by ERIC HUBBARD | DEC 12TH, 2018


On Cloudventure – $150 – Trail Runing Shoe from On Running

The anticipated second edition of the trail running shoe the Cloudventure from On Running has arrived. The Cloudventure is a lightweight trail shoe line with full cushioning from the Swiss running company.  

The shoe designers have upped the ante by making the newest version more durable (a
much requested improvement) and versatile, thus giving runners more cushioning and protection uphill and downhill while also ensuring that explorers can travel farther than ever before.


What's new with the On Cloudventure

The Missiongrip outsole on the new Cloudventure is now much “stickier” with the special rubber compound that gives great traction even on smooth surfaces.  Add to this
the new grip studs and re-engineered square Cloud elements further help the shoe bite into the trail and propel with each step.

One of the best improvements of the new Cloudventure is its better durability – a must for a
trail shoe. Thanks to the high-grip rubber compound fused over Zero-Gravity foam, plus the Missiongrip outsole, these clouds are meant to help you soar farther than ever.

The new Cloudventure Speedboard is also specifically
engineered to drive forward off-road, mostly by being narrower at the midfoot and providing extra torsion. It works with the natural motion of the foot while going over varied terrain.

Finally, the new precision heel fit
gives a secure feeling, especially while running downhill. What goes up, must come down afterall. 

What remains the same?

A same light and comfortable two-layer upper that provides technical engineered
mesh for ventilation and cooling, even if wild and tough climbs.

The Cloudventure has the same lightweight no-sew eyestay construction and the varied traction pattern once again helps to provide grip even on smoother trail
and road surfaces.



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JackRabbit's Running Shoe Fit Guide

Having the right pair of running shoes for your foot geometry, running gait and foot and running type can make or break the training and race day experience.  

JackRabbit guest blogger Brian Metzler interviews David Gettis
– our JackRabbit Store Manager in Hoboken, NJ. to get his insights into the running shoe fitting experience. Read on to learn how the experience at JackRabbit takes running shoe fitting to a whole new level. 


There are a lot of good reasons to visit your local running store to find your next pair of shoes. Not only can you get the input from an expert shoe-fitter who is well-versed in the current models and latest trends, but you can also
try on several models to understand the vast difference in how various shoes fit the specific size and shape of your feet.

We checked in with David Gettis, the store manager for JackRabbit’s Hoboken, N.J., store to
understand what an in-store shoe-fitting process is all about and why it is so important.

What can a customer expect from the shoe-fitting process?

It starts with us asking a lot of questions
to find out what that individual’s running history is or if they’re just starting out as a new runner. We want to get an overall feel for what they’ve done in the past and what they’re looking to accomplish moving forward, specifically
what their upcoming goals are in respect to mileage and races.

Each runner has different needs based on their experience, their foot size and shape and how they run. Whether someone is a new runner or an experienced
marathon, we want to make sure we get a runner into the best shoes possible.

Often we’ll perform a gait analysis to see what’s happening with a runner’s foot strike and what the degree of pronation of their foot is
as it rolls through the gait cycle. That’s kind of out the introductory process helps us decide which four shoes on the shoe wall would be best for them to try on. From there, they can run a bit in each of those and compare and
contrast and see what feels best.

Why do you go through an individual shoe-fitting process?

It’s a very individualistic process. Someone might come in and say, “my friend says this shoe is
great” and I’ll say “that shoe might be great for your friend but we have to take a look at you and your feet and how you run.” It’s a very personal thing based on a lot of variables as well as personal taste on how a shoe feels
and how it looks.

And it’s funny how personal tastes work, no matter if it’s shoes or food. Someone might love something, someone else might hate it. That’s why going through the whole fit process can help a lot to
determine what’s going to feel the best and work the best for an individual’s running needs.

Should a runner be brand loyal or brand agnostic while searching for new shoes?

We try to keep
it model-specific instead of making any overall statements about brands. There are a lot of great models out there from a lot of great brands. There are models within each brand’s line that don’t work well for certain people, but
that’s not a reason to write off the brand. It’s really more model-dependent than it is about a blanket statement about a brand.

Some people might come in with a brand loyalty, but we also have customers who are adverse
to a specific brand for some reason. We try to have them suspend those notions as they go through the three or four models we present for the try-on process and then let them decide.


Do you talk about the technical features of a shoe during the shoe-fitting process?

I like to always be discussing aspects of a shoe as I am untying it, taking the stuffing out and handing it to the customer. I
will try to explain how that specific shoe will differ from a lot of shoes on the wall.

For example, for a Saucony Triumph with an Everun midsole, I’ll explain
that the midsole is made from 85 percent TPU and not foam and explain how the ride will feel more bouncy than soft. Sometimes I won’t get too technical, though and just instead tell them that the Adidas Solar Boost was built on a slightly wider last and that it should better accommodate that person’s foot.

I always try to keep some technical aspects in play, but I don’t want to overwhelm someone with too many technical statements or verbiage.
In the end, layman’s terms will often resonate easier with people as they focus on the fit and what each shoe feels like.

How should the size and shape of a runner’s foot be considered when starting the shoe-fitting process?

Everyone’s feet are different, even if they wear the same shoes size. So it’s a matter of trying on several pairs of shoes to get the right fit. You could have a case in which someone has a very wide foot and if they tried the
wide version of an ASICS shoe would still be too narrow, whereas an Altra Torin might fit a lot better based
on the shape.

