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ASICS MetaRun- Premium, Limited Edition Performance Shoe

If running shoes were referred to as cars, the MetaRun by Asics would be considered the ultimate concept car.  With nearly three years in development, Asics teams of scientists, footwear designers, and developers were given no limits or restraints in terms of time or cost.  The only expectation that the teams had to meet was to produce the best performing running shoe every produced by the company with better than superior performance in terms of lightweight, stability, fit, and cushioning.   


Available November 27th in extremely limited quantities, the MetaRun will feature the best of the best in terms of Asics technology and performance.  With a price tag of $250, consumer expectation is justifiably high, and as a result Asics has done all but throw in the kitchen sink into MetaRun in terms of footwear technology advances, specifically in 5 key areas:

FlyteFoam-  The midsole foam used in MetaRun is known as FlyteFoam and it's very different from anything used by Asics in the past.  For starters, it weighs in 55% lighter than industry standard midsole materials, BUT also has more resilient properties which increases the level of cushioning.  Wearing it around and running a few miles on it, it is safe to say that it is one of the most comfortable shoes ever produced by Asics.  A key feature of FlyteFoam is built in organic fibers that act almost like memory foam in that the fibers instantly return the midsole to its original shape between each stride, meaning you'll get the same level of cushioning step after step for the life of the shoe. 

X-GEL- Two types of Gel cushioning were used in conjunction with FlyteFoam, built into the midsole.  One of the units is directly under the first metatarsal, while the second unit sits back underneath the heel, two high impact areas where added cushioning and protection is needed most. 

MetaClutch & Jacquard Mesh– To help create the best fitting, most comfortable upper ever created by Asics, an exoskeletal MetaClutch was utilized.  A MetaClutch external heel counter, with a built in memory foam lining wraps the lateral and medial side of the ankle bone, adding stability and providing a personalized fit thanks to the memory foam properties.  Additionally, a jacquard mesh was utilized in the upper itself further adding to the fit properties of MetaRun.  The mesh is a one layer, engineered mesh that minimizes friction and points of friction between the foot and the upper.  The result is a sock like fit, with minimal seams and hot spots.  The mesh combines closed and open weave patterns, that helps improve breathability and flexibility at a lighter weight than multi layered upper materials. 

AdaptTruss– If you've worn Asics footwear in the past, you've probably noticed a Trusstic device on the bottom of the outsole before.  The purpose of a Trusstic is to reinforce the medial stability of the entire midsole.  The AdaptTruss is a brand new take on Trusstic stability in that the AdaptTruss is reinforced with carbon fiber that adapts to each individual runner.  What this means is the impact of medial forces on the foot is reduced in that MetaRun flexes during footstrike, but if there's too much inward roll of the arch, the Truss becomes rigid to correct excessive overpronation. 

Sloped DuoMax– Dual Density posting in the midsole has been a staple way to provide support for years now.  While employing a “if it's not broke, don't fix it” approach, Asics also tweaked the firmer DuoMax material found in the midsole by sloping it, meaning it's precisely shaped and positioned to adjust to dynamic motion as the foot transitions from heel to toe.  What this means is that the DuoMax is sloped in such a way that the bulk of the firmer area of it is found toward the forefoot versus the heel. 


Compared to the Gel Kayano 22, a flagship premium cushioning and stability Asics model, MetaRun weighs in at 20 grams lighter, with 30% lower foam density (due to FlyteFoam's lightweight properties), and also has 28% greater stability thanks to the all new AdapTruss and Sloped DuoMax.  If you've ever felt like the Kayano, while cushioned, could certainly use more, MetaRun also boasts an 18% boost in rearfoot cushioning.  While offered in only one colorway for men and women (black and black), MetaRun is a pretty sharp looking shoe in person.  While Asics threw everything at MetaRun in terms of improved footwear technology, expect to see some of these innovations creeping slowly into the remaining footwear models of MetaRun in seasons to come. 

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– Time Warner
– Union Square
– Third Avenue
West 72nd Street

Boulder Running Company:

– Boulder
– Cherry Creek

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– Fredericksburg

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– Sugarland

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Running Gear

On Cloudflyer- CloudTec Cushioning with Stability

On first got started in 2010 with an idea to improve running footwear technology as we know it.  Designed and developed in Switzerland, the three founders wanted to create a line of shoes that was unlike anything on the market today.  On's technology is different in that unlike other running shoes, the outsoles are created with rubber loops that are directly connected to the midsole.  These rubber loops, known as Clouds, compress as they absorb shock and initial impact upon footstrike, then spring that energy and shock back into the foot upon forefoot propulsion at takeoff.  These Clouds absorb shock, provide a soft yet cushioned landing where needed, and also give some inherent stability due to the low profile and platform.

The Cloudflyer is the latest in the brands' line, and is the most supportive and stable version yet.  The platform and base that it is built off of is wider, including the shape of the actual Clouds as well, meaning instead of the standard 13, there are now 12 Cloud loops but the difference is that these 12 are wider and are constructed with ultra soft yet resilient Zero-Gravity which also adds more stability, while improving the overall comfort of the shoe.  

On Cloudflyer- World Premier

– The Cloudflyer by On is the brands first release of slightly more stable, everyday trainer.  The Cloudflyer comes standard with 12 “cloud” rubber pods that are constructed at a slightly higher durometer (a measure of firmness), yet have a bouncy, resilient feel.

– Unlike other On models, the Cloudflyer is built on a wider plaform, meaning the CloudTec pods are build wider and slightly longer than other On models.  This results in improved stability and support, while still utilizing technology that cushions your landing, and springs forward upon takeoff.  

– A slight rocker profile further improves the heel to toe transition, and further adds to the overall responsive and bounce of the ride. 

– Lastly, a Speedboard directly attached to the outsole adds to the stable yet responsive ride, in conjunction with the wider, stable platform. 

On CloudTec Technology- What makes it different from other running shoes

– On was built on one simple principle- cushioned landing, firm takeoff.  This is accomplished by using up to 13, pod like, rubber loops on the outsole that compress during initial strike, absorb shock and become rigid, then return that energy back upon takeoff. 

– Upon initial ground contact, these rubber looped “clouds” absorb shock and cushion the body from both vertical and horizontal forces that result in a soft, smooth landing.  

– As your foot transitions from heel to toe, these same clouds lock together to provide a rigid foundation to create a powerful takeoff. 

– Ultimately what happens is you get cushioning and proctection in the areas of the foot that it need it most, however, that cushioning springs back for a firm takeoff during the heel to toe transition.