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Boulder Running Company and JackRabbit are both part of Running Specialty Group (RSG). Want to learn more about RSG? Or curious why your local running store is driving you to to shop online? Below are answers to your commonly asked questions.

What is Running Specialty Group (RSG)? 

RSG is the parent company behind a network of local running stores across the U.S., including both Boulder Running Company and JackRabbit. We announced in September 2015 our plans to strategically and gradually rebrand our running stores to JackRabbit. We started this transition with a new and improved eCommerce experience on 

How will RSG/JackRabbit impact my local shopping experience? 

We understand how important local communities are to runners. While your local store is part of a larger network, they are still focused on providing the best running experience in your market. Whether that’s recommending the best running routes in your area or throwing community events for you to attend, they will remain locally focused. Being part of RSG/JackRabbit allows your local running store to get access to the best running products from the best brands out there.

Why am I being sent to to shop online? 

As mentioned above, was the introduction of our gradual rebranding to the JackRabbit name. We have taken special care to provide a great online shopping experience, while also giving you ways to connect to your local running store. We want you to have the opportunity to shop the same great product you find in your local store whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. ships nationwide and carries the same products your local store carries, plus additional styles, sizes, and colors of your favorite product.

How can I stay connected to my Boulder Running Company store? 

We have designated an area of to our Boulder Running Company stores. Here, you can click on your local store and see bios of our staff members, updates on the weekly group runs and more. Our stores will continue to provide the same great personalized service you have come to expect from Boulder Running Company. 


Boulder Running Company Gait Analysis

At Boulder Running Company, we are in the business of matchmaking and problem solving for your feet.  Whether you’ve got high arches, flat feet, bunions, knee pain, shin splints, or anything in between, we’ve got the expertise, knowledge and tools to find the right footwear for you. We’ll find you a pair of running shoes that suits your unique foot shape best and keeps you running and walking injury free.

Gait Analysis- What is it and what’s in it for you?

A gait analysis is a free tool we use at Boulder Running Company to quickly and accurately determine which type and category of footwear will work best for you.  A gait analysis involves one of our fit fanatics recording your lower legs and feet while you run or walk on a treadmill at a comfortable pace for 30 seconds to one minute.  The camera is set up behind you, and upon playback in slow motion, we are able to analyze each stride to determine what your feet are doing upon initial ground contact, all the way through toe off into the next foot strike. A gait analysis takes a total of 30 minutes with a fit fanatic.


Several factors help us determine which footwear category will work best for you:

           -Initial Ground Contact – Typically, people either heel strike or midfoot strike, with the majority of runners and walkers heel striking.  A significant heel striker will likely have different requirements than a mid or even forefoot striker.

           -Arch Collapse – After initial ground contact, when your bodyweight is moving forward during propulsion, the arch of the foot will drop in as it reacts to your bodyweight during each step.  Depending on how much your arch collapses we will determine which type of footwear best fits you. 

           -Toe Off – The last step of the gait cycle occurs upon toe off, when your weight is transitioning forward as your opposite foot prepares to contact the ground as you take the next step.  Often, we see late stage overpronation here. In other words, we will see your arch collapse in excessively at the last stage of the gait cycle, which indicates that you may perform well in certain types of shoes that have stability in the forefoot area to address late stage overpronation.


Each runner has a unique set of feet, so there is no “one-style-fits all” approach to buying running shoes.  Stop by one of our stores to get your personalized gait analysis today, no appointment necessary.

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Hoka One One Speedgoat Review

Hoka recently just updated the Rapa Nui, re-naming it the Speedgoat after the Speedgoat 50k and Karl Meltzer, ultra runner extraordinaire and Hokas first sponsored athlete. Along with the updated name, Hoka updated the Speedgoat making it fit and perform better than the previous version, making the Speedgoat an ideal option for your off-road racing and training. The Rapa Nui at the time was the first Hoka shoe that, while still maximally cushioned, was intended to be used as a lightweight trainer and racer, particularly for longer distance races. The Speedgoat takes the best features of the original Rapa Nui with a few enhancements.

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We noticed with the launch of the Rapa Nui that it quickly became a shoe that people either loved or hated. People loved the weight reduction and trimmed down fit, or hated it because the outsole wasn't quite adequate for technical terrain, and felt much firmer than the traditional plush cushioning runners had become accustomed to from the brand. The Speedgoat, just like the Rapa Nui, is still composed of injection molded EVA, but in a much lighter and softer package. That's the first thing we noticed when putting it on, it's much softer feeling than before without being overly flexible or too cushioned.


The other improvement made to the Speedgoat is to the outsole, a great improvement in our opinion. The Rapa Nui outsole, while adequate, just didn't inspire enough confidence on very technical, slick conditions. The Speedgoat has been upgraded with a high traction, Vibram outsole with 5mm lugs, which is about double that of the Rapa Nui; a great improvement. Lastly, the speed laces have been replaced with regular laces, much easier to snug down and really tighten the Speedgoat down to your foot.