When it comes to finding the correct size for a runner, believe it or not, a lot of people don’t know their real foot size when they come into the store. When you put their feet on the Brannock foot-measuring
device, it might suggest something totally different than what they’ve said, and maybe because they wear that size for their everyday shoes or the shoes they wear to work.

For running shoes, it’s important to have a snug fit
in the heel and the midfoot and a little more room in the forefoot. Based on all of that, I will often size-up a half size or a full size larger when bringing out try-on shoes to make sure they have room for their toes to splay in the
forefoot of the shoe.

For example, if someone measures a 10 on the Brannock, I’m going to be pulling a 10.5 or 11 for many shoes that run small or are narrower in the forefoot. That has to do with knowing which the shape of
shoes and which ones contour in a little bit sooner than others in the big toe area. But it still comes down to trying on three or four pairs because the size and shape of every different model can vary a little or a lot.

How is the fitting process different for women?

One consistent issue with women trying on shoes is heel slippage, a feeling that the shoe is too loose in the heel. So a lot of times it’s about trying to find a shoe that has a firm, locked-in heel counter that’s going to counteract
that. Or it might be simply having them use the last eyelet on the lacing system or doing a looped tie to further secure the foot down.


What should a runner know about stability shoes?

While there are some great stability shoes on our shoe wall, I tend to try to get people in neutral shoes as often as possible. If a runner’s gait is showing some
pretty egregious overpronation, then a stability shoe might make sense.

Otherwise, I would prefer most runners to be in an inherently stable neutral shoe so the foot is controlling how their body moves and not the shoe. If
a runner needs a little support, we can add an after-market foot bed—like a Curex insole—instead of putting them into a stability
shoe that might be too controlling.

How much should the weight of a shoe matter?

I don’t like to talk about actual weights too much, even if I know that the Nike Pegasus is an ounce lighter than the Brooks Ghost. There is a lot of gray area when it comes to weight and much more than a number of ounces on paper. The specific weight doesn’t
always translate to how it feels on someone’s foot. It also depends on the heel-toe offset of the shoe and how heavy the heel is with respect to the forefoot.

For example, a lower offset shoe that’s a little bit heavier could
still feel lighter to someone than another shoe with a higher heel-toe offset that is lighter overall but comparably might feel heavier in the heel. It also depends on the weight of the upper too because you could have a shoe with a heavier
upper that doesn’t feel as heavy underfoot. Or you could have a shoe with a lighter upper but a heavier midsole.

Those are examples of why the weight of a shoe is not as simple as knowing that one particular shoe is 9.5 oz.
and another is 10.5 oz. So during the shoe-fitting process, I talk about weight generally but not specifically.

How much should price be an issue during the try-on and fitting process?

We usually
never bring price up unless someone mentioned a specific budget they want to stay within. If they do, then I will inquire what that is and try to cater to it. If a customer is adamant about not spending more than $110, then we’ll pull
out the New Balance Zante or Brooks Launch.

But price aside, we’re going to pull out
what we think will work best so we can get that runner in the best possible shoe and go from there. Usually people will want to get the shoe that feels the best on their feet.

Sometimes price does become a factor after the
fact when it wasn’t discussed up front, and that’s OK, because they’ve at least gone through the shoe-fitting process and can make a more informed decision based on all of the variables and not just the price.


How should “a good fit” feel like to a runner?

It’s really about feeling a nice dialed-in fit without any areas that are uncomfortable, too loose or too restrictive at any part of the shoe—the midfoot, heel or toe
box. But that’s why the customer needs to be able to run in the shoes during the try-on process and not just lace them up and stand in each one. Of the three or four shoes you’re trying on, it comes down to which one feels the smoothest
to you when you’re running, landing on the ground and going through the heel-to-toe transition. 

Really, aside from feeling the nice cushioning that all shoes have, it’s about which shoe feels like it’s disappearing on your
foot more and feels the most natural to you. If it’s kind of a toss-up between two models, then obviously aesthetics come into play. But first and foremost, it should be about the fit. 

How much do you encourage runners to have a secondary shoe in their rotation?

It’s important to have multiple shoes for different kinds of running, but it also depends on what kind of runner they are and what kind of running they need. First and foremost, we try to make sure the customer gets the best possible
shoe for the majority if their everyday running needs—recovery runs, slower runs, long runs. 

When we’re sizing people into shoes, we might discuss a secondary specialty shoe for someone to wear for tempo runs or interval workouts.
Or it could be a secondary shoe for trail running

How long should a runner expect a pair of running shoes to last?

That depends on
a lot of things, including a runner’s biomechanics, the specific shoe and how they’re running in it. We typically tell people 300-400 miles is a safe span of mileage, assuming that the shoe is not also being used to walk 5 miles a day
in the city, mowing the lawn on weekends or something other than running. 

In reality, it could be more, and it could be less. A shoe with softer foam like the Saucony Kinvara might
be done in 300 miles, whereas a Saucony Triumph or Saucony Freedom with an Everun TPU-based midsole
could go 500 or more. So 300 to 400 miles is a general guideline, but it really depends on the specifics as the shoe is worn for many weeks. 

How do you tell customers to take care of their shoes?

running shoes are bound to get a little dirty. Some people seem to get worried about that, but I would never recommend anyone putting their shoes in a washing machine or a dryer. That’s going to change the shape of a shoe and how the shoe
fits and lead to it breaking down sooner than it should. 

