronators looking for that premium cushioned ride from mile 1-finish will be more than happy with what they get out of the Strata.

JackRabbit wear-tester, Patrick, states that the Strata “impressed him from the second I laced up my shoes for my first run.  The upper hugs my foot securely, yet provides enough space to keep it comfortable throughout the run.  The QDP cushioning system is incredibly responsive, yet forgiving from the first step I took until I completed my run.  The Strata has truly become one of my go-to trainers when logging my longer miles.”

Ortega – 361's all terrain shoe, the Ortega is equipped to be used on any surface from ungroomed trails to flat roads.  The Ortega offers Qu!ckfoam insole and midsole cushioning in order to offer runners a responsive feel.  The Ortega also helps to secure the runner's feet by using a plastic heel collar to lock down the heel and rearfoot while using 3D print overlays to keep the forefoot from slipping while running on uneven surfaces.  Since this is an “all-around” shoe, the Ortega does not contain a rock plate underneath the foot to help protect from rocks and roots.  However, the sole of the Ortega is much stiffer than that of 361's road shoes, and wear-testers did agree that this was adequate to protect from sharp rocks and roots that runner's may find on moderately difficult trails.  

Santiago – This is 361's dedicated trail running shoe.  With a Breathable Air Mesh upper with Polyurethane exo-skeletal wrap for durability and support, the Santiago provides a lightweight, fast drying, and secure fit to help trail runners cope with all sorts of conditions on the run.  This shoe comes with the Qu!ckfoam midsole to provide runners with the responsive cushioned feel that 361 looks to offer in all their models.  The segmented tire-lug pattern underneath the sole provide the traction to keep runners feeling safe on all sorts of terrain.  Finally, a rock plate underneath the foot protects runners from sharp rocks and roots that come with moderate to advanced trail running.  

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