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Why Train For A Half-Marathon?

Why Train For A Half-Marathon?


If your newsfeed looks similar to ours, you know there are plenty of people getting new shoes, battling the humidity, and starting to train for fall races.


We're totally psyched for November's TCS NYC Marathon (it's the most wonderful time of the year!), but we're also gearing up for autumn half-marathons.



What do we love about the 13.1 distance?



A few of our training program coaches weigh in:


“The half is the perfect distance because it's enough that you can challenge yourself to complete it, but it isn't so hard on your body. Anyone can do it!” – Will Noonan


“The half is a great way to get into the long-distance stuff, and it can also be used by more veteran marathon/ultra-marathon runners to take a step back.” – Binu Paulose



“The half-marathon is a challenging event that you should diligently prepare for, regardless of current running fitness. In that sense, it requires you to create and adhere to a plan for achieving race day goals. Everyone should train for and race a half at some point in their running journey!” – Sarah Schultz



“They are challenging, an impressive achievement, they have the word 'marathon' in them, and you can still have brunch after. It's also a great step/goal if a full marathon is in your future.” – Maddy Mako



Ready to toe that start line?


Our half-marathon training program starts this week, and we can't wait to help you have a memorable race day!