If you are worried about the shoe getting dirty, I recommend using baby wipes or a wet towel to freshen up a shoe and clean it up a little bit.


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pairs of running shoes you have in your collection?  There is no shaming here at JackRabbit!  





Post-Thanksgiving Fitness Events at JackRabbit Stores

For many the holiday season kicks off with an annual Turkey Trot with friends and family.  You might as well keep on runnin' and come celebrate with our JackRabbit stores on Black Friday as we 'Burn the Bird'.  

With plenty of energy in your legs we'll have everything from 5k fun runs, to trail excursions, yoga sessions and strength workouts around the country.  All of our stores will have an event and we'll be adding in refreshments,
some raffles, demo gear and a host of other ways to keep you moving off the couch. Make this season an active one; it's easy with JackRabbit!

Check out our national Burn the Burn initiatives to make your Black Friday
a little more active!


Boulder, CO: Burn the Bird with Kondition Fitness, Stance and Conscious Coffee
– Event Details: To come

Littleton, CO: Burn the Bird with Mojo Fitness
– Event Details: To come

Colorado Springs, CO: Burn the Bird with Hearthstone Native, Generation UCAN and Jack Quinns Run Club.  
We're opening early on Black Friday morning to “burn the bird!” Join us for a group run along
with some amazing in-store deals!  We'll have vendors on site including Generation U-Can with samples.
– Event Details

Cherry Creek, Denver, CO: Workout with Kindness Yoga and IronStrength
Join our special, free Black Friday Workout inside the amazing Hangar at Stanley Marketplace! 45 minutes of Yoga taught by Kindness Yoga followed by 45 minutes of Dr. Jordan Metzl's
IronStrength bootcamp!
– Event Details

Greenwood Village, CO: CRUNCH
– Burn the Bird with Crunch Fitness and 303 Coffee
– Event Details: To come


Tampa, FL: Burn the Bird 5k with Irish 31 Run Club. We will be doing a group run leaving from the store at 8:00 am. There will be a 5K loop and any and all paces are welcome to join! After, enjoy a discount in store just for
– Event Details


    Broad Ripple, IN: Burn The Bird Yoga with Blue Mile. Come join us on Black Friday at 10:30 a.m. for Burn the Bird Yoga with one of our very own leading a 30+ minute yoga session! Come in early for coffee and community!
    – Event Details

    Fishers, IN: Burn the Bird 5k with Blue Mile. Nice 5k, run/walk, to help take the edge off that holiday shopping. Those deals
    can wait while we lose ourselves in a fantastic run right here in downtown Fishers! UCAN will be present for all participants! HYDRATE UP! 
    – Event Details

    Carmel, IN:
     Burn the Bird with Blue Mile. Come hang out with us on Black Friday and share the joys of working off your Thanksgiving feast! Starting out of your favorite Carmel JackRabbit, through Cool Creek Commons, then back into the store for some
    laughs, cries, and MIMOSAS! How can you possibly say no to that?! See you soon!
    – Event Details

    Greenwood, IN: Burn the Bird with Blue Mile. Join
    Jackrabbit Greenwood for coffee and walk around the Greenwood Park Mall to Burn off the Bird!!Meet at the Jackrabbit Greenwood store at 7:00 am. 
    – Event Details


      Topeka, KS: Burn the Bird with Sunflower Striders. Come join us Friday evening at 6:00 pm to burn some of those Thurday calories from Thanksgiving
      Event Details

      Lawrence, KS: Burn the Bird with the City of Lawrence. Come join us at 9:00 am to kick start your Black Friday with a run. 
      Event Details


        Newport, KY: Burn the Bird Recovery Session with Think Tank. After you run the T-Day 10k and stuff yourself full of food on Thanksgiving Day, come to Jackrabbit Newport for a morning recovery session to stretch your sore legs
        sweat out some of that food! There will be stretching, foam rolling, yoga, and of course lots of discounts on shoes and apparel!!
        Event Details


          Lexington, MA: Burn the Bird with Saucony
          – Event Details: To come

          Newburyport, MA: Burn the Bird with New Balance
          – Event Details: To come

          Swampscott, MA:
          Burn the bird with Greater Boston Running Company
          – Event Details: To come


            Ann Arbor Downtown and West, MI: Burn the Bird Arb Hill Challenge with Altra. Burn Off all that Turkey with a fun one hour challenge.Join Running Fit and Altra for a 1hour challenge to see how many times you can reach the
            top of the Arb Hill.Meet at the Gardens just before 9:00 am for a meet and great and try on some ALTRA shoes. Lace them up and see how many repeats you can do! Both men and women's overall winner will recieve a pair of Altra shoes!
            Event Details

            Ann Arbor East, MI: Burn the Bird Yoga for Runners with Fit Point. Come join us post Thanksgiving
            feast to burn off those extra calories! FitPoint will be hosting a Yoga for Athletes class in store. Stay after to mingle and for a chance to win fun prizes in the raffle!
            Event Details

            Northville, MI: Burn the Bird Hamster Circle Run with Brooks
            Event Details

            West Bloomfield, MI: Bird
            the Bird Frozen 8k. We'll be having a Burn the Bird 8k run from our store at Running Fit West Bloomfield. Arrive at 11:00 am for a fun group run through the neighborhoods around the store.
            – Event Details

            Traverse City Downtown, MI: Conquer and Refuel with Lulu Fuel. Join us November 23rd at 8:30am to wake up those running legs, burn off those turkey calories and learn to refuel and refresh your body! Along with
            Lulu Fuel of Traverse City we will host a group run and strecthing session followed by a Lulu Fuel tasting! It's a great way to get your body moving after a big meal and try something locally made and great for your body! 

            Event Details

            Traverse City South, MI: Left over Turkey Sandwich Trail Run wth TC Track Club. Trail Fun Run. Meet at Running Fit on South Airport. Run the trails at Miller Creek Nature Reserve. Bring in
            leftover Turkey, Running Fit will provide bread,chips along with beverages.
            Event Details

            NEW JERSEY

              Princeton, NJ: Tree Lighting Run
              – Event Details: To come

              Ridgewood, NJ: Burn the Bird with Crossfit Soar
              – Event Details: To come

              Morristown, NJ: Burn the
              Bird Group Run and Core Workout. Join us at JackRabbit Morristown on Black Friday at 8:00 am! We will be “burning the bird” with a group run and in store core workout! Please bring your own yoga mats and water! This event is
              100% free and we look forward to seeing you before all the shopping fun begins!
              Event Details

              Westfield, NJ: Burn the Bird In-Store Yoga
              – Event Details: To come

              Summit, NJ: Burn the Bird Trail Run with Hoka One One
              – Event Details: To come

              Hoboken, NJ:  Burn the Bird and Build Your Bum! We've teamed up
              with Bum Pilates to offer a very special free Pilates class in-store at 9:30 am. This free offering strengthen your pelvic wall and core muscles, relieving hip and lower back tension
              and building your bum in the process. The class will also be designed specifically for runners! Super-light and healthy refreshments will be served post class, and all participants will receive even greater Black Friday deals in-store.
              Event Guide

              NEW YORK

                Manhattan, East Side: NY: Burn the Bird with AfterShokz and INOV8. Come to the store for an easy run at conversational pace at 5p on 11/23, and experience the amazing sound quality that are Trekz from Aftershokz: we'll
                have sample headsets for everyone to use, and once you try them out, you'll want to get a pair for yourself. Superior sound quality via bone induction allow for an infinitely safer running experience than traditional earbuds or headphones,
                which leave you without the ability to be truly aware of your surroundings. In addition, all runner will receive a free winter buff courtesy of INOV8 while supplies last.
                Event Details

                Manhattan, Time Warner Center, NY: Burn the Bird Morning Yoga. Start your Black Friday off in a zen-like state and nab some great deals. Mitchell Polon, Manager at Sonic Yoga, will lead a 50 min “Open Level
                Flow” class starting at 8:00 am. This class is designed to create heat, open and tone the body, and offer a balanced, full yoga experience. Sun salutations, hip openers and fun, foundational leg and arm balances will be incorporated.
                We will close with a cool down and a final resting pose designed to complete the journey and replenish your mind, body & spirit. Water and light refreshments will be provided after class.
                Event Details

                Manhattan, Union Square, NY: Burn the Bird 
                – Event Details: To come

                Manhattan, West Side, NY: Burn the Bird Fun Run Benefit. Fun run in Central Park (2.5 miles) Black Friday, November
                23rd at 9:00 am. One lucky participant will will a pair of OOfos Recovery Sandals to keep them comfy all winter! Families, dogs, strollers welcome!
                Event Details

                Brooklyn, NY: Burn the Bird with Crunch Fitness at 7:30 am. We will be burning off those Thanksgiving feast calories with a 3 mile run through the lower loop of Prospect Park with HIIT stations throughout the route!
                Crunch Fitness is ready to challenge your body with some dynamic body-weight training exercises! The route will finish at JackRabbit Brooklyn for some refreshing Juice from Juice Press, and some light stretching and recovery! 

                Event Details

                Bronxville, NY:  Burn the Bird Bronxville Running Co. 5k. Come join us for a post Thanksgiving 5k run on November 23rd at 8:30am where we'll run approximately 3 miles at Bronxville's
                Duck Pond at fun run pace. The run is completely FREE! Water, bananas and bag check will be provided for the workout too. 
                Event Details

                Rye, NY:
                Burn the Bird with Tom Diliberto, Paine to Pain Champ. Let's burn off that Thanksgiving bird with a Friday morning run led by the reigning 2018 Paine to Pain half marathon champ, Tom Diliberto. If you are training for the Pelham
                half, as many are including Tom, this will be a great pre-race run. 9:00 am sharp!
                Event Details

                NORTH CAROLINA

                  Raleigh, NC: Burn the Bird with Crunch Fitness
                  – Event Details: To come


                    O’Bryonville, OH: Burn the Bird with Recovery Yoga with David Franke
                    Event Details

                    Glendale, OH: Burn the Bird with Game on
                    Event Details

                    Loveland, OH: Burn the Bird Spartan Training
                    – Event Details: To come

                    RHODE ISLAND

                      Providence, RI: Burn the Bird with November Project. Come out and join us the day after Thanksgiving for a nice recovery Yoga session courtesy of David Franke starting at 9:30 am. 
                      Event Details


                        Nashville, TN: Burn the Bird
                        – Event Details: To come


                          Austin Downtown, TX: Burn the Bird with Rogue Running
                          – Event Details: To come

                          Austin Gateway, TX: Burn the Bird with Infinite Gym
                          – Event Details: To come

                          Coppell, TX:
                          Burn the Bird with On Running, Hoka One One and OOFOS
                          – Event Details: To come

                          Dallas, TX: Mockingbird, TX: Burn the Bird Mockingbird with Run On and Rogue Training
                          – Event Details: To come

                          Dallas, TX: Burn the Bird with Run on and Rogue Training
                          – Event Details: To come

                          Frisco, TX: Burn the Bird with On Running, Hoka One One and OOFOS
                          – Event Details: To come

                          Fort Worth, TX: Burn the Bird with On, Hoka One One and OOFOS 
                          – Event Details: To come

                          Houston, River Oaks, TX: Burn the Bird Run
                          – Event Details: To come

                          McKinney, TX:
                          Burn the Bird with On Running , Hoka One One and OOFOS
                          – Event Details: To come

                          Richardson, TX: Burn the Bird With Run On and Rogue Training
                          – Event Details: To come

                          Sugarland, TX:
                          Burn the Bird Run w/ PLEX
                          – Event Details: To come


                            Layton, UT: Striders Burn the Bird Run 
                            – Event Details: To come

                            Ogden, UT: Striders Burn the Bird Run
                            Join us on Black Friday for our first ever Burn The Bird Fun Run. We will be meeting
                            at our Ogden location and then running along the parkway for a brief 3 mile run. Stay after the run and shop all of our Black Friday deals before the crowds arrive
                            Event Details

                            VIRGINIA & DC

                              Georgetown, Washington, DC: Burn the Bird with Down Dog Yoga. Join Master Yoga Instructor James Conlan and fellow staff members at Down Dog Yoga for this special event! The class is designed specifically for Runners. This
                              moderate physical workout is intended to help you understand how beneficial it is to cross train with yoga. 
                              Event Details

                              Richmond, VA:
                              Burn the Bird at Byrd Park with Saucony. Come burn those calories with Burn the Bird at Byrd Park. We have partnered with Saucony to invite you to a 3-5 mile run. We will meet at the store, jog to Byrd Park, do the Vita Course, and jog
                              back. We'll have some refreshments afterward.
                              Event Details

                              Fredericksburg, VA: Burning Up Black Friday with Tropical Smoothie Cafe.
                              We are mixin' it up for Burn the Bird! We'll do an interval style work out with strength, core work, and some running. We'll be ending our workout at Tropical Smoothie Cafe to get some refreshments.
                              Event Details

                              Woodbridge, VA: Burn Off the Bird with Oofos and MRTT. Come join us in a fun run to burn off your Thanksgiving feast from the day before! Run in good company and we'll be having a raffle for a free pair of
                              OOFOS recovery sandals. Light refreshments for post-run recovery.
                              Event Details

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                              pairs of running shoes you have in your collection?  There is no shaming here at JackRabbit!  


                              Top Ten Most Fun Running Socks

                              Ditch the boring old white cotton running socks of yesteryear – update your running wardrobe (and save yourself from blisters) in socks packed with as much personality as cushioning.


                              Women's Balega Words of Grit & Grace – Forever Forward Running Socks

                              Bright pink, comfortable, supportive…and for a good cause. Balega is proud to announce its continued support of Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP) with the release of it's fifth limited edition Words of Grid & Grace running collection. BCPP works to prevent breast cancer by exposing and eliminating environmental causes of breast cancer. With inspirational words of encouragement on your feet, Balega and BCPP have partnered on a mission of prevention through active and healthy lifestyles for women.

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                              Men's Stance Denver Broncos Tigerstripe Crew Running Socks

                              Maybe we're biased because we're headquartered in Denver, but we think the Broncos are the best team ever, and you should buy these socks 🙂 But really, Stance makes incredible running socks that are odor-absorbing, sweat wicking, and comfortable as heck. Run faster than a blazing Bronco!

                              $18 – Shop Now


                              Feetures Merino 10 Cushion No-Show Tab Running Socks

                              Aside from being a lovely blue, these socks feature merino wool fiber for added warmth, sweat wicking, and targeted support. Ditch every pair of white cotton socks you have in preparation for these running beauties to arrive on your doorstep.

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                              Stance Missle Toe 2 Crew Running Socks

                              Get ready to jingle those bells – Stance has the perfect pair of running socks for every ugly sweater run and office holiday party you can't get out of. Delightfully toeing the line between holiday cheer and weapons of war, these puntastic socks are sure to make a statement.

                              $13.95 – Shop Now


                              Women's Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Pattern Crew Running Socks

                              Featuring Indestructawool technology, a patent-pending wool-based durability construction, these wook running socks are ready for any adventure on your list. Plus, with redesigned mesh zones, a Virtually Seamless toe and the 4 Degree elite fit system, these socks have comfort covered. The women's-specific fit provides an overall slimmer fit and narrower heel. Who said staying warm and cozy had to be boring?

                              $21.95 – Shop Now


                              Unisex Adidas Dip Die Single No Show Running Socks

                              Certainly amongst the most unique-looking running socks on our radar, these ultralight no-show training socks from adidas are built of stretchy compressive yarns, and offer Climacool breathability to manage heat and moisture.

                              $14 – Shop Now


                              Women's Stance Star Wars Cozy Vader Socks

                              We seem to go for the bad guys too. Celebrate the classic crew of bad boys from Star Wars in the Cozy Sock, Stance's newest fuzzy casual sock made from soft-combed cotton.

                              $19.95 – Shop Now


                              Men's Feetures Be Bold Cushion Crew Running Socks

                              These wide stripes take a bold step out of line, whether at work or on the weekend. Full cushion running comfort for support all day and all night. Targeted Compression offers zone-specific compression where you need it most for superior comfort and support.

                              $10 – Shop Now


                              Women's 2XU CP Performance Compression Running Socks

                              These 2XU Performance Compression Socks are the most technically advanced performance socks on the market, featuring zoned breathability panels for maximum airflow and comfort. Seamless, gradient zoned compression panels give increased blood flow and maximum muscle containment for increased performance and enhanced recovery times. Plus, they're SUPER PINK!!

                              $37.46 – Shop Now


                              Men's Stance Manoa Tab Running Socks

                              Whether you are looking for endurance or a quick sprint design, the Manoa tab is the perfect running sock to accomplish both in record time. Featuring lightweight Terry Select cushioning with reinforced toe and heel, as well as breathable performance mesh and left/right engineered arch support. Plus, look at these fun colors!!

                              $14 – Shop Now





                              YOGA FOR RUNNERS: FEET

                              YOGA FOR RUNNERS: FEET

                              | by MELANIE MITCHELL |

                              YOGA FOR RUNNERS: FEET

                              How yoga is beneficial for your runner’s feet

                              Most of us know the ancient practice of yoga has myriad benefits for the body, mind and spirit.  Add to that, yoga offers some serious perks for runners, like improving flexibility and helping with recovery from long runs.

                              Adding a simple yoga routine to your weekly training regime tailored specifically to the biomechanics of running and the stresses put on a runner’s body, can have beneficial impact.  The pluses are aiding recovery and prevention of strains and muscle fatigue in the long run.

                              Many runners (myself included) are quick to state the lack of time to fit in a yoga session to our already busy lives.  We’ve drawn upon the knowledge of JackRabbit team member and yoga instructor Vincent Gerbino, to share his tips on a few yoga poses any time-crunched athlete can fit into their day for maximum benefits.

                              This session, we focus on an area special to all runners – feet.  They support us and take much of the running load.  They can be prone to ailments such as plantar fasciitis, tightness and general aches and pains.

                              Read on to learn three key yoga poses for feet easy to incorporate into your day to keep your feet stretched and importantly build strength.

                              3 YOGA POSES FOR FEET

                              (and preventing plantar fasciitis)

                              Yoga Instructor, Vincent Gerbino

                              ‘These are poses familiar to anyone who attends my yoga classes. A little yoga each day goes a long way in terms of strengthening your body and bringing you to amore blissful every-day state. You’ll need to be barefoot to reap true benefits of these poses, plus, doing so will help you have better connection and control on your feet when your running shoes are on.

                              It is best to use a yoga mat, mostly for safety’s sake and to get good grip to hold the positions for Fist Lunges and Fist Toes pose. Toes stands can be done wherever you have a stable & hard flat surface.’

                              Yoga for Runners - Lunge pose

                              LUNGE POSE

                              Lunge Pose: Start with the lunge, at it activates the whole leg, from the hip socket down to the ankle and foot. Start out standing at the top of your mat (known in yoga as Mountain pose).

                              Drop the hands to the floor and stabilize them under your shoulders, bring your weight to your right foot and step your left foot straight back. Keep right knee directly above right ankle. Dig the ball of your left foot gently but firmly into the mat, so that you are pushing down behind the big toe.

                              Let the toes spread and push down behind each of the smaller toes. Hold the lunge for at least 20 seconds. Step back to the top of your mat and repeat the exercise on the other side.

                              Yoga for Runners - Fist Toes Pose

                              FIST TOES POSE

                              Fist Toes Pose:  Start out standing at the top of your mat. Drop the hands to the floor and stabilize them under your shoulders. Step left foot back and then the right foot to make a right angle with your legs and your torso (known in yoga as Downward Dog pose).

                              Feet should be hip-width apart and hands shoulder width apart. Flatten the back and align arms with the torso. Flip the feet and make fists with your toes; toe knuckles will dig down into the mat as the tops of the feet and fronts of the shin stretch.

                              This pose takes some getting used, to start with short intervals, not holding the pose for more than ten seconds. Repeat three or four times. At you get used to the mechanics of the pose, lengthen the intervals to 20 seconds.

                              Yoga for Runners - Toe Stands

                              TOE STANDS

                              Toe Stands: Toe stands can be done in stationary fashion, or you can also walk around. Simply stand and then raise your heels off the ground.

                              Push down behind your big toe and let the toes spread enough so that you feel stable pressure behind each of the smaller toes as well, and don’t let the ankles roll in or out.

                              You can do longer stints for toe stands as this movement flows the pattern of normal plantar flexion, the motion we do when walking and running. You can walk around the house or hold the pose in one place. Make sure you remain connected to how the movement feels if you are walking around.

                              ABOUT YOGA INSTRUCTOR: VINCENT GERBINO

                              Vincent Gerbino is a 200-Hour-Certified Yoga Instructor who teaches public and private classes in the Denver Metro area. He certified with YogaFit Worldwide in 2005 and began teaching shortly after, and continuous to attend new Yoga trainings.

                              In 2009, Vincent was trained in minimalist running by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee, co-authors of the book Barefoot Running.  He continues to work with runners and many other Yoga clients.

                              Vincent Gerbino - Yoga Instructor

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                              GIFTS FOR RUNNERS 2018


                              GIFTS FOR RUNNERS 2018



                              BEST GIFTS FOR RUNNERS 2018

                              The JackRabbit Runner's Gift Guide

                              Runners can be a picky bunch when it comes to the gear they use and the running shoes they lace up. But fear not, out JackRabbit picks and gifts for runners 2018 is a selection of the best athletic wear styles, running shoes, a few special unique gifts for runners and stocking stuffers for all the runners on your holiday list.

                              As runners ourselves, we've compiled the best of the best for experienced runners, right down to those who aim to lace up their shoes for the first time on 01.01.19.  

                              If you're looking for the best gifts this year, then read on, then hop over and browse out full JackRabbit Gift Guide for Runners.


                              SANTA'S PICKS FOR RUNNERS

                              Santa himself chose these gifts for runners as being excellent choices for those on the niceest-of-the-nice list.  Show the runner in your life you care about their PR efforts with unique, trendy and high-performance gear and accessories – chosen by Saint Nick himself. 

                              Made with plastic Parley yarn, hot new colors are arriving of the Ultraboost and inventory is stacked for the Solar collection up from Adidas. Parley yarn is spun from ocean plastics and each shoe is equivalent to about 11 plastic water bottles salvaged from the world's oceans.  Sustainabilty is the ultimate gift for runners.

                              – TRACK IT.  GARMIN FENIX 5
                              The upgrade of a lifetime for tracking training and performance (for your best runner friend, or yourself) is the Garmin Fenix 5X Plus. For runners and triathletes, it's the ultimate multisport GPS watch with integrated maps, and a game-changer from Garmin abitliy to download spotify playlists so you can run free of wires and heavy phones. 

                              – ELEVATED STYLE: ON CLOUDFLOW RUNNING SHOES
                              Bring 'on' the Swiss engineering and elevate your running style by slipping on a pair of On running shoes. The On Cloudflow is one of our favorites from the On collection. Great for race day, training days and speed workouts. We'll have some great new Cloudflow colors at JackRabbit for the holidays, so head on over and add some new colors to your running gifts this year.

                              Nothing beats a bit 'o merino wool to keep you both dry and warm.  And it's naturally renewable, recyclable and bio-degradable, making Icebreaker athletic apparel the perfect gift for the conscious consumer in your running life. Wool keeps you dry by absorbing moisture from the skin and desorbing from the atmosphere.  It's freakin' science!  

                              – GUIDE YOUR FAVORITE RUNNER: BROOKS ADRENALINE GTS 19
                              For your runner who needs some support, the new Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 has arrived.  One of Brooks most popular models, this stablility shoe has DNA loft technology and brand new guide rails to keep your runner on track.  

                              UNIQUE GIFTS FOR RUNNERS

                              ROLL RECOVERY R8 MASSAGE ROLLER
                              Get ready to roll.  The Roll Recovery R8 Massage Roller was born out of necessity of manipulating muscles for recovery and improving the experience from the traditional foam roller.  The spring-mounted wheels deliver deep tissue massage force, breaking up muscle adhesions for faster recovery and reducing inflammation.  Faster recovery? The answer to any runner's wildest dreams!

                              Winning isn't everything, but every runner should feel like a winner. Inspirational, right? That's why we partnered with Goodr to make these extra-special JackRabbit sunglasses. They are guaranteed to make you run faster and look much better than some old gold medal around your neck would. With Goodr's technology that prevents slip and bounce while giving you polarized, high quality sunglasses in a cheap package, these are the only gold medals you need to feel great and run fast.

                              HYPERICE HYPERVOLT
                              When it comes to recovery, the Hyperice Hypervolt is the state-of-the-art vibration massage device that treats store and stiff muscles as well as promoting increases circulation for speeding recovery. For those used (or prone!) to physical therapy this myofascial release tool for use at home is a game changer for any serious runner. 

                              You have to experience these game/chaning headphones to believe them!  Bone-conducting headphones from Aftershokz are worn outside of the ear. You hear the sound as clear as bell without compromising your hearing so you're also aware of your surroundings. Be safe when you run and enjoy your favorite jams. Check out the video to see them in action.

                              STOCKING STUFFERS FOR RUNNERS

                              When was the last time you found a lump of coal and an orange in your holiday stocking? Or maybe that was just us… back in the day.  Now there's plenty of 'stuffers' to choose from that will make any runner's dream come true. And you get to check off multiple runners on your gift list in one fine swoop!

                              RUNNING SOCKS & HATS
                              Oh, the cliché of receiving socks….  but if you're a runner, there is little better than a new pair of running specific socks to compress your plantars and add a little pep to your step. Check out ALL the running socks available at the JackRabbit Sock Drawer from Stance, Balega, Feetures and more. And if you're buying socks, you might as well top off with a running hat to keep both the head and the tootsies warm this winter running season. 

                              RUNNING FLASKS
                              If you run long, you're going to need to schlep your drinks.  Whether you prefer hand-held, belted around your waist or high up in your shoulders, there is the answer to any runner's hydration preferences at the JackRabbit hydration bar. Ultimate Direction, Nathan, Hydroflask and Amphipod are all available and in such a range of colors, you might need to buy a couple! 

                              RUNNING NUTRITION
                              You can never have enough running calories in your pantry ready for pre-run loading and keeping you fueled out there on the road.  Whatever form of calories your runner prefers, we have running nutrition covered at JackRabbit.  Gels – sweet, salty, caffeinited, chia-loaded – we have them all! Drink mixes, powders, bars of all types, blocks, fuel for endurance, as well as run gum – a caffeinated chewing gum for when you need the boost but your stomach might not be ready for it! And don't forget the Waffles, great for training energy as well as a perfect accompaniment to your post-run cappuccino!

                              JACKRABBIT HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018

                              Find more gifts for runners over at the JackRabbit Holiday Gift Guide.  Throughout the holiday season, we'll be featuring our favorite selections and best of the best for every runner.  Visit for inspiration for yourself, your friends, family and every running bunny in your life. 

                              Happy holidays runners!SHOP THE JACKRABBIT GIFT GUIDE 2018


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                              ASICS GT 2000 7 REVIEW


                              ASICS GT 2000 – SHOE REVIEW

                              by BRIAN METZLER | NOV 1, 2018

                              A perennial bestseller, the Asics GT 2000 7 has a solid runner fan base for those needing some mild stability to their running shoes.  Asics has proven with the GT 2000 that a stability shoe can have the same soft ride as many neutral shoes.

                              The brand new version of the GT 2000 7 is all about breathability and fit. Read on to learn what JackRabbit guest reviewer Brian Metzler and his running pals have to say about the new edition of the Asics GT 2000 7.

                              THE BUZZ

                              The GT 2000 is popular model in the ASICS line, the seventh edition is a trustworthy and durable moderate stability shoe that offers a great blend of resilient cushioning and smartly engineered support.

                              Our wear-testers appreciated the fit, functionality and no-frills aspects of this shoe.

                              WHAT'S NEW: ASICS GT 2000 7

                              The most significant change to this edition of the Asics GT 2000 7 is the new seamless jacquard mesh upper with minimalistic overlays for added support.

                              The engineered, two-layer multi-directional stretch mesh plays a big role the shoe’s improved fit by adding comfort and security over the top of the foot.  The changes to the upper have resulted in this shoe being a tad lighter than last year’s edition. It feels like one of the lighter moderate stability trainers on the market.  

                              The Asics GT 2000 7 has a premium Ortholite sockliner that adds to the overall cushioning of the shoe while also providing a moisture-wicking platform to keep feet cool, dry and healthy.  

                              In addition to the GEL cushioning, there are two types of lightweight foam in the midsole of the Asics GT 2000 7 that provide impact-absorbing cushioning and energy return.


                              A wide padded tongue, firm heel counter, seamless interior and new upper have improved the fit of this shoe. It’s reliably secure in the heel and midfoot but the forefoot and stretchy upper offer a little bit of extra room for the toes to wiggle and splay.

                              The interior of the Asics GT 2000 7 isn’t overly plush like some premium cushioned shoes, but it has enough padding to make it a very comfortable everyday trainer. The ride is consistent, smooth and energetic, starting with a mildly soft sensation at foot strike before giving way to a semi-firm feeling as the foot rolls through the gait cycle to a bit of a snappy, energetic feeling at the toe-off phase.

                              WHO'S IT BEST FOR?

                              The Asics GT 2000 7 is an ideal everyday trainer for a runner who needs or wants a stable, mildly controlling shoe. While many models have changed drastically in recent years, the GT 2000 7 has maintained the classic ASICS fit, feel and ride runners have known it to have for years.

                              Our wear-testers reported it feeling comfortable and effective in the first mile or a recovery run as it does in the 20th mile of a long run.

                              PROS AND CONS OF THE ASICS GT 2000 7

                              Asics GT 2000 7 - Pros

                              PROS: ASICS GT 2000 7
                              It's mostly hidden in the midsole, but this shoe has both rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning inserts to absorb shock and help a runner’s foot to make minor adjustments during the gait cycle. Nicely done!

                              Plus, the underfoot chassis is built with tooling to subtly and specifically guide a runner’s feet efficiently and effectively through the gait cycle from foot strike to toe off.

                              Asics GT 2000 7 - Cons

                              CONS: ASICS GT 2000 7
                              Although the GT 2000 7 is a shoe that could be worn for races from 10K to the marathon, it’s not a shoe that will inspire your top-end speed.

                              Our wear-testers found it to be right at home doing tempo runs, but not a shoe for shorter intervals like 6×800 or miles repeats or 5K racing.

                              SHOP THE ASICS GT 2000 7

                              ABOUT THE AUTHOR: BRIAN METZLER

                              Brian Metzler has run races at every distance from 50 meters to 100 miles, wear-tested more than 1,500 pairs of shoes, is a three-time Ironman finisher and occasionally participates in the quirky sport of pack burro racing in Colorado. 

                              He's the founding editor of Trail Runner magazine, is a former senior editor at Running Times and editor in chief at Competitor Magazine. He's the author of “Running Colorado's Front Range” and the co-author of “Natural Running: The Simple Path to Stronger Healthier Running” and “Run Like a Champion: An Olympian's Approach for Every Runner